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WWE Raw live results: Extreme Rules go-home show


Date: July 8, 2019
Location: Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Raw was bad.

Show Recap -- 

Mixed Tag Elimination match: Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch & Universal Champion Seth Rollins defeated Zelina Vega & Andrade (14:12) 

The crowd chanted “let’s go Becky” as she worked over Vega to start. Vega mounted some offense after a DDT, but Lynch came back with a vertical suplex. Andrade tagged in and Lynch faced off with him, but Rollins stepped between them, then Lynch went back to the apron. 

Rollins got the better of their exchange, using a slingblade and consecutive suicide dives. Lynch tagged in and eliminated Vega after an Exploder and Disarmer at 4:54. Lacey Evans appeared in the front row, so Lynch went after her and they exchanged blows until Rollins broke it up and they went to commercial. 

After a break, Rollins convinced Lynch to go back on the apron as Michael Cole explained that this is basically a singles match now that Vega was eliminated. Rollins tried to run up the turnbuckle for a superplex, but Andrade blocked it and hit a double foot stomp as Rollins just watched him while holding on to the bottom rope. 

Andrade went for the Three Amigos suplexes but Rollins countered the last one into a Falcon Arrow. Rollins followed with a springboard knee for two. Andrade sent Rollins to the outside, then Vega gave him a hurricanrana. Lynch fought off Vega, then Rollins knocked down Andrade. 

Andrade charged at Rollins, but Lynch pushed Rollins out of the way, so Andrade decked Lynch into the barricade by accident. As Rollins checked on Lynch, Andrade attacked him and tossed him into the barricade, then followed with double knees in the corner for a nearfall. Vega tried to give Rollins a hurricanrana, but Rollins blocked it and Lynch dropkicked her. 

Rollins then finished off Andrade with a curb stomp for the pinfall win. I didn’t like the elimination stip, but this was still good and the crowd was happy. 

As the happy couple posed on the stage, Baron Corbin knocked down Rollins from behind. Lynch gave Corbin a few shots, but Evans appeared and gave Lynch the “women’s right” (which looked awkward). Corbin and Evans posed before leaving. 

After they left, Paul Heyman sauntered out to a big pop and they went to break. 

Backstage, Corbin and Evans gloated about what they did. They wondered what would happen to Rollins and Lynch if they lost, then said their own relationship works better because it’s strictly professional. (This exchange felt extremely unnatural. They were also just standing around backstage where they’d presumably be easy for Lynch and Rollins to find.) 

Paul Heyman promo 

Heyman introduced himself as the advocate for Brock Lesnar. He noted that this Sunday was Extreme Rules, and he knew something about the word “extreme.” Not only that, but the show was in Philadelphia. Heyman said Lesnar would cash in his contract at Extreme Rules against either Kofi Kingston or Seth Rollins, and called it a spoiler. 

Heyman said he hasn’t lied about giving a spoiler since before WrestleMania 30, so he’s either giving everyone a heads up or he’s screwing with Kingston and Rollins, and only he and Brock Lesnar knew the answer. He dropped the mic. 

(Heyman seemed tired during this promo.) 

They aired a video recap of the Braun Strowman/Bobby Lashley angle from last week, which included a follow-up selfie promo by Lashley who threatened to send Strowman to the morgue. They announced a last man standing match between the two this Sunday. 

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre approached an arena maintenance guy backstage. They heard he was the best garbage man in the word (he nodded), then asked if he wanted to be Roman Reigns’ partner tonight. He didn’t know what to say. They told him to hang out back there until they were ready. 

2-out-of-3 falls 6-man tag match: The Miz & The Usos defeated Elias & The Revival (11:34) 

Miz attacked Elias outside the ring, then Elias began leaving up the ramp. I guess this distracted the Usos because Revival gave Jimmy Uso the Shatter Machine to win the first fall at 3:00, then they cut to a conveniently timed commercial break. 

After the break, the bell rang to start the second fall. Elias was gone. The Revival worked over Jimmy but he eventually made the hot tag to Jey who hit Dash Wilder with strikes, an enziguri and running hip attack. Jey also hit a flying cross body but Wilder rolled into a cover for two. Scott Dawson tagged in and hit a brainbuster for two. 

Miz made a tag and gave Dawson a Skull Crushing Finale to win the second fall at 10:57. One of the Usos tagged himself in, then both Usos handed out superkicks. Jimmy took out Wilder with a dive, then Jey hit a flying splash on Dawson for the pinfall win. 

The bell rang to start the third fall in the middle of the Usos running wild, which was confusing and dumb. They need to stop this. 

They showed clips of Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle on their honeymoon in Orlando. Michelle was annoyed because they live in Orlando and wondered why they would go there for their honeymoon. Maverick had the 24/7 belt with him the entire time. The crowd enjoyed these clips. 

Backstage, Maverick climbed out of a crate as Michelle admonished him. Maverick said there was enough room in the crate for both of them. She didn’t like that. He promised to give her the honeymoon she deserved. She said if he did, they could finally consummate the relationship. He celebrated, then was chased away by a handful of wrestlers. 

McMahon and McIntyre approached a beer vendor with the opportunity to by Reigns’ partner. He nervously thanked them, then McIntyre made him call McMahon the best in the world. 

[Second hour]

Rey Mysterio came out and recalled relinquishing the U.S. title. He was told by doctors that he would be out a long time but he came back hungrier than ever and beat the doctors’ predictions. Mysterio issued an open challenge. Lashley came out and the announcers wondered how he could possibly be healthy enough to compete. 

Bobby Lashley defeated Rey Mysterio (0:56) 

Mysterio gave Lashley a 619, but Lashley caught him off the top and hit a Flatliner, then hit a spear for the quick win. Welcome back, Rey. 

Lashley attacked Mysterio afterwards. He dragged Msyerio up the ramp and was about to launch him into the video boards, but was stopped by officials. Lashley tossed Mysterio into the officials instead. Lashley grabbed a mic and said he was the only man standing last week and would be the last man standing on Sunday. I’m pretty sure he flubbed his first line before correcting it. 

Charly Caruso approached AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson backstage and asked Styles why he attacked Ricochet. Styles said he didn’t owe anyone an explanation and told her to get out of his face. She asked Anderson and Gallows for a response but they blew her off as well. 

Cesaro defeated No Way Jose (1:10) 

Before the match, Cesaro chased away the conga line. As he did, Jose tried a dive but clumsily fell through the ropes onto the apron. Jose started the match on offense, but Cesaro quickly cut him off with uppercuts, then used the big swing followed by a Sharpshooter for the submission win. 

Backstage, the Street Profits plugged Extreme Rules and ran down the Reigns and Undertaker vs. McMahon and McIntyre match. They noted that Reigns would have to make it to Sunday first and his partner tonight could be anyone. They wondered if it could even be Kawhi Leonard. 

They showed a replay of what happened between Maria and Mike Kanellis last week. Mike found Maria and gave her flowers while apologizing for what happened. They said they love each other. Maria said she also loved ice cream and pickles. It took him a while to get the hint that she wanted these things now. He offered no fat ice cream and she got offended. After he scampered away, Maria said, “What kind of man taps out to a woman?”

They did a split-screen interview with Bayley and Nikki Cross. They have a beat the clock challenge where if Cross wins, Alexa Bliss picks the stipulation for her Smackdown Women’s title match on Sunday against Bayley. Cross said she owed everything to Bliss, then Bayley tried to smarten her up. Cross got offended and wanted to shut up Bayley. 

Cole interrupted to explain the rules of the beat the clock challenge and announce their opponents. Bayley has Sarah Logan, Cross has Dana Brooke. They each talked about their opponents. Bayley’s dialogue sounded completely phony. Cross did the best she could with her material. This was lame. 

R-Truth and Carmella looked around for Maverick backstage. Truth looked in crates, under tables and in a drawer. Maverick ran passed them as he was still being chased. Truth gave Carmella a piggyback ride and ran in the opposite direction. 

The Viking Raiders defeated Colin Justin & Devin Justin (1:22) 

Cole wasn’t sure if Colin and Devin were brothers. Erik and Ivar destroyed these two and won quickly with the Viking Experience. 

As soon as it was done, Maverick ran through the crowd, then through the ring (he went undetected by the Viking Raiders). A few wrestlers hit the ring, including Curt Hawkins who was killed by the Viking Raiders. Truth faced off with them but thought better of it and left. Maverick ran away as this was happening. 

Caruso asked Roman Reigns if he knew who his partner was tonight. Reigns said he didn’t have anything for her. He asked if she knew who his partner was, then said the only ones playing games were him and his team. She left and Reigns looked annoyed. This was so strange. I have no idea what happened here or what any of this meant. 

Ricochet cut a promo before his match. He said he proved himself last week, but he couldn’t even celebrate because he was attacked by Styles, Gallows and Anderson. He knew what was about to happen. He had a match with Gallows, but knew Anderson and Styles would be with him. He was ready to fight all three. 

Styles, Anderson and Gallows came out to Styles’ music. Styles gave Ricochet some advice: slow down and appreciate the moment, especially since Gallows was about to stomp a mudhole in him. Styles also wanted him to appreciate what happened last week and showed a video package. 

U.S. Champion Ricochet defeated Luke Gallows (w/AJ Styles & Karl Anderson) in a non-title match (3:00) 

Gallows was in control for most of it but Ricochet won with a rollup. Afterwards, Styles challenged Ricochet to do what he said he was going to do and beat all three of them. Styles told him to fight Anderson. 

[Third hour] 

U.S. Champion Ricochet defeated Karl Anderson (w/AJ Styles & Luke Gallows) in a non-title match (4:31) 

Styles and Gallows kept distracting Ricochet, so Ricochet took out Gallows with a dive, then took out Styles with a moonsault off the buckle. Ricochet dropkicked Anderson and nailed a 630 for the pinfall win. 

Styles attacked Ricochet immediately afterwards. Styles gave him a brainbuster, then Gallows and Anderson gave him a Magic Killer. Styles set up for a Styles Clash off the second rope, but didn’t bother. He told Ricochet that he didn’t want any excuses on Sunday. He advised Ricochet to stay down. 

As they left, Ricochet got to his feet, so the heels returned to the ring. Gallows and Anderson hoisted up Ricochet so Styles could give him a Phenomenal forearm. This got pretty decent heat. 

They aired a quick video package for Evolve this Saturday and showed some of the current WWE wrestlers who worked there. 

Backstage, Renee Michelle was still sitting on a crate. Maverick ran up to her, excited that he escaped the night as 24/7 champion (there are still 50-plus minutes left in the show). Michelle jumped when she realized Truth was inside the crate she was sitting on. A referee was with him. Carmella popped out of a second crate and they ran after Maverick. 

McMahon and McIntyre approached a different maintenance guy, named Gary, who used his mop as leverage to walk. They offered him $5,000 to be Reigns’ partner so he accepted, noting that he’d do anything for $5,000. They also offered him a mask to protect his identity. 

Beat the Clock match (non-title): Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley defeated Sarah Logan (4:32) 

The crowd was quiet, then they chanted for CM Punk. Bayley won by pinfall with a sunset flip bomb into the turnbuckle. 

Beat the Clock match: Nikki Cross defeated Dana Brooke (2:40) 

Brooke left the ring to kill time, and Renee Young noted how smart this was because she has nothing to gain. Presumably, winning this match would be meaningful. There was also a moment where Brooke went outside and hugged Bayley who was pleased with all of this. 

Brooke missed a senton but still managed to get a rollup for two. They traded rollups, then Cross caught her with a neckbreaker for a quick win to beat Bayley’s time. Bayley was disappointed. 

Cross demanded Bayley get in the ring because she had something to say to her face. Cross told her that she didn’t know what real friendship meant, but she would show her what it meant at Extreme Rules, because Bliss allowed her to make the title match a 2-on-1 handicap match. 

Cross advised Bayley to find a friend of her own, someone as loyal and honest as Bliss, someone who could slap some sense into her. Bayley slapped Cross, then gave her a Bayley-to-belly and flying elbow drop. 

Mike Kanellis brought ice cream and a jar of pickles for Maria. It feels like it’s been six hours since we last saw them. Maria yelled at him because the food would make her fat. Maria asked if he would want to impregnate her if she wasn’t already pregnant. He said yes, of course. Maria said she wasn’t even sure he’s the one who got her pregnant. She yelled, “look what you’ve done to me!” and he ran off. 

A very excited Corey Graves asked Rollins and Lynch what would happen if one of them cost the other their title. Lynch wasn’t playing along with his game. She called him “emo head” and told him there were no rules on Sunday and they would walk out as champions. Rollins added, “what she said.”  

The Street Profits talked about Extreme Rules again. Angelo Dawkins picked Samoa Joe to beat Kofi Kingston because he didn’t want Joe to choke him out. They also made jokes about Corbin. I think Montez Ford blew one of my speakers. 

Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre defeated Roman Reigns & Cedric Alexander (2:07) 

The announcers laughed at Mike Rome who can’t do the big “best in the world” introduction without his voice giving out. McIntyre droned on and on for a while until McMahon finally introduced us to Reigns’ partner -- Gary “The Goat” Garbutt. Gary, wearing a mask, limped to the ring and they went to commercial with less than 8 minutes left in the show. 

With McIntyre and Reigns in the ring, the crowd chanted “we want Gary.” Gary accidentally tagged in. He suddenly ran wild and hit a flip dive on McIntyre, then a slingshot crossbody on McMahon. McIntyre suddenly flew in and nailed Gary with a Claymore kick. McMahon covered Gary for the pinfall win. 

Reigns gave McIntyre a superman punch, then McIntyre left up the ramp with McMahon. 

They showed replays of Gary running wild and the announcers, like total idiots, talked about how great he was for a janitor. Reigns unmasked the guy, who turned out to be Cedric Alexander (who was bleeding from the mouth). Alexander was happy with himself despite losing. Renee said, “the age of Alexander is here!” 

To summarize, Roman Reigns had a perfectly capable pro wrestler as a partner and still lost.