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WWE Raw live results: Money in the Bank fallout


Date: May 11, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Becky Lynch is pregnant. She revealed to Asuka that the Women’s Championship belt was inside the briefcase last night, which made her the new champion. Lynch and Asuka were both very happy for each other. (Read more below.)

They announced their newest version of the wild card rule, which would be brand-to-brand invitations. Baron Corbin faces Drew McIntyre next week. 

Randy Orton challenged Edge to a straight wrestling match at Backlash. Orton admitted that Edge was the better man, but not the better wrestler. 

The IIconics returned and beat Bliss and Cross in a non-title match. 

Also, there was an all-time bad DQ in a tag match which was followed by Rollins trying to take out Mysterio’s eye. There was also a basketball game between the Viking Raiders and Street Profits.

Show Recap -- 

They aired a video package of last night’s Money in the Bank match. If you didn’t watch it, this is pretty much all you need to see. (They included still shots of Baron Corbin apparently tossing Rey Mysterio and Alister Black off the building.) 

Tom Phillips announced that Edge and Randy Orton would both be here tonight. 

Byron Saxton said Mysterio and Black avoided catastrophe and landed on a secondary roof of the building. No time off for them as they’re in a tag match against Seth Rollins and Murphy tonight. Plus, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross host A Moment of Bliss with special guests. 

Becky Lynch announcement 

Becky Lynch came out to start the show. She had the Money in the Bank briefcase and placed it on a table in the ring. Her voice was shaky as she spoke. She was torn between joy and sadness because she was at a place in her life where things were about to change and she needed to do something about it. 

That’s why she asked the decision-makers to raise the stakes for the MITB match. Before she continued with that, she recalled first walking through the doors of the Performance Center not knowing if she was good enough to be here. She began to tear up. 

She wasn’t sure if anyone would care about a loudmouth Irish woman who liked puns and toast, but the fans got behind her and put her on her back. The fans always stood up for her and she grabbed on to them when she had no one else. The fans deserved to hear this from her first. “I have to go away for a while.” 

Asuka entered. She was irate and told Lynch that the contract belonged to her. Lynch said she was right. Lynch explained that last night wasn’t for an opportunity for a title match. She opened the briefcase to reveal that the Women’s title belt was inside. Asuka was stunned. Lynch continued, “I can't fight anymore, but you can. You’re the champion.” 

Asuka was elated. She grabbed the title and danced around with it. She ran up the stage and told the announcers to “get out of here.” They didn’t know what to do so she stood on the table to dance. Lynch appeared to be happy for her. 

Lynch told her to go be a warrior, “because I’m going to go be a mother.” Asuka was thrilled and gave her a hug. Asuka chanted, “Becky” before hugging her again. Lynch wiped tears away before leaving the ring as her music played. 

After Lynch left, Asuka’s music played and she continued to celebrate. 

Weird title stip aside, this was very nice and it was cool seeing Lynch and Asuka being genuinely happy for each other. The crowd in Dave Meltzer’s head likely would have been loudly chanting “Yes” throughout this. 

In the back, Mysterio, Natalya, Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford, Bianca Belair, Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, Liv Morgan, Kairi Sane and R-Truth congratulated Lynch. 

Bobby Lashley defeated Humberto Carrillo in a No Disqualification match (8:42) 

Lashley grabbed a chair but Carrillo dropkicked it into his face. After a long commercial break, Lashley was in control. They showed what happened before the break but not during it. Carrillo came back with a dropkick and Disaster kick but Lashley caught him on the outside and drove him face-first into the ring post. (Phillips called it the “steel” post, but of course, it’s actually a video board.) 

Lashley tried using the chair but Carrillo ducked, grabbed the chair and hit Lashley with it several times instead. Carrillo tried a springboard move but Lashley caught him and applied a full nelson for the submission win. 

It appears the Street Profits challenged the Viking Raiders in a basketball match because the Raiders said they can do anything the Profits can do. 

In the back, Ford and Dawkins hyped themselves up for the game. Ford said they would be like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Dawkins said they’d be more like LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Ford didn’t want to start a Jordan/LeBron debate. 

Elsewhere, Ivar was annoyed that Erik said they can do anything the Profits can which put them in this predicament. Erik said the Profits could have challenged them to something cool instead, like sword fighting, axe throwing, or people tossing. The announcers confirmed we’re getting a basketball game later. 

Caruso interviewed Asuka, who was still soaking it in. Sane jumped in the frame and they celebrated together. 

They aired a recap of Edge vs. Orton at Mania. 

Angel Garza and Andrade argued with Austin Theory in the back while Zelina Vega tried to calm them all down. 

Angel Garza defeated Akira Tozawa (w/Zelina Vega, Austin Theory & US Champion Andrade) 

This match started during a break with no entrances or anything. Saxton said Tozawa has had a career resurgence on NXT (concurrently with him jobbing on Raw). Garza beat him very quickly with a Wing Clipper. Garza directed his attention toward Theory the entire match. 

As soon as it ended, Garza and Andrade argued with Theory with Vega in the middle again. 

Drew McIntyre interrupted. He was worried they weren’t getting along and offered them a fight against him. “C’mon, bring it, bitches!” He wiped out Theory with a Claymore Kick, which amused Andrade and Garza. Andrade told Garza to attack, but before they could really budge, McIntyre took out Garza with a Claymore. McIntyre and Andrade argued about who was better. 

[Second hour] 

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defeated US Champion Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) in a non-title match (8:30) 

The announcers were excited about the prospect of a champion vs. champion match and, as far as I could tell, never acknowledged that they had this same match a month ago. 

Andrade worked over the arm and Saxton did acknowledge their match in NXT which led to McIntyre’s injury. McIntyre fought back and hit a sit-out powerbomb for two. Andrade went back after the arm and nailed a running double knee strike in the corner for a one count (the second time McIntyre kicked out at one). 

They traded chops, Andrade hit a back elbow, then McIntyre hit a headbutt. McIntyre followed with a reverse Alabama Slam and Claymore kick for the pinfall win. This was more of a back-and-forth match we often see in WWE. 

McIntyre grabbed a mic and said he didn’t necessarily come out here for a match but there’s a reason he always dressed ready to compete. Plus, he was happy to have a Claymore party. McIntyre said Rollins gave him a hell of a fight last night. 

McIntyre acknowledged the “brand to brand invitation.” McIntyre said Raw invited a certain SmackDown superstar who chose him as an opponent. McIntyre gave us a clue who it was: everyone hates him. He was also very familiar with this person because they’ve spent a lot of time together. 

Next week on Raw, it would be McIntyre against Baron Corbin. McIntyre was excited. He was proud of Corbin for stepping up. He also promised to have a Claymore fit for a king. 

On Friday’s Smackdown, Otis joins Miz TV. They made it seem like he had his eyes set on Braun Strowman. Also, Charlotte Flair appears. 

They plugged the Undertaker special on the Network. 

Backstage, MVP encouraged Lashley to stay angry and focused. He was also impressed with the full nelson. MVP had respect for Carrillo but wondered why Lashley was fighting a guy like that, especially when someone from SmackDown was about to face the Raw champion. 

MVP reminded him that his last WWE Championship match was in 2007 when MVP was getting his start there. Lashley is here 13 years later still stuck in his own head. MVP advised him to think about his words. 

MVP started making his way through the back when he bumped into Lana. He told her that if Lashley wanted a way out to come find him. Lana became irrationally upset and screamed at him as he walked away. This was good until Lana showed up. 

A Moment of Bliss with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross 

Bliss noted how crazy it was that “The Man” was about to become a mother, and made the announcement the day after mother’s day. Cross was happy for her. 

The IIconics came out. They said Bliss and Cross must have forgotten about them. Bliss said they didn’t forget and told them not to get their panties in a bunch. Bliss did think it was funny that a baby almost stole their thunder. 

Peyton Royce said a ginger junior wasn’t going to steal their spotlight. They wondered what the big deal was about a baby and said Cross still acted like a baby. Royce challenged them to a title match. Cross said they got upstaged by something the size of a jelly bean and said they don’t deserve a title match. 

The IIconics said it doesn’t have to be a title match, they can still prove they’re motivated to win. Bliss and Cross appeared to accept. Cross began clearing furniture from the ring. 

The IIconics defeated Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross in a non-title match (5:24) 

The IIconics worked over Cross until Bliss made the hot tag. Royce broke up a cover so Cross attacked her. Royce sent Cross to the outside, then as the referee was distracted, Billie Kay jabbed Bliss in the throat. Royce and Kay gave Bliss a double-team facebuster for the pinfall win. 

Joe announced that we had new champs but the other announcers quickly corrected him. Joe said they should be the new champions. 

Caruso interviewed Mysterio. She asked him how he felt after last night and he said he felt great. Mysterio admitted that he felt his life flash before his eyes but a miracle happened after Corbin tossed him off the roof when he landed just six feet down. He and Black landed next to each other and knew it was too late for them. He congratulated Otis. 

Rollins interrupted. He stared down Mysterio without saying anything. Mysterio congratulated him. He said being a father changes your life and he was happy for Seth and Becky. Mysterio offered a handshake but Rollins left. Mysterio looked at Caruso and said, “What a dick.” 

Six-man tag match: Ricochet, Cedric Alexander & R-Truth defeated MVP, Shane Thorne & Brendan Vink (4:32) 

There was a segment earlier where Truth said that “Pretty Ricky” (his alter ego, I guess) was back. It’s him with fake teeth. As the match started, Truth put the fake teeth on. 

Thorne and Vink held Alexander on the outside, then Ricochet wiped them all out with a moonsault. MVP punched Truth, then Truth went down and handed his fake teeth to the referee. The ref was disgusted. MVP was distracted by all of this which allowed Truth to hit a reverse STO (sort of) for the win. This was dumb. 

After the match, Lashley came out and speared Truth. MVP followed with a running boot. They left together. 

Caruso interviewed Jinder Mahal who was honoured to be back on Raw after being on the shelf for ten months. He was happy for his old friend Drew McIntyre for becoming WWE champion. Mahal himself deserved to be loved and respected like McIntyre. He was on a new path to redeem himself and learn from his mistakes. His journey to the top would be a hero’s journey. 

We’re getting a special look at the Undertaker series after a break. AJ Styles pulled up a chair to watch with popcorn. 

Caruso asked Shayna Baszler her reaction to Lynch’s announcement. Baszler wondered how stupid you have to be to get knocked up while being the champion. She said ten out of ten mothers will try to convince you that having a kid didn’t ruin their careers. Lynch was the longest-reigning Raw Women’s champion and was throwing it all away to house some parasite. 

Baszler made jokes about Lynch getting fat. She concluded, “That kid’s gonna suck. You know who the father is? I rest my case.” 

They aired clips from the Undertaker special, which may have just been the intro video for the series. They cut back to Styles who was pissed for some reason. He chucked his popcorn away. 

[Third hour] 

Lynch was shown hugging Vince McMahon in the back. There was no sound. 

During the entrances for the next match, the announcers talked about Mysterio and Black getting thrown off their roof. They noted that the secondary roof was only on one side of the building and decried WWE corporate who didn’t alert any of the wrestlers about this. 

Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black defeated Seth Rollins & Murphy via DQ (11:02) 

Rollins was completely downtrodden and disheveled (he didn’t wet his hair). 

Murphy went for tags multiple times but Rollins wasn’t paying attention at all, so it was basically a handicap match. Rollins wasn’t deliberately ignoring Murphy, he was just in his own world. Black got in his face and Rollins looked at him briefly before looking away again. Murphy fended off an attack and kicked Black’s head into the post. 

After a break, Black came back with a boot before tagging in Mysterio who hit a seated senton, springboard crossbody, kick to the head, and a leg scissors takedown from the apron sending Murphy into the barricade. Mysterio tried a flying high cross but Murphy reversed into a rollup for two, then Mysterio countered a Murphy’s Law into a bulldog for two. 

Mysterio was in the corner and elbowed Rollins in the gut, which was funny. Mysterio went for a 619 on Murphy but Rollins caught him and yanked him out of the ring. The referee called for the bell, presumably for a disqualification, which would be among the dumbest disqualifications ever. 

Rollins tossed Mysterio into the barricade, poked him in the eye, then punched him in the eye (which was an issue for Mysterio in a match a few weeks ago). Murphy also took down Black. Murphy was about to go after Mysterio but Rollins stopped him. 

Rollins became enraged and drove Mysterio’s face into the steel steps, driving his eye into the corner of the step. Rollins eventually let go and there was a drop of blood on the steps. Officials ran down to tend to Mysterio who sold this big. Rollins slowly walked away. 

After a break, Mysterio was being tended to by the trainers as Black looked on. There was blood around his eye (his mask was off but you couldn’t see too much of his face). Rollins and Murphy approached, so the trainers took Mysterio away. Rollins wanted to check on Mysterio and told Black he didn’t know what happened. Black attacked Murphy (who happened to be closer to him than Rollins) and as they brawled, officials separated them. 

(Rollins could be seen slowly walking away in the direction they took Mysterio.) 

The Street Profits practised playing basketball as the Viking Raiders watched. When it was the Viking Raiders’ turn, they attempted an alley-oop, but Ivar’s pass hit the roof. Ford and Dawkins were very amused. 

2-on-2 Basketball Game: The Street Profits 74, The Viking Raiders 2 

Ford said there would be four 5-minute quarters. The Street Profits got off to an early 2-0 lead after Ivar passed the ball right back to Dawkins. The Street Profits led 21-0 after the first quarter, 37-0 at halftime, and 55-0 after three quarters. 

The Raiders finally scored in the final quarter at the buzzer and they assumed they won. They celebrated big until The Profits alerted them to the final score: 74-2. 

Anytime you could see the scoreboard in the background, it was blank. You could only see the score when they showed the scoreboard in a separate shot. 

Natalya accosted Baszler backstage and said, “Do you know how bad it makes you look to disrespect the miracle that is motherhood?" Baszler said Natalya knew nothing about motherhood and was never going to have a kid. Baszler said the Hart Dynasty would die with her. 

Back at the basketball court, the Viking Raiders told the Street Profits that they let them win. There was then a montage of the Raiders hitting a bunch of shots in a row until Ivar finished it off with a dunk. Ford and Dawkins were stunned. 

Shayna Baszler defeated Natalya (3:46) 

Natalya avoided getting her elbow stomped but Baszler followed with a knee strike to the face for the pinfall win. Natalya had a tantrum after the match. 

Caruso interviewed Corbin. He told her that he proved that he was willing to do whatever it took to win last night. He also said Mysterio and Black were lucky for the secondary roof. She asked if he had what it took to take on McIntyre. Corbin said of course. Brock Lesnar didn't make McIntyre the champion that he is today, Corbin did that himself by taking McIntyre under his wing. Corbin would show the world what makes him king. 

Main event segment 

Edge came out. He didn’t live in a world of “what ifs” and after the Royal Rumble, he decided he wanted to end his career on his terms. He thought about what was next. Edge saw the promo last week advertising him hunting Randy Orton. Edge said that was news to him. He got his pound of flesh at WrestleMania and was ready to move on. 

Orton (in his gear) interrupted. Orton had one thing to say to him: “Congratulations. At WrestleMania, the better man won.” Orton’s music hit and he began to leave. However, Orton stopped and went back in the ring. He chuckled and said he couldn’t do it. It was true that the better “man” won at Mania, but the better wrestler didn’t. 

Orton claimed that Edge hid behind 29 other men at the Rumble, then won a last man standing match at Mania, a match that Edge chose. Orton didn’t get up at the ten count, but it also didn’t take him nine years to get to his feet. In Orton’s opinion, the matches at the Rumble and Mania weren’t exactly traditional wrestling matches. 

Orton noted that it’s been a long time since Edge actually laced up his boots for a real match. He didn’t think Edge had what it took anymore. Orton noted the look of doubt in his eyes. All of his grit and passion didn’t compare to Orton’s natural ability, nor will it knock off the ring rust. His grit and passion wouldn’t help him now. 

Orton recalled Edge once saying that he was one of the best ever and a future hall of famer. Orton said this story writes itself, if Edge had the guts. Orton challenged him to a “straight-up wrestling match” at Backlash. 

Caruso asked Edge for a response but he didn’t say anything. Caruso said if this match did happen, it could be the greatest ever. Orton stared at Edge who appeared to be showing some doubt as they went off the air.