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WWE Raw live results: Money in the Bank build continues


Date: June 4, 2018
Location: Toyota Center in Houston, TX

The Big Takeaway --

Not much happened tonight with one more Raw show left before Money in the Bank. Elias & Jinder Mahal beat Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns after Elias pinned Rollins. Braun Strowman beat Bobby Roode without a problem. The B-Team are number one contenders for the tag titles. They set up a face-to-face between Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey next week. The main event ended in a DQ.

Show Recap -- 

Elias kicks off Raw. He played his guitar for a bit which received a mixed reaction. He claimed he was starting Raw because he was the company’s greatest asset and would become Intercontinental champion at Money in the Bank. He got the crowd to shout “Walk with Elias.”

Elias bragged about attacking Seth Rollins last week but was remorseful over losing one of his favourite guitars. He had a replay shown as he played a song, which included a jab at the hometown Houston Rockets.

Seth Rollins interrupted and marched to the ring. Elias got his guitar ready and Rollins grabbed a steel chair. They squared off with their weapons, which looked kind of silly, then Rollins smacked the guitar out of Elias’ hands. Rollins had him cornered when Jinder Mahal (with Sunil Singh) attacked from behind.

They put the boots to him until Roman Reigns ran out for the save. Reigns got the reaction you’d expect. He sent them packing, then helped Rollins to his feet. Kurt Angle came out and announced a tag match starting next. 

David Otunga is on commentary with Michael Cole and Corey Graves. Jonathan Coachman is “on assignment.”

Elias & Jinder Mahal (w/Sunil Singh) defeated Intercontinental champion Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns (17:38)

There was a funny spot to start the match where Mahal and Elias kept tagging out to avoid Reigns and Rollins, respectively. The heels got the heat on Rollins, which included a long chinlock spot by Elias.

Reigns made the hot tag and hit Mahal with clotheslines and a flying clothesline that they mistimed (or Mahal was just out of position). Reigns went for a Drive By but Singh pulled Mahal out of the way and Elias nailed Reigns, leading to commercial.

Shortly after the break, Mahal applied a chinlock on Reigns. Elias tagged in and knocked Rollins off the apron. Rollins responded by simply stepping back on the apron and they continued to work over Reigns. Mahal applied another chinlock.

Reigns hit a Samoan drop and tagged in Rollins who used a Thesz press, slingblade and blockbuster on Elias for two. Rollins avoided a knee strike and hit a falcon arrow but Mahal broke up the cover. Reigns came in and gave Mahal a Superman punch, which also didn’t look good.

Rollins set up for the curb stomp but was distracted by Singh on the apron. Mahal sent Reigns into the steps, then “into the WWE universe.” Elias tried a schoolboy but Rollins countered and gave Mahal a suicide dive. Singh was about to attack him with a chair but Rollins chased him into the ring. Elias caught Rollins with a DDT on the chair then hit Drift Away for the pinfall win.

It’s possible the referee was supposed to be distracted, but he was actually staring right at them when Elias gave Rollins a DDT on the chair. This wasn’t a particularly good match and the short time Reigns and Mahal were in together was bad. The crowd wasn’t that into this, either.  

Bruce Prichard was shown at ringside and they plugged his podcast. 

Curt Hawkins was in the ring and a table filled with tacos was at ringside. The crowd chanted “we want tacos.” Hawkins was ready to celebrate because he was at 199 straight losses, but there wouldn’t be 200. Hawkins said everyone would get tacos if he won and they cheered. 

There was a jobber in the ring and introduced himself as James Harden, which was meant for comedy here in Houston. The crowd booed.

"James Harden" defeated Curt Hawkins via DQ (1:43) 

The crowd kept chanting for tacos as Hawkins beat up the jobber. Baron Corbin’s music hit, he marched to the ring and gave the jobber an End of Days. The referee rang the bell and “James Harden” was announced the winner via DQ. Hawkins went after Corbin, but Corbin got the better of him and dumped the table of tacos onto him. The crowd was upset. No tacos.

Natalya was shown getting ready backstage and Ronda Rousey showed up to give her some pointers. 

Corbin approached Angle, who was pissed. Corbin wasn’t happy about the lack of opportunities, so he went straight to WWE HQ and spoke with Stephanie McMahon. She wrote a letter to Angle announcing that Corbin would be the new constable on Raw, assisting Angle in his duties. Angle looked over the letter and appeared nonplussed. 

Non-title match: Women’s champion Nia Jax defeated Natalya (7:19)

Rousey joined commentary. They went to commercial quickly into the match and Jax was in control. Before the break, they asked Rousey about Jax calling her ripe for the picking. Rousey said only her husband could call her that. After the break, she said the same line again.

Natalya fought back and tried for a scoop slam, but she couldn’t get her up. Natalya managed to take down Jax with a clothesline for two. Natalya went for a dropkick but pulled up like she tweaked her knee. Jax then grabbed her and hit a Samoan drop for the pinfall win.

Afterwards, the referee checked on Natalya who sold her leg. Jax looked concern, so Rousey went to the ring. As Rousey checked on Natalya, Jax touched her shoulder and she got in Jax’s face. Eventually, Rousey and the referee helped Natalya out of the ring as Jax continued to look concerned. That was pretty much it. As far as we can tell, Jax was being sincere. 

Backstage, Renee Young asked Bobby Roode about MITB. Roode was ecstatic and called it a life-changing match. He said he would go on to become Universal champion and it would be glorious. He posed like the interview was over, but Young wasn’t done. She asked about Braun Strowman. Roode was hoping she wouldn’t ask him about that. He said he would use every trick up his sleeve to survive. 

Braun Strowman defeated Bobby Roode (4:45)

Strowman was in control until he did that thing where he runs into the post. Roode had an opening, so he used the time to set up a ladder, placing it on the apron and barricade. Strowman chased after Roode, who ducked under the ladder, thinking this would protect him. Strowman roared and smashed the ladder in half, which was great. Strowman tossed Roode into the barricade, back into the ring, then hit a powerslam for the win. 

Charly Caruso asked Kevin Owens his thoughts. He answered, “My thoughts? I think Braun Strowman’s big. Bobby Roode has a robe. The sky is blue. Who cares?” Owens didn’t care who was in the MITB match. He mocked the crowd for being fans of Finn Balor and asked what “too sweet” even meant. Owens said he would win MITB and show the world what he’s always known, that Balor was just a made-up Irish myth. 

Backstage, Natalya’s knee was wrapped with ice. She told Rousey she heard a pop, but asked her for the crutches so she could get up. Rousey said she didn’t have to get up so soon. Jax showed up to apologize and wondered if Natalya could still compete at MITB.

Rousey wanted her to back off but Jax reminded her that she was friends with Natalya too. Natalya told them to stop arguing and left. Rousey and Jax looked on awkwardly as the camera stayed on them for too long.

Young introduced Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt who cut a promo on the tag division. They said whoever faced them would learn what it meant to become woken. Hardy babbled on, then asked Young if she considered herself woken. She hesitated, then said “Yeah… yep.” Hardy was thrilled and led the crowd in giving her an ovation. They finished off by saying whoever won the battle royal would become deleted. 

They aired a quick video package for Finn Balor. 

The B-Team won a Tag Team Battle Royal to become number one contenders (9:32) 

When the last team entered the ring, the bell rang for JoJo to introduce the match, but the wrestlers jumped the gun and started attacking each other as JoJo kept going. The teams were: Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler, The B-Team, Breezango, Ascension, The Revival, Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews, and Heath Slater & Rhyno. Once one member of a team was eliminated, that meant the entire team was done.

Ziggler & McIntyre were the first team eliminated. Ziggler was “almost” eliminated twice in the first two minutes. He was then eliminated for real a few seconds later after a dropkick by Tyler Breeze. JoJo announced that Ziggler and McIntyre were eliminated and McIntyre was pissed. They gave Bo Dallas their combo finisher before leaving the ring.

During the break, O’Neil (and Crews) were eliminated. After the break, Revival eliminated Ascension and Breezango. Rhyno then tossed Dash Wilder, eliminating Revival. The last two teams were B-Team and Slater & Rhyno. B-Team eliminated Rhyno basically by accident for the win. They celebrated like they won the titles.  

Bobby Lashley entered and called out Sami Zayn. Zayn’s music hit, but he showed up in the crowd. Zayn didn’t want to go in the ring. He said Lashley almost broke every bone in his hand and he couldn’t cook the organic tofu steaks that were in his freezer.

Zayn decided to mock Lashley’s Instagram and the motivational quotes he posts. Zayn called himself an intellectual and wanted to dig deeper, so he logged into one of his anonymous accounts and sent Lashley a DM, just to have Lashley plug his fan club. Lashley appeared amused and asked Zayn where he was going (he was leaving).

This went on for a while as Lashley implored Zayn to get in the ring. Zayn said everything about Lashley was a lie and wondered if he actually had sisters. He then questioned if Lashley was even in the army or this was another lie. This pissed off Lashley, who removed his jacket. The crowd lightly chanted “USA” and they played Lashley’s music to end the segment. 

Backstage, Mahal told Caruso that Reigns was bitter and felt threatened, which is why he speared him through the wall. Mahal said there was a storm coming for Reigns. Caruso cut elsewhere to Young who had an interview with Reigns. Reigns said Mahal has accomplished nothing lately, which was funny coming from him.

They cut back to Mahal who dared Reigns to say it to his face. Reigns was happy to oblige and went looking for him. Reigns marched down the halls and did find Mahal. Reigns attacked him but officials quickly jumped in to break it up. 

6-Woman Tag Match: Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks & Ember Moon vs. Riott Squad (11:20)

Moon was in control and went for a tag, seemingly for Banks, but Bliss tagged in instead. Soon after that, Bliss pulled up lame (apparently) like Natalya did earlier and left the ring. After a break, the Riott Squad were in control and Bliss was gone.

Banks made a hot tag and hit Liv Morgan with clotheslines, a dropkick and running knees. Morgan fought her off and hit a double foot stomp, allowing the heels to take control again. They also took out Moon on the outside. Banks came back with a double knee drop on Morgan and Logan.

With no one on the apron, Bayley ran down and reached for the tag, so Banks tagged her in. The referee allowed this. Bayley ran wild and gave Logan a Bayley-to-belly for the win. The announcers argued over whether or not this should count. 

They cut backstage to Angle and Corbin. Corbin asked Angle if he was going to allow this and said a wrestler just inserting themselves into a match was not allowed in the rulebook. He suggested Angle go find Banks, Moon, and Bayley and inform them the win doesn’t count.

After a break, the three women celebrated the win. Moon thought Banks and Bayley should hug it out. They were about to, but Angle interrupted. He let them know that the Riott Squad won by disqualification because Bayley wasn't officially in the match. Banks looked at Bayley in disappointment and left.  

The Big Show was on the stage and introduced members of Team Texas who are participating in the USA Special Olympic Games. He made a quick inspirational speech and had the crowd give the team an ovation. Finn Balor came out, shook hands with Show and members of the team. He posed for his entrance and they did it along with him.

Two fatal 4-way matches were announced for next week. Strowman, Balor, Owens, and Roode in one, Banks, Moon, Bliss and Natalya in another. They had question marks over the pictures of Bliss and Natalya because of their apparent injuries. Why announce the match then? They also plugged a face-to-face between Jax and Rousey. 

Finn Balor defeated Kevin Owens via DQ (18:35)

After a break, Balot hit a nice flip dive to the outside. Owens gained control by wrenching Balor’s arm over the top rope. The crowd chanted for Balor as Owens worked over his arm. Balor avoided a senton then followed with a double foot stomp.

Owens came back with a superkick but Balor countered a pop-up powerbomb attempt with a slingblade. Balor followed that with a running dropkick and went to the top, but Owens tripped him off the ropes. Owens then stomped away at Balor in the corner as the referee demanded he stop. Owens didn’t listen, so the ref called for the bell. Balor wins via DQ.

Owens went ahead and gave Balor a frog splash. He then set up a ladder and climbed it. At first, it seemed like he would grab the briefcase, then turned around like he was going to do a huge frog splash off the ladder. Owens chickened out and went half-way down, but still wouldn’t do the move.

Balor popped up and attacked Owens, then climbed up and hit a double foot stomp off the second highest rung. (It’s a difficult move to pull off, so the landing was awkward.) Balor then climbed the ladder again and grabbed the briefcase.