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WWE Raw live results: Logan Paul returns

Bianca Belair will also face Carmella in a Raw Women's Championship rematch.

Date: July 18, 2022
Location: Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL

The Big Takeaway -- 

Raw featured consecutive disqualifications followed by a count-out finish, as well as a 2-minute comedy match preceding a Miz TV main event segment.

Also, Kevin Owens is back and Bianca Belair will defend her title against Becky Lynch at SummerSlam.

Show Recap -- 

Florida’s Titus O’Neil was in the ring to start the show. (His chyron noted that he’d be at the ESPYs this week.)

O’Neil said he has accomplished a lot in his career but he reached his peak by becoming a WWE ambassador. He said they needed goodwill now more than ever. It was their jobs to put smiles on faces — whether that meant helping the less fortunate, entertaining U.S. servicemen and women across the world or assisting families.

O’Neil said you will never hear them (WWE) talk about politics or religion or anything that is divisive. WWE was a safe space to ensure we could all have a good time. O’Neil officially welcomed us to Monday Night Raw.

This wasn’t the most subtle thing in the world.


Becky Lynch/Bianca Belair/Carmella segment

Becky Lynch entered for a promo. She called herself the “Big-time Becks Express” (like the Lex Express) and made a bunch of train references. She was happy to inform us that the winner of tonight’s Women’s title match would have to face her at SummerSlam.

Bianca Belair interrupted. Belair said that this was not Lynch’s comeback story — this was Belair’s own comeback story going all the way back to SummerSlam of last year. Lynch caught her off guard a year ago but she worked hard to regain her reputation. She did just that by winning the title and, after beating Carmella tonight, would complete the last chapter at SummerSlam by beating Lynch.

Carmella interrupted. She called herself a “badass with a great ass” (Corey Graves’ line from last week). She thought it was convenient that Belair got counted out last week. Carmella announced that the title will change hands tonight if Belair gets counted out again.

Belair didn’t want to hear anymore but as she spoke, Lynch and Carmella attacked her. Belair fought off Carmella but Lynch dropped her with a Man-handle Slam. 


Belair was still selling following a commercial break. The referee asked if she wanted to go through with the match and Belair said yes. (Lynch joined commentary.) The announcers reiterated that Carmella could win the title on a count-out.

Bianca Belair defeated Carmella to retain the Raw Women’s Championship (10:25)

Lynch tried to distract Belair early in the match and maybe force a count-out (and title change) but Belair went back after Carmella.

Carmella tried to win by count-out a few times, first by driving Belair into the ring post, then by chucking her into the timekeeper’s area. Carmella dropped Belair on the steel steps but she got back in on an eight count. This led to commercials less than four minutes into the match.

Belair fought back and hit a standing moonsault for two. Carmella came right back with a superkick for two. Belair caught Carmella on a high cross attempt and transitioned into a vertical suplex. Carmella followed with a facebuster for two.

Carmella slapped Belair in the face so Belair just grabbed her and hit the KOD for the pinfall win. Belair retains and will face Lynch at SummerSlam. The crowd popped for the win.

Lynch grabbed the title belt and dropped it at Belair’s feet before leaving the ring. They piped in fake booing for that.


Sarah Schreiber asked the Street Profits about their match at SummerSlam. Angelo Dawkins was excited about Jeff Jarrett as the guest referee because he would keep the Usos in line. Montez Ford said it didn’t matter which Jeff was the referee at SummerSlam because they would beat the Usos and become champions.

MVP and Omos interrupted. MVP reminded Dawkins that he got beat by Omos last week so Dawkins invited them to fight right now. MVP said he wasn’t able to wrestle but he’ll happily go to Adam Pearce and suggest a singles match between Dawkins and Omos.


The KO Show with guest Riddle 

Kevin Owens happily announced that the KO Show was back and introduced Riddle as his guest. Riddle said he was here because Owens promised him a Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Owens didn’t know what he was talking about.

Owens mentioned that he hasn’t been around the past few weeks but figured Riddle may not have noticed given that he’s in his own little world. Owens said he left because he became too obsessed over Ezekiel/Elias so he went on a nature retreat.

Owens watched Raw and noticed how mellow Riddle always was. Owens wasn’t sure if Riddle had some assistance to stay so mellow he but wanted to be more like him.

Owens called out Riddle because of his match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. Owens said that Rollins used to be his best friend but Rollins betrayed him. Owens lost his best friend the same way Riddle lost his best friend Randy Orton.

Owens said everybody needed back up in WWE and realized the answer was right in front of them. RK-Bro was good but Bro-KO would be great.

With a smile on his face, Riddle told Owens that he appreciated the offer but “you’re like the biggest liar I know, dude.” Owens noted that Riddle trusted a snake like Orton who was the least-trustworthy person in WWE. Riddle was pissed and got in Owens’ face.

Seth Rollins’ music hit but he didn’t enter. Riddle was distracted so Rollins attacked him from behind. Rollins laid out Riddle with a stomp. (Owens vanished.) 


Kevin Patrick asked Rollins why he has been targetting Riddle. Rollins said Riddle was so stupid that it was driving him insane and his stupidy was turning into arrogance. Riddle was so stupid that he thought Orton was his friend and so arrogant that he wanted to fight him at SummerSlam.

Ezekiel confronted Rollins. Rollins said he could stomp Ezekiel, Elias or Elrod so Ezekiel told him not to talk about his family. Rollins laughed at him.


The Judgment Day promo

Damian Priest guaranteed that Dominik Mysterio would join the Judgment Day tonight. He knew that Dominik couldn’t wait to drop his father. Priest showed a replay of Judgment Day taking out Edge. Finn Bálor bragged about what they did but he was quickly cut off by the entrance of Rey and Dominik.


Damian Priest (w/Finn Bálor) defeated Rey Mysterio (w/Dominik Mysterio) (approx. 4:59)

Rey made a comeback but a springboard crossbody led to only a one count. Rey followed with a tilt-a-whirl DDT for two. He set up for the 619 but Bálor jumped on the apron so Dominik yanked him off. (Bálor knocked down Dominik so Rey dropkicked Bálor.) Rey tried for the 619 again but Priest dropped him with a thrust kick for a nearfall.

Rey finally hit the 619 and went to the top but Priest blocked a seated senton and hit a Razor’s Edge for the pinfall win.

(For future reference — I put the approximate time when the match starts during a break.)

— After the match, Priest and Bálor set up Rey for a con-chair-to. Priest told Dominik that he would join them tonight or else they’d take Rey’s head off.

Dominik slipped into the ring to protect Rey. He offered to join them as long as they stopped.

Priest laughed and said it didn’t work that way. Bálor attacked Dominik with the chair. Bálor was about to finish off Rey with the con-chair-to but he slipped out of the ring.


The cryptic video aired.

Seth Rollins defeated Ezekiel (11:53)

Ezekiel did something to piss off Rollins so Rollins pounded away at him in the corner. Byron Saxton gave Ezekiel credit for getting under Rollins’ skin as Rollins was beating him up and Graves noted how stupid that comment was.

Ezekiel tried mounting a comeback but Rollins tripped him on the top rope and hit a diving knee strike. Ezekiel did make a comeback following a break, hitting a Stinger splash and spinebuster for two. Rollins responded with a thrust kick for two. Ezekiel countered a stomp into a cradle for two. They exchanged cradles before Ezekiel hit a powerbomb for two.

Rollins tried a springboard move but Ezekiel caught him with a leaping knee strike for a nearfall. Ezekiel went to the top but Rollins brought him down a superplex into a falcon arrow for a nearfall. Ezekiel tried another cradle for two before Rollins followed with consecutive elbow strikes and a curb stomp for the pinfall win. Good match.


The Usos approached Omos and MVP in the back. They said Dawkins didn’t stand a chance against Omos and figured he’d be even easier to beat at SummerSlam after this match. The Usos went to ringside to watch this beating up close.


Next week on Raw: Rey Mysterio’s 20th-anniversary celebration at Madison Square Garden.

In the back, Bálor said Dominik failed their test tonight. Priest said Dominik should have taken the chair and cracked Rey’s skull. Next week, Rey will fall and the Judgment Day will rise.


(The Usos entered around 9:30pm to watch the match and 20 minutes later we got two disqualifications.) 

Angelo Dawkins (w/Montez Ford) defeated Omos (w/MVP) via disqualification (1:20)

Dawkins was doing his usual comeback but MVP tripped him which led to a DQ. (The announcers noted that Ford was trying to distract Omos but he got away with it and MVP was pissed.)

— Adam Pearce entered and made a tag match.

The Street Profits defeated Omos & MVP via disqualification (4:46)

MVP wrestled in his suit (minus the coat). Jimmy Uso immediately distracted Dawkins which allowed Omos to knock him down. Ford tagged in and hit a few strikes but Omos clubbed him out of the air before hitting a big boot. Dawkins broke up the cover before chucking MVP into the Usos.

The referee blocked the Usos as they tried entering the ring. As this was happening, Dawkins and Ford hit Omos with superkicks. Ford hit a frog splash but Omos kicked out emphatically at one. Ford was shocked. The Usos then blatantly attacked Ford for another DQ.

— The bad guys beat up Ford and Dawkins after the match. Omos dropped both men with a double chokeslam. The Usos stood tall over the Profits holding up their title belts.


Schreiber was about to interview the Miz but Veer Mahaan showed up instead. Mahaan was quiet before yelling, “boo!” at Schreiber. He smirked at the camera, chuckled and left.

Miz showed up and called that unexpected. Miz warned Logan Paul that he wouldn’t enjoy being his opponent. I bet.


Theory promo 

Theory cut a promo and the crowd yelled “what” pretty much throughout the entire thing. He told them to shut up before once again explaining his plans for SummerSlam.

He claimed a bunch of superstars didn’t like him because they were jealous, including Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Madcap Moss and Dolph Ziggler. He showed a replay of Ziggler costing him his match last week before hitting a superkick.

Theory kept going before he was interrupted by AJ Styles. Styles had a warning for him. Whether he won the US title or the world title, Styles would be first in line to take it from him. The crowd chanted for Styles. He said the locker room wasn’t jealous of Theory — they just thought he was a jackass.

Theory bragged about how much more he has accomplished than Styles had at his age. Theory wondered what Styles was doing at his age and mocked him for wrestling hillbillies in run-down barns in Georgia (Theory is also from Georgia).

Styles said he was proud of his upbringing and it made him what he was today — someone who could knock some sense into Theory. Styles decked Theory.

Ziggler entered as they went to break.


There was a new cryptic video. This one had a discarded Rey Mysterio mask and Undertaker urn.

AJ Styles defeated Theory via count-out (11:25)

Ziggler was watching from ringside so Theory shoved him to the ground. Styles and Theory went back and forth after a break before Theory hit a rolling dropkick and crosslegged neckbreaker for two. Styles applied the Calf Crusher but Theory quickly got a rope break and rolled to the outside.

Styles tried a PK but Theory caught him. Theory teased that he would drive Styles into Ziggler but Theory dropped him on the announce table instead.

As the ref checked on Styles in the ring, Ziggler nailed Theory with a superkick. Theory couldn’t beat the ten count so Styles won by count-out.

Theory tried pleading his case but Styles laid him out with a Styles Clash.


WWE congratulated themselves on having over 70 billion lifetime views on Youtube.

There was a video package (almost 5 minutes long) for Belair vs. Lynch designed to make it feel like a big main event.

There was also a video on recent charity work by Titus O’Neil. 


Six-woman tag team match: Asuka, Alexa Bliss & 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke defeated Tamina, Doudrop & Nikki ASH (2:35)

This was incredibly dumb.

Tozawa appeared from under the ring and pinned Brooke to win the 24/7 title. The title kept changing hands as Nikki pinned Tozawa, Bliss pinned Nikki, Doudrop pinned Bliss, Tamina pinned Doudrop and Brooke pinned Tamina. Brooke bailed after regaining her title. 

Bliss pinning Nikki in that sequence somehow didn’t end the tag match. Asuka tapped out Nikki for the win.


Dominik and Rey couldn’t believe Judgment Day thought Dom might actually join them. Rey said Judgment Day weren’t the first to try taking down the Mysterios. Rey planned on showing them what it meant to be a Mysterio next week.

Next week on Raw:

  • Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs. Finn Bálor & Damian Priest
  • Roman Reigns appears


They played footage of Miz playing in the celebrity softball game at Dodger Stadium. He hit a home run over the fake fence and was named MVP.

Miz TV with guest Logan Paul (main event segment)

Logan Paul entered and immediately asked Miz if he would accept his SummerSlam challenge. Miz brushed this off to show a replay of the two of them beating the Mysterios at WrestleMania. Miz was about to move on but Paul had them play the remainder of the replay which showed Miz taking him out with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Miz said he was simply teaching Paul. Paul said he was teaching him that he needed to sign a contract with WWE to fight Miz at SummerSlam. Miz tried to run down his accomplishments like usual but Paul cut him off. Miz noted how impressive Paul was in his brief time in WWE and he had promise but he needed Miz.

Miz called Paul a rookie who didn’t deserve the match so he declined the challenge.

Paul said he was told he couldn’t build a social media career or last in the ring with Floyd Mayweather but he built an empire and put Mayweather on his highlight reel.

Paul was going to show he was better than Miz and said he’d be at MSG last week to host his own, better version of Miz TV. Miz didn’t care and still declined the match. Paul told him he had blueberries in his pants and led the crowd in a ‘tiny balls’ chant. Miz ripped open his dress shirt to reveal his official WWE shirt that reads, “Hello, My Balls are Massive!”

Miz was pissed and accepted the challenge. Miz tried to attack but Paul tackled him and hammered away. Miz bailed and Ciampa attacked Paul from behind. Miz tried to join in but Paul escaped.

Schreiber appeared in the ring and asked Miz to comment on Paul’s statement. Miz said this was his house (which may have been a reference to AJ Styles). Miz posed with Ciampa.