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WWE Raw live results: Hell in a Cell go-home show


Date: June 14, 2021
Location: Yuengling Center in Tampa, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Drew McIntyre pinned Bobby Lashley in a six-man tag match. 

Piper Niven debuted with the returning Eva Marie. Marie was supposed to wrestle Naomi, but Niven did the match instead and won in a squash. Niven was not given a name and the announcers had to act like they didn’t know who she was. 

The second hour of Raw featured strong wrestling, highlighted by The New Day against Riddle and Orton, but the third hour included a countout and two disqualifications. There was also a countout in the first hour.

Show Recap -- 

Alexa Bliss opened the show from her Playground. She said she received some strongly worded complaints about what Lilly did last week. After showing replays, Bliss said because of what Lilly did, and because WWE was headed on the road soon, she was giving Lilly a timeout. 

Nia Jax showed up and Bliss acted concerned for Shayna Baszler. Jax told her that Baszler would see her at Hell in a Cell. Bliss was excited. Jax told her to cut the crap and asked what happened to the real Bliss, the one who used to be her friend. Bliss said they were never friends. Jax challenged her to a match. Bliss pretended to be upset before giggling and accepting the match.

The announcers ran down the rest of tonight’s card, which now includes Rhea Ripley against Asuka. 

Charlotte Flair told Sarah Schreiber that she still wants her loss to Nikki Cross stricken from the record. On Sunday, she would remind Rhea Ripley whose division this was. 

Nikki Cross defeated Charlotte Flair via countout (7:56) 

Ripley entered to her music a few seconds into the match and the distraction allowed Cross to apply a schoolboy for a one count. Charlotte took over from there and controlled through a break. 

Cross came back with a tornado DDT. She tried a crossbody off the apron to the outside but Charlotte caught her. Charlotte held her in this position for 13 seconds while mocking Cross and Ripley before finally hitting a fallaway slam. Cross slipped back in the ring as Charlotte confronted Ripley. Charlotte wasn’t paying enough attention and was counted out. 

Charlotte was pissed and attacked Cross. Ripley made the save and laid her out with a Riptide. 

Riddle spoke to Jeff Hardy backstage. Hardy said being a great team depended on trust. He advised Riddle to listen to Orton (Hardy also admitted how strange it was to give that advice about Orton). Riddle began rambling about having a band with Rick Boogs and Xavier Woods, and maybe even Orton on piano. Riddle suddenly realized that Hardy was gone. Orton showed up and advised Riddle not to try to be like him, just be Riddle — whatever that was. Riddle wondered if that meant Orton liked him. Orton said no. 

John Morrison (w/The Miz) defeated Jeff Hardy (2:42) 

Morrison sprayed Hardy in the face with his drip stick during Hardy’s entrance. Morrison jumped in the ring and the referee thought it was fair to start the match as Hardy tried regrouping from being sprayed. 

Cedric Alexander entered to his music less than a minute into the match. Yes, this happened in the previous match as well. 

They had a quick back and forth match that Morrison won somewhat abruptly after hitting Starship Pain. (Morrison appeared to say something to Hardy after pinning him.) 

Alexander ranted at Hardy after the match, calling him disrespectful and a sore winner. Alexander was sorry that he didn’t kick Hardy’s ass into a retirement home. 

Hardy grabbed a mic and said he would retire if Alexander could beat him right now. 

Jeff Hardy defeated Cedric Alexander (2:50) 

Alexander countered a Twist of Fate into a Michinoku Driver for two. Alexander tried a Swanton Bomb but Hardy moved. Hardy also ducked a Neuralyzer attempt before hitting a Swanton for the pinfall win. So Hardy doesn’t have to retire. 

Piper Niven (w/Eva Marie) defeated Naomi (1:05) 

Niven, who was not named, completely dominated the match and won with a Michinoku Driver. 

Eva Marie entered with Piper Niven but the announcers were confused when Niven did the match instead of Marie. The announcers also had no idea who Niven was even though she worked for the company for a while. After Niven won the match, Marie announced herself as the winner. Niven hugged Marie but Marie didn’t seem too thrilled about it. 

(Also, I like the Michinoku Driver as a finisher, but we just saw Alexander use it as a secondary move.) 

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke were doing a photoshoot but became annoyed at the noise being made by Natalya and Tamina who were training in a ring nearby. Natalya told them they were too concerned with how they looked. Rose and Brooke said they worked hard but Natalya and Tamina were only in their position because of their last names. They got into a brawl and officials jumped in to break it up. 

[Second hour] 

Kevin Patrick interviewed Drew McIntyre. McIntyre referred to Bobby Lashley as “Trashley” and said he was ready for AJ Styles tonight. He said Scots were known for being master strategists and compared himself to William Wallace. He gave us a long history lesson and assured us that he had a cold and calculated plan that would result in him becoming WWE champion. 

Riddle & Randy Orton defeated Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods (21:46) 

This was excellent. 

New Day controlled the first few minutes and psyched-out their opponents with fake dives which led to break. Woods and Riddle traded running elbow strikes after the break but Riddle caught Woods with a running knee strike and fisherman’s suplex for two. Orton tagged in and flipped Riddle onto Woods before taking over by working the arm. 

Riddle tagged in and tried an armbar but Woods kept blocking it. Orton tagged in and decided to just stomp away on Woods. Woods managed to tag in Kingston who hit Orton with a dropkick, jumping clothesline and boom drop. Riddle distracted Kingston for a moment which allowed Orton enough time to recover and duck a Trouble in Paradise. 

Riddle tagged in and hit kicks, a suplex, knee strike and floating bro. Orton tackled Woods to prevent him from breaking up the cover but Kingston kicked out anyway. 

After a break, Woods gave Riddle a superplex and Kingston followed with a frog splash but Orton broke up the cover. Kingston chucked Orton from the ring but Riddle nailed him with a Pelé kick. Woods tagged in but Riddle gave him a Northern Lights suplex for two. 

Orton gave Woods a Riddle-assisted powerbomb (like the Shield powerbomb) for two. Kingston saved Woods from a draping DDT so Orton tagged in Riddle. Woods blocked a German suplex and got Riddle on his shoulders for Kingston who nailed a flying foot stomp for a close nearfall. 

Orton tagged himself in and tried an RKO but Woods countered it. Woods went for an Honor Roll but Orton caught him with an RKO for the pinfall win. Riddle was very happy. 

Backstage, Schreiber asked Ripley about Charlotte. Ripley said Charlotte should be focused on their match on Sunday but she’s too worried about her bruised ego. Ripley thought it was funny watching someone so powerful crumble. She planned on sending Charlotte to the back of the line. Ripley told Schrieber to get out of her face so she can get ready for Asuka. 

Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley defeated Asuka in a non-title match (11:05)  

They wrestled back and forth until Ripley caught Asuka on the outside and dropped her face-first onto the barricade. That didn’t matter though because, after a break, Asuka was in control. Ripley fought her off for a moment but Asuka nailed a missile dropkick. Asuka followed with a knee strike and clothesline for two, then a running hip attack for two. 

Ripley came back with a Northern Lights suplex for two. Asuka hit a back fist, German suplex, and sliding kick for two. Asuka tried a rollup but Ripley countered into a standing cloverleaf. Asuka slipped out of that but Ripley ducked a few strikes before hitting Riptide for the pinfall win. Pretty good match. 

Charlotte attacked Ripley after the match. Ripley fought back and they brawled until officials eventually broke it up (after multiple tries). Charlotte had a bloody nose. She elbowed Adam Pearce at one point and I think she yelled, “get the f— off me” (which was censored) to the officials. 

Kevin Patrick barged into the private room of Bobby Lashley and MVP, who were once again joined by a few women. MVP called Patrick rude for not addressing the champ properly. Patrick asked if they had any idea why McIntyre had to face Styles tonight. 

MVP didn’t know why but did say Lashley was off because that was a perk of being the champ. Lashley grabbed the mic and said he would publicly execute McIntyre before mounting his head on a stick (William Wallace’s fate). 

[Third hour] 

There was a quick Kofi Kingston video on being a dad. 

Alexa Bliss defeated Nia Jax via DQ (3:57) 

Bliss wore makeup to make her face look white to go along with black eye makeup and black outfit. Bliss got some offense in before Jax ran her over. Jax missed a leg drop and Bliss sat up with a supposedly creepy look on her face. Bliss went to the top and was momentarily distracted by Reginald, but it didn’t matter because she hit a low dropkick anyway. 

Bliss shrieked at Jax before hitting a DDT and Twisted Bliss. Bliss had it won but Reginald broke up the cover for the DQ. 

Bliss stared down Reginald who began backing off. I guess she hypnotized him because he began mimicking her head movements. Bliss bailed from the ring and Reginald woke up. Jax checked on him. 

MVP approached the New Day. MVP pretended he didn’t know Woods’ name. MVP said KofiMania was dead and he should know why. Kingston mocked him because knew MVP was going to say that he only had himself to blame. MVP said no, it was because of Woods. Woods got pinned tonight and that meant Kingston was still a loser. 

Woods told MVP to hurry up because he had to get home and put water in his momma’s dish. Kingston told MVP to back off unless he wants his teeth on the floor and to be walking around with two canes. Kingston said he only accomplished what he has because of his brothers. MVP agreed to back off and wished him luck on his match on Sunday before reminding Kingston that he didn’t even have a match on Sunday. 

Jaxson Ryker defeated Elias via countout (2:31) 

Ryker did a pre-taped promo stating that Elias was the one holding him back. The camera zoomed right in on his eyes as he spoke. 

Like last week, Ryker won by countout after Elias simply decided not to get back in the ring. Even the announcers were annoyed that this happened again. 

There was a Hell in a Cell video package. 

William Regal addresses the future of NXT tomorrow. 

McIntyre entered for his match. After a break, they plugged NXT and ran down the HIAC card. Lashley’s music hit and he entered with MVP and their friends to watch from the VIP lounge on the stage. Omos wanted to stay in the VIP lounge but Styles got him to come to ringside. 

Drew McIntyre defeated AJ Styles (w/Omos) via DQ (13:31) 

McIntyre hit a Future Shock DDT early in the match but instead of going for a cover, he taunted Lashley which caused Lashley to march to ringside as Omos pulled Styles from the ring. Before Lashley could try anything, the Viking Raiders entered to their music as they went to break. That’s the third time tonight somebody entered to their music early in a match. 

McIntyre was in full control until Styles dumped him from the ring and shoved him into the post. McIntyre fought back with a jawbreaker, Styles hit a Pelé kick, and McIntyre followed with a clothesline. McIntyre used a vertical suplex for two. McIntyre then hit a Michinoku Driver (third time we’ve seen it tonight) for two. 

Styles came back with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker for two. McIntyre dumped him from the ring and went out to get him. Lashley was about to go after McIntyre but McIntyre decked him with a punch. 

McIntyre hit a flying clothesline but Lashley jumped him for the DQ. The Viking Raiders attacked Lashley before McIntyre suplexed him on the floor. 

6-man tag team match: Drew McIntyre & The Viking Raiders defeated WWE Champion Bobby Lashley (w/MVP), AJ Styles & Omos (13:40) 

Lashley was in the back as this match started because he needed to change into his wrestling gear. He sprinted down, yanked McIntyre off the apron and tossed him into the barricade. 

Lashley was in control until Ivar made a hot tag and actually ran wild on the champ for a moment until Lashley gave him a spinebuster. Erik broke up the cover by kicking Lashley in the face. Styles took out Erik, McIntyre took out Styles, and Lashley took out McIntyre. Omos tagged in and dropped Ivar with a shoulder tackle. 

Lashley and his team were in control after a break. Ivar fought off Styles before tagging in McIntyre as Styles tagged Omos. McIntyre and Omos had a big staredown. McIntyre was going to attack but Omos grabbed him by the throat before he could. McIntyre kicked Omos repeatedly in the leg but Omos shoved him off as Styles tagged himself in. 

McIntyre gave Styles three straight overhead suplexes. Lashley distracted the ref as Omos yanked McIntyre down by the hair. Omos also tossed both Ivar and Erik over the barricade. 

Styles tagged Lashley (instead of Omos) which caught Lashley off guard. Lashley turned around into a Claymore kick and McIntyre pinned the champion. McIntyre yelled at Lashley as the show ended. 

(The announcers tried to act like Styles tagged Lashley by mistake, but it looked very deliberate.)