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WWE Raw live results: Money in the Bank fallout

The Miz will also respond to Logan Paul's SummerSlam challenge.

Date: July 4, 2022
Location: Pechanga Arena in San Diego, CA 

Show Recap --

Corey Graves welcomed us to Raw by saying, “the WWE Universe is still buzzing in the wake of a landscape-altering Money in the Bank premium live event.”

Jimmy Smith is on vacation so Kevin Patrick joined Graves and Byron Saxton on commentary.

Tonight on Raw: Asuka faces Becky Lynch in a No Holds Barred match, Rey and Dominik Mysterio will face Finn Bálor and Damian Priest, and Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits face Theory and Alpha Academy.

Lashley entered to a big ovation. He said he’s been waiting a long time for this and he couldn’t be more proud to be the new United States Champion here on Independence Day. He said there was no man in any other division — or any other promotion — that could beat him for this title.

Theory interrupted. Theory wondered why Lashley got to kick off Raw and called himself the youngest Mr. Money in the Bank in history. Theory received “What” chants as he compared himself to Michael Jordan and Tom Brady. Lashley called him an arrogant jackass.

Theory said he was going straight to the top. He was getting a US title rematch against Lashley at SummerSlam and that was just the beginning. He mentioned the Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar last man standing match (and said it would be their last-ever match) and when they were done beating the hell out of each other, he would cash in and become the champion.

Lashley said Theory would be lucky to make it to SummerSlam. Theory attacked him with the briefcase but Lashley fought him off and gave him a spinebuster.


Megan Morant interviewed Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Dominik called the Judgment Day disrespectful and said there’s no one he’d rather learn from than his father. Rey said it’s been ten years since he wrestled in San Diego and it was his son’s first match in their hometown. Rey said they’d teach Bálor and Priest some respect in the 619. 

Rey & Dominik Mysterio defeated Finn Bálor & Damian Priest via disqualification (approx. 9:15)

Bálor and Priest attacked the Mysterios during their entrance which led to break. The match was underway after a break and the Mysterios were in full control. Priest made a blind tag and blocked a 619 attempt by Dominik before chucking him into the barricade which led to another break (just two and a half minutes after the previous break).

Rey made a hot tag immediately following the break and brought Priest down with a clunky tilt-a-whirl DDT. Rey followed with a seated senton but Bálor broke up the cover so Dominik knocked him down with a kick. Dominik assisted Rey in bringing down Priest with a hurricanrana for two.

The Mysterios hit 619s to both Priest and Bálor. Rey went for a frog splash but Bálor got his knees up and transitioned into a cradle for a nearfall. Priest slid a chair into the ring and distracted the referee. Bálor used the chair to shove Dominik aside.

Rey saw the chair and took a bump before Bálor could use it (the Eddie Guerrero spot). The ref saw Bálor with the chair and disqualified him. The crowd was into the Mysterios and they popped big for the finish.


They announced Logan Paul’s signing before Morant interviewed the Miz. Miz was proud of Paul for constantly grabbing the headlines. Miz warned him that WWE was a different animal and didn’t want him to make the same mistakes he did.

Miz advised Paul to withdraw his challenge and join him so they can win the tag titles. If he didn’t, Miz would be relentless and Paul would be humbled. (Miz did his very fake tough guy act when he said this.)

Morant mentioned that Miz quit on his match against AJ Styles last week. Miz said he didn’t quit and Morant reminded him that this all started when Styles mentioned his tiny balls. Miz cut her off to once again let us know he has huge balls. 


The Street Profits hosted a Fourth of July party earlier today. Riddle, Doudrop, Shelton Benjamin and a bunch of unknowns were among the guests. Alpha Academy barged in and Chad Gable reminded the Profits that they lost on Saturday. Montez Ford mocked Gable so Otis warned him not to disrespect an Olympic hero. Angelo Dawkins reminded them that Ford served in the marines.

Dawkins and Otis also argued over who could eat more hot dogs so Ford put them in a hot dog eating contest.


Bálor and Priest attacked the Mysterios in the back. (I didn’t mention it earlier but Bálor wrestled in long pants.) 

AJ Styles defeated The Miz (6:21)

Styles entered 10 minutes before his match actually started. They went to break a minute into the match after Styles hit a springboard forearm outside the ring.

Styles took most of the match and won with the Phenomenal forearm.

— Ciampa attacked Styles after the match. Styles fought him off and was about to hit Styles Clash but Miz grabbed him from behind and hit Skull Crushing Finale. Miz and Ciampa shook hands and they left together.


There was a video package of Liv Morgan winning the MITB contract before cashing in on Ronda Rousey.

Liv Morgan segment 

Morgan entered to a big ovation and “you deserve chants.” She thanked them and yelled, “we deserve it!” She was proud to be the new Smackdown Women’s Champion. All of her dreams came true thanks to one unbelievable night at MITB.

Morgan won against six of the best women in WWE in the hardest battle of her life and it was the fans who got her through it. The fans have stayed with her on her journey every step of the way, believing in her no matter what. They gave her the confidence she needed to win MITB and cash in the same night against Ronda Rousey. “This isn’t just for me. The championship is for all of us.”

Natalya interrupted. She said Morgan should be thanking her. Natalya and her sharpshooter was the only reason that she was able to cash in. Natalya didn’t want a ‘thank you,’ though, she wanted the Women’s championship.

Morgan wasn’t surprised to see Natalya. Morgan said she’d see her on Smackdown and if she wanted a title match, she knew where to find her.

Carmella interrupted. She told them to go back to Smackdown. She mocked Natalya for just standing there instead of smacking Morgan just like she did to Bianca Belair.

Morgan reminded Carmella that she lost to Belair. Morgan dared Carmella to make her leave. Carmella and Natalya attacked Morgan until Belair made the save.

(I thought Morgan did well in her promo but the rest of this was standard WWE TV booking.)


Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan & Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Natalya & Carmella (approx. 10:49)

Natalya put Morgan in a sharpshooter but Belair provided her braid as a rope so that Morgan could pull herself into the corner. Belair tagged in and worked over Natalya but Carmella had made a blind tag and she kicked Belair’s head into the ring post.

After a break, Belair fought off her opponents to make a hot tag. Morgan hit Natalya with a Codebreaker but Carmella broke up the cover so Morgan hit her with one too. Natalya followed with a discus clothesline but Belair broke up that cover. Belair caught Carmella’s dive attempt but Carmella slipped out and drove Belair into the ring post.

Morgan knocked Carmella off the apron before Natalya tried a roll-up for two. Morgan followed with an Oblivion for the pinfall win. (Belair quickly recovered from getting posted and entered the ring to celebrate with Morgan.)


Back at the Fourth of July party. Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander stole Veer Mahaan’s plate of food so he chased after them. MVP tried to reason with Omos and downplay his MITB loss. There was some 24/7 stuff that resulted in Omos chucking Reggie from the party.

Ford and Dawkins spoke with Ezekiel who accidentally sprayed ketchup on Seth Rollins and his white outfit. Rollins acted serious, did his goofy laugh, and got serious again. He left. Ford and Dawkins were amused by the whole thing but Ezekiel looked worried.


The mysterious video package from MITB aired again.

Seth Rollins defeated Ezekiel (10:15)

Ezekiel got a ton of offence but Rollins won with the curb stomp.

Ezekiel press slammed Rollins into the timekeeper’s area which led to break. Ezekiel hit a fallaway slam, consecutive Stinger splashes and a spinebuster for two. Rollins blocked another splash and drove him into the turnbuckle but Ezekiel came back with a knee strike for two, a Drift Away for two and a sit-out powerbomb for two. Ezekiel followed with a few cradle attempts until Rollins finally hit the stomp for the pinfall win.

— Rollins went back into the ring after the match and set up for another stomp but Riddle flew in from out of nowhere and hit him with an RKO. The crowd popped big for that.


Otis (23) ate more hot dogs than Dawkins (22) but Akira Tozawa (48) was declared the winner. Tozawa acted like he wanted to puke. Theory showed up to remind Alpha Academy that they have a match tonight. 


Lashley entered and his match started 12 minutes later.

Six-man tag match: US Champion Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits defeated Theory & Alpha Academy (10:04)

Lashley and Ford did in-sync delayed vertical suplexes before Dawkins wiped out all three opponents with a dive. The heels were in control anyway after a break.

Lashley made a hot tag which caused Theory to sprint to his corner and tag in Gable. Lashley dropped Gable with a flatliner while Dawkins launched Theory over the announce desk with a pounce. The crowd enjoyed that. Lashley gave Gable a powerslam but Otis broke up the cover.

Otis sold like he had a stomach ache as he tried fighting everyone off. Lashley speared him and Ford followed with a frog splash. Gable gave Ford a Chaos Theory suplex before hitting Lashley with a moonsault for two. Lashley responded with a spear for the pinfall win.

Otis puked in the ring after the match and they showed a slow-motion replay.


Morant wished Otis well before interviewing Becky Lynch. Lynch said nobody cared about Otis and said he doesn’t get to share her spotlight just because he ate too many hot dogs. Lynch was mad as hell. Ever since Asuka returned, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. She said Asuka wasn’t ready for no holds barred Becky. 


They showed another replay of Otis puking. They also plugged NXT.


R-Truth entered dressed as Uncle Sam. He led the crowd in sincere applause for the troops before thanking them for saving us from the alien invasion in 1996’s Independence Day.

This was interrupted by Ludwig Kaiser on the stage who did a big introduction for Gunther.

Truth led the crowd in USA chants. Gunter smacked Truth’s hat off his head.

Non-title match: Intercontinental Champion Gunther (w/Ludwig Kaiser) defeated R-Truth (0:54)

Gunther won quickly after a lariat and powerbomb.


Alexa Bliss told Sarah Schreiber that she was happy for Morgan. However, it’s been too long since she’s held anything in WWE aside from Lilly. She wanted to go after Belair and thought it might be cute for Lilly to have a matching title belt. Asuka jumped in to inform Bliss that she planned on becoming the next champion.

The mysterious video played again. There was also a video package for Reigns/Lesnar.


10:40pm - Becky Lynch enters.
10:41pm - Commercial break.
10:44pm - SummerSlam Twitter contest details.
10:45pm - Asuka enters.
10:46pm - Replay of Asuka’s return two months ago.
10:47pm - Main event begins.
10:50pm - Commercial break.
10:53pm - Main event resumes. 

No Holds Barred match: Becky Lynch defeated Asuka (11:42)

Lynch entered before a commercial break and she used the time to pull a table and chairs out from under the ring. Asuka entered with a trash can.

Asuka dropkicked Lynch into a chair that Lynch had wedged between the ropes before giving her a bulldog on a chair. Lynch fought her off and gave her a fallaway slam onto a pile of chairs outside the ring. Lynch held up a chair but Asuka drove her through the barricade with a running hip attack.

After a break, Asuka gave Lynch a superplex onto a pile of chairs for a two count. Asuka placed the trash can over Lynch’s body and struck with kicks and a missile dropkick for two. The crowd chanted for tables so Asuka grabbed one but Lynch knocked her down.

Asuka tried to spray Lynch with mist but Lynch held up the umbrella that Asuka brought into the ring. Asuka knocked her down anyway with a back fist.

They went to the top and Lynch hit a Man-handle slam through a table for the pinfall win.

The announcers played it up like Lynch’s slump was over.