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WWE Raw live results: Hell in a Cell fallout


Date: October 26, 2020
Location: Amway Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Survivor Series will be Raw vs. Smackdown. The champions will face each other and there will be men’s and women’s five vs. five elimination matches. It doesn’t appear NXT will be involved.

This means, for now, we could be getting Reigns vs. Orton, Asuka vs. Banks, New Day vs. Street Profits, and Lashley vs. Zayn. They did tease that Hurt Business will be going after New Day’s tag titles. 

The Raw women’s team is Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, and Lana. Lana is the only one who qualified, the others were chosen. So far, AJ Styles, Keith Lee and Sheamus have qualified for the men’s team.

Show Recap -- 

Drew McIntyre entered to start the show. He said he had no excuses over losing to Randy Orton but promised he would be WWE Champion again. McIntyre prided himself on getting up even stronger after getting knocked down. McIntyre knew people thought he should be more upset about losing but if you knew what was on his mind, you’d be afraid. 

The Miz and John Morrison interrupted. Miz wanted McIntyre to take a bow. McIntyre warned them not to get too close. Morrison ran down everyone McIntyre has beaten along the way. Miz said that wasn’t as impressive as being a two-time Mr. Money in the Bank. Morrison said McIntyre wasn’t a loser but he wasn’t a winner, either. 

Miz said McIntyre didn’t have to worry about facing Orton again because he had the briefcase. He had it before and cashed it in on Orton the first time. Not only that, but it happened here in Orlando. Miz bragged about the moment. 

They went on for a while until McIntyre headbutted Miz. Morrison began using a Scottish accent so McIntyre punched him and suplexed him twice. McIntyre was about to do worse but Miz saved Morrison with a chop-block. Miz and Morrison ran away. McIntyre stomped on Morrison’s sunglasses. He called them idiots and said they were in for a long night. 

Tom Phillips mentioned Survivor Series being the “one night” a year that Raw and Smackdown wrestlers face each other and ran down tonight’s qualifying matches for the men’s team. 

McIntyre faces Miz tonight. 

AJ Styles entered with Jordan Omogbehin, who was not named by the announcers. Last week, the graphic identified him by name but this week his name didn’t appear. 

Styles said everyone must have missed him on Raw. He didn’t think he should have to qualify for Team Raw and thought he should be the captain of the team. Styles warned Jeff Hardy not to try cheating again or else his associate will make him wish that he never put down the bottle. 

Team Raw qualifying match: AJ Styles (w/Jordan Omogbehin) defeated Jeff Hardy (9:57)

Hardy tried a dive to the outside but was caught by Omogbehin who just held him up as they went to break 45 seconds into the match. 

They didn’t bother letting us know what happened and Styles was in control after the break. Hardy made a comeback and got a few two counts until Styles hit him with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker. Hardy fought back but Styles yanked him off the top and hit a rack bomb for two. They countered each others’ finishers until Hardy used a facebuster. 

Hardy went to the top but took a moment to look at Omogbehin and Styles knocked him down again. Styles pushed him into the post, clotheslined him into the ring and hit the Phenomenal forearm for the pinfall win. Styles qualifies for Team Raw. 

Elias smashed a guitar across Hardy’s back after the match. 

Sarah Schrieber interviewed R-Truth. Truth planned on scouting Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa and Lucha House Party tonight. Schreiber noted that this might be dangerous. He said being the champion was dangerous but he ate and slept dangerously.  

Phillips mentioned their partnership with Susan G Komen and they played a video. 

Lucha House Party defeated Akira Tozawa & Drew Gulak (2:07) 

Truth entered to his music a minute into the match. Tozawa crept up behind him and used a schoolboy as a second referee counted to two. Truth fought off Tozawa and ended up in the ring. A few others tried pinning Truth but he kicked out each time. Lince Dorado tried a high cross but Truth moved. Dorado hit Gulak with the move instead and won the tag match. 

Everyone tried pinning Truth after the match but he kept kicking out and ran away. This was very dumb. 

Firefly Fun House 

They had a tea party. Bray dressed as the Mad Hatter. Alexa Bliss showed up with tea that had a secret ingredient: arsenic. The rabbit puppet drank some and was killed. Wyatt stated that they were all mad. Bliss asked how he knew that she was mad. Wyatt said she had to be to join them here. Bliss’ eyes turned red and she said, “let him in.” 

Her eyes returned to normal and she plugged A Moment of Bliss with Randy Orton. Wyatt had a stern demeanour standing next to the painting of his shed burning down as screaming played in the background. The rabbit woke up so Wyatt smashed it to death. He was excited and looked forward to seeing Orton later. 

Keith Lee told Charly Caruso there was no question that Braun Strowman cheated last week instead of losing like a man. Lee threatened to show Strowman what a real monster was. Lee had Elias to deal with first. 

[Second hour] 

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler approached Adam Pearce. Jax said the women wouldn’t be having qualifying matches because she made a list of women who should be on the team instead. She gave Pearce the list. Baszler had a list of her own which Jax didn’t appreciate. Pearce said he would consider each list and make a decision tonight. Baszler asked Jax if she was on her list. Jax said, “wouldn’t you like to know,” and left. 

Team Raw qualifying match: Keith Lee defeated Elias (10:02) 

Elias plugged his album and tried to start a performance but Lee interrupted. 

Elias went after Lee on the outside but Lee pounced him over the announce desk and they went to break less than two minutes into the match. Lee was in control until Elias took over after a knee strike and a double axe handle. Lee came back with a powerslam but Elias responded with a swinging neckbreaker (which didn’t look good). 

Elias went to the top but was distracted by Hardy’s music. Hardy didn’t show. Lee launched Elias off the top and hit a Spirit Bomb for the pinfall win. Lee qualifies. This wasn’t good and Lee did not at all come across like a monster. 

Hardy smashed a guitar across Elias’ back after the match. 

(Phillips mentioned that Styles qualified earlier with him from his associate but Styles won that match clean.) 

Backstage, some guy was about to enter the bathroom but Hurt Business stopped him. (It was the women’s bathroom but we weren’t supposed to notice, I guess.) They said the bathroom belonged to them and intimidated the guy. He tripped and ran away. Hurt Business laughed at him. 

Caruso approached Orton and asked if he was concerned that the Fiend may show up in his segment later. Orton didn’t care about him or Roman Reigns or Drew McIntyre. The only people who should be concerned are people who cross him. 

There was a video package for Hurt Business vs. Retribution. 

They announced that US Champion Bobby Lashley will face IC Champion Sami Zayn at Survivor Series if both men keep their titles. The announcers actually brought up their past feud. 

8-man tag team elimination match: Hurt Business defeated Retribution (13:10) 

MVP said they’d be seeking their payment from WWE once they take down Retribution. Shelton Benjamin said they wanted their payment in gold. 

The cameraperson couldn’t seem to keep their camera still during Retribution’s entrance. 

Mia Yim jumped on the apron to distract MVP when she suddenly started freaking out like she was covered in spiders. She fell to the floor and continued to panic. Slapjack rolled up MVP for the elimination at 4:07. 

Yim continued to freak out like she’d been exposed to Scarecrow’s fear gas and they called for help. After a break, they revealed that she was faking it so the ref tossed her from ringside. 

Lashley eliminated Slapjack with a spear at 8:57. Lashley and T-Bar were both eliminated by countout as they brawled to the back around the 9:45 mark. 

Mace was eliminated at 11:37 after a Neuralyzer from Cedric Alexander and Paydirt by Benjamin. This left Mustafa Ali on his own. 

Ali lost by DQ after hitting Alexander with a chair. Hurt Business wins (with Benjamin and Alexander remaining). 

Benjamin stalked Ali who ran away as Lashley and MVP reemerged to help their friends. 

Angel Garza flirted with Mandy Rose and offered her a rose. She said she was still “close” with Otis. Garza instead offered the rose to Dana Brooke. Jax and Baszler showed up. He offered each of them the rose but they both brushed him off. Garza left but not before Jax took the rose. 

Jax and Baszler were going to discuss Survivor Series with Rose and Brooke but Brooke told them to watch their backs and their titles. They left. Baszler couldn’t believe Jax took the rose from Garza. 

They plugged Elias’ album which is #2 on the iTunes “soundtrack chart.” McIntyre (who had entered for his match) seemed amused by this. 

[Third hour] 

Drew McIntyre defeated The Miz (w/John Morrison) (4:12) 

McIntyre was in control while selling the beating he took last night. Miz kicked him in the knee and hit a DDT for just a one count. Morrison gave McIntyre a cheap shot with the ref distracted. 

McIntyre came back with a clothesline, overhead suplexes and a neckbreaker. The Miz distracted the ref as Morrisson tried to attack McIntyre with the briefcase but McIntyre kicked it out of his hands and suplexed him. McIntyre chucked the briefcase to the stage, which was funny. 

Miz used a small package for two but McIntyre came right back with a Claymore Kick for the pinfall win. This was a good segment for Drew. 

McIntyre pointed at one of the blurry screens as Phillips excitedly let us know that Matthew McConaughey was watching from home. 

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were in the back doing an impression of the Street Profits. They held red solo cups and Kingston acted like he would pass out. Woods told him he was going too far with his impression. They plugged that they would be facing the Street Profits at Survivor Series. 

Asuka joined them and said she wants the smoke. New Day also announced that Asuka was scheduled to face Sasha Banks at Survivor Series. Also, Orton will face Roman Reigns. 

Hurt Business showed up to plug Lashley’s match against Zayn. They also wanted a shot at New Day’s tag titles. New Day laughed. Asuka said they would try and fail. She led a “New Day rocks” chant. Fun segment. 

McIntyre told Caruso that he would take whatever steps were necessary to become champion again. He also threatened to show up during A Moment of Bliss later. 

Announcement of Raw’s Women’s Team at Survivor Series 

Adam Pearce and Pat Buck stood in the ring to make the announcement of Raw’s women’s team at Survivor Series. They announced that Jax, Baszler, Rose and Brooke would be four members. Jax wanted to announce the final member but Pearce said that spot would be determined in a match between Lana, Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross (who has new music). 

Fatal 4-Way match: Lana defeated Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross to qualify for Team Raw (8:07) 

They went to break 20 seconds into the match. Why not start it after the break? 

Royce was in control until Cross made a comeback taking down everyone before giving Royce a high cross for two. Evans took out Lana with a Women’s Right. Royce took out Evans with a roundhouse kick before slamming Cross onto Evans with a Gory Bomb for a nearfall. 

Evans and Cross battled on the turnbuckles when Royce brought them down with a German suplex. Lana yanked Royce from the ring and pinned Cross to win the match. Lana is on Team Raw. 

Lana went outside to hug Jax. Jax seemed receptive but motioned for Baszler to clear the table. Jax put Lana through the table again. 

(This was an 8-minute match, 3 of which happened during commercials. Royce was the focus of the match until Lana won.) 

Caruso asked Orton if he was still going on A Moment of Bliss despite what Bray said earlier. Orton acted as though he wasn’t worried but did look around cautiously after the interview. 

Ali cut a promo with Retribution. He said we would suffer and they would win. 

Team Raw qualifying match: Sheamus defeated Matt Riddle (12:52) 

There was a moment on commentary where Phillips said Riddle isn’t exactly popular with the other wrestlers but the fans were enamoured by him. 

Sheamus used a knee strike for a nearfall. He went to the top but Riddle ran up and hit an avalanche exploder for a nearfall. Riddle tried a floating bro but Sheamus got his knees up and followed by clubbing him in the back. Riddle countered a White Noise into a sleeper. Sheamus slipped out but missed a Brogue Kick and Riddle followed with a German suplex for two. 

Riddle tried to lift Sheamus but his back gave out and Sheamus followed with a Brogue Kick for the pinfall win. Sheamus qualifies. Very good match. 

A Moment of Bliss with guest Randy Orton 

Bliss introduced Orton. She told him that he could sit and added, “I promise I won’t bite.” He declined. She spoke like a child and asked Orton about his surprising win. Orton asked if she had any surprises for him. She said no and wanted a comment about him and McIntyre burning the house down. Orton knew that was a reference to Wyatt. He asked her, “where is the Fiend?” 

McIntyre entered. He brawled with Orton as Bliss pointed and laughed while sitting on the top turnbuckle. McIntyre beat up Orton and cleared the furniture from the ring. 

McIntyre set up for a Claymore Kick when the lights went out. The red lighting came on and only McIntyre was in the ring. Orton backed up the ramp. Of course, the Fiend was behind him. 

Orton didn’t want to go any further so made his way back toward McIntyre instead. The lights came back on as Orton and McIntyre brawled around ringside. 

Orton dumped McIntyre on top of the announce table. McIntyre fought back and tried stabbing him in the eye with a pen. McIntyre continued to attack as they went off the air. 

(They went off the air somewhat randomly but it seemed like they at least wanted to make sure McIntyre was in control before they did.)