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WWE Raw live results: The night after WrestleMania


The Big Takeaway: Kurt Angle was named the new Commissioner of Raw. Stephanie McMahon is out for the forseeable futue after falling through a table at WrestleMania. Vince McMahon announced a "superstar shakeup" for next week, which means the rosters of SmackDown and Raw will undergo changes. Everyone on the broadcast was careful not to use the word "draft" in referring to next week. There was no format given as to how this shakeup will take place. Finn Balor returned in the main event, teaming with Seth Rollins to defeat Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. The Revival debuted beating the New Day. The repackaged Emma made her long-awaited wrestling debut. And the Hardy Boyz made their first appearance as a team on Raw since 2008. 

Show Recap:

The show opened with clips of the Undertaker-Reigns match, as well as the Undertaker's final curtain call. The package faded out with the fans chanting "Undertaker," then the live show started with fans continuing the chant for him for nearly two minutes. It was quite an amazing scene. That chant eventually turned into "Roman sucks," and Reigns' music started. He got booed into Ft. Lauderdale. 

Fans chanted "delete" at him. Reigns just stood there and let them get it out of their system for a few minutes. But they were only getting going as they started a "you suck" chant. Every time he started to put the microphone towards his mouth, they booed him. So he lowered it down and more negative chants would start. This went on for over ten minutes without Reigns saying a word. They chanted "Go away, shut the **** up." 

Reigns only said "This is my yard now," dropped the microphone and left to more boos. As simple as segment as you can have. 

Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves then delivered the traditional Post-WrestleMania Raw crowd disclaimer, telling the casual viewers that the fans tonight would be unlike anything they see all year. Graves had to pretend what we just saw was unusual, with the fans booing people they usually cheer. He said that with a straight face.

Raw Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships (10:31) 

Crowd chanted "Brother Nero" at Jeff. Matt used the Side Effect on Karl Anderson for a near fall. Matt got the heat, taking a scissor kick from Anderson. Jeff got the hot tag. Fans chanted "delete" with every blow landed. Jeff ran off the ring steps for poety in motion onto Luke Gallows outside the ring. Jeff tried for the Swanton, but Anderson crotched him. That led to Gallows hitting the Boot of Doom for a near fall. They attempted the Magic Killer, but Matt tripped Anderson. Jeff gave Gallows the Twist of Fate. Matt hit another Twist of Fate, Jeff nailed the swanton and Matt pinned Gallows. 

Neville came out bragging about his win over Austin Aries. He said on 205 Live tomorrow night, he was going to have a proper celebration. He said tonight, he wanted to remind everyone what he's become, someone unstoppable and unbeatable. Mustafa Ali interrupted him. 

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville defeated Mustafa Ali in a nontitle match (10:24) 

Ali nailed Neville with a spin kick and came off the second rope with a moonsault to the floor. Neville came back with a Manhattan Drop and threw Ali over the top rope. Fans got distracted after a commercial break and there were fans at ringside along the hard camera who turned their backs to the match. Fans chanted "Beach Ball Mania," which forced Cole to acknowledge what was going on. It was too bad because Neville and Ali were having a good match, with Neville using a Saito Suplex and a clothesline. Ali turned the tables with a gorgeous Spanish Fly. Ali hit a reverse frankensteiner and a satellite DDT, but Neville got his foot on the ropes. Ali went for the Inverted 450 but missed. Neville teased the Red Arrow, but sensing the fans wanted to see that, he jumped down to make sure he didn't give them the satisfaction. Instead, he got the tap out with the Rings of Saturn. 

Vince McMahon got out of a limo in the back. 

Vince came out with the fans singing his theme song. It's like he's the Sandman in 1997 ECW. He got a total bayface reaction, then got "Roman sucks" chants. You want to talk about no selling something? Vince shrugged it off, then thanked the fans for being so passionate. Next week, they will have a "superstar shakeup." He didn't use the term draft. He replayed Stephanie McMahon being knocked off the apron through a table by HHH. Vince said Stephanie will be out of action for some time. When Vince said she was almost broken in half, they chanted louder. Vince called the fans bloodthirsty and cruel. Vince said since the Commissioner is out of action, it's time to name a new one. Vince said he was just inducted into the Hall of Fame. Crowd sensed it was going to be Kurt Angle. 

Teddy Long ran out instead and started dancing. Vince ordered his music to stop playing and said it wasn't him. Teddy couldn't believe it. He said "Well, my bad." Then he smiled and said "Holla, holla, holla." Vince said here comes the new GM of Raw. No one came out. Then Vince said it was Angle and the place roared with "you suck" chants. Vince shook his hand and said "Congratulations. You better do a great job." 

Fans told Angle "welcome back" as he said "It's great to be back on Monday Night Raw. It's true, it's damn true." 

Next out was the New Day. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston wore spiked shoulder pads like a pastoral Road Warriors. Big E. said WrestleMania was so thrilling, all of the blood flowed from his head to his...Kingston and Woods didn't let him finish. Kingston said they were glad to host a record-setting event for "you people," but they were upset they didn't get a chance to wrestle. Woods issued an open challenge to any team that think they're good enough to "catch this cream." 

The Revival came out to a huge pop.

The Revival defeated the New Day (8:02) 

Scott Dawson gave Woods the Divorce Court. On commentary, Graves saluted to Jim Cornette, taking word-for-word the slogan he used to introduce that move when Stan Lane used it in 1986 NWA Wrestling: "that move doesn't separate your shoulder from your arm socket. It divorces it." Dawson worked on Woods' left arm. Big E took a hard bump to the floor after a missed charge. Woods made a blind tag beforehand and knocked down Dawson. But Big E. wasn't in the corner for the tag. Woods ran right into the shatter machine, leading to Dash Wilder getting the pin. 

Postmatch, Dash and Dawson went after Kingston. Dawson dropped a knee across Kingston's leg. Kingston sold like he had just torn his ACL and the entire New day was left laying.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass met with Angle backstage. When Enzo asked how Angle was doing, Angle said he was great because he just got inducted into the Hall of Fame. Amore said they weren't doing too good. Amore said Angle wasn't the only one with gold around his neck. Amore said he had $30,000 around his neck, but Cass said they didn't have any gold around their waists. Amore wondered why the Hardys were even in the match last night, and why is Goofy treated like a human but Pluto is treated like a dog? Crowd laughed like hell. Angle, who barely understood what they were talking about, ordered them to face Sheamus and Cesaro in a #1 contenders match. Cass did the "S-A-W-F-T, soft" line, and Angle muttered to himself, "That's not how you spell soft." 

Bayley, Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke defeated Charlotte, Emma and Nia Jax via submission (9:08) 

Emma finally debuted, playing a psycho heel and walking on the commentator's table during her entrance. Crowd sang for Bayley like the fans in Scotland last September that hijacked an interminable interview segment. Bayley tried to do go arounds on a flattened opponent like she was Austin Aries, but she moved like she was under water.  Sasha Banks did the double knee on Charlotte, followed by satellite head scissors and knees to the midsection off the second rope. Dana Brooke and Banks gave Nia Jax a double dropkick that missed by a foot. Jax went to the floor. Charlotte went for Natural Selection, but Banks escapd and clamped on the Bank Statement for the submission. 

Postmatch, Charlotte pushed Emma and Jax, screaming at both of them. Jax slammed Charlotte as Emma bailed. Jax dropped a big elbow on Charlotte and got some cheers as she left. 

Angle talked with Sami Zayn backstage. Zayn talked Angle's ears off about how he had a great relationship with Mick Foley and wanted to have the same relationship with Angle. He was concerned about being sent to SmackDown Live, and he was weary about working for Shane McMahon because the McMahon's don't like him. Angle said that Zayn possessed each of the three "i"s. Zayn started to leave. Angle had this look on his face like Zayn was the biggest dork, but Zayn turned around and talked some more. Jinder Mahal walked in mad about being thrown out of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal by that intruder, Gronk. Rob Gronkowski's name didn't get a pop at all. Mahal and Zayn started arguing. Angle loked exasperated and ordered a match between the two tonight. 

Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out. Heyman introduced Lesnar as the new Universal Champion. Heyman said Lesnar authorized him to be a little more personal tonight, and allowed him to tell them a story that he tells his kids at bedtime. Once upon a time, there was a superhero who valued honesty, tradition. One day this superhero took his spear and jackhammer and decided to go into town. And this superhero's name was Goldberg. He was the baddest man in the village. Lesnar stopped Heyman and whispered into Heyman's ear. Goldberg took a left turn into South Central Suplex City, where honesty and honor aren't respected. What happened to our hero when he went to Suplex City? He got his ass kicked by the Beast. 

Heyman said this fairy tale has a happily ever after. And it's you won't be seeing Goldberg around here anymore. Crowd cheered and chanted "yes." Heyman said "thank you Taker and thank you Brock." Heyman said that leaves Lesnar looking for new challenges and new challengers. Heyman brought up Seth Rollins after his win over HHH, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy (that was Goldberg's first WWE program), or both Hardys. Heyman said Lesnar is the disruptor of the status quo, which is why it's time to talk about the 2 in "23-2." Because history demands that those 2 go one-on-one to determine whose yard this really is. Heyman said Reigns had been barking around orders around the dressing room like he's the big dog. Fans chanted for Finn Balor instead. Fans booed every mention of Reigns. Heyman said if Reigns is the Big Dog, then Lesnar is Animal Creulty. Heyman said Lesnar wanted to give the fans something they would never forget tonight.

Braun Strowman interrupted Heyman. He and Lesnar had a staredown. Strowman said Reigns may have Lesnar's attention, but when he's finished with Reigns', maybe he'll have Lesnar's attention. Because Lesnar certainly has his attention. Strowman gave Lesnar a shove. They had a staredown. Lesnar put his Universal Championship down in the middle of the ring and dared Strowman to walk over it. Instead, Strowman stepped back and left.  

Charly Caruso introduced Chris Jericho, who will face Kevin Owens for the U.S. Championship at Pay Back in four weeks. Jericho said this is one of his favorite nights of the year. He said "beach ball mania is running wild, brother." Jericho said this was his crowd from Mexico "the Amigos of Jericho," to the U.K. "the mates of Jericho," to the Japan with the "Kanji of Jericho." Jericho said the first piece of his revenge would be the tip of Owens' finger. That was what beat him last night when he put his finger on the ropes to escape the Code Breaker. Jericho asked "Do you know what happens tip of Kevin Owens' finger?" He held up the list and put the tip of Owens finger on it. 

Owens jumped Jericho right after that. They had a brawl backstage where Samoa Joe ran in to double team Jericho. Owens power bombed Jericho through a table with camera cables on it. 

Jericho was taken out of the main event, where he was slated to tag with Rollins against Owens and Joe. So now Rollins will have a mystery partner. 

Cesaro and Sheamus defeated Enzo Amore and Big Cass to become the #1 contenders for the Raw Tag Team Championships (9:35)

Cole mentioned Sheamus suffering 16 stitches on his back last week at the hands of Anderson and Gallows. Amore wore trunk that were a replica of the Orlando Magic uniform. Sheamus and Cass had a sequence of mistimed spots. Sheamus tried a spin kick into the corner but it didn't hit right. Then Sheamus slipped climbing to the top rope. Cass press slammed Enzo onto Sheamus and Cesaro. After a commercial, Amore blocked Sheamus' attempt at White Noise and hit a DDT. Fans started singing for Cesaro at this point. Cesaro tagged in and gave Enzo an eight-rep Giant Swing, then placed him in the Sharpshooter. Cass ran in with a big boot to Cesaro and Sheamus and Enzo tagged him. Cass got some boos. Cass gave Cesaro the Empire Elbow and a Big Boot. They set up the Bada Boom Shaka Laka, but Sheamus gave Cass the Brogue Kick. Sheamus tossed Enzo into a Cesaro Uppercut, and Cesaro got the pin. Sheamus was bleeding above his right eye. 

Cole acknowledged the potential end of the Undertaker's careere. Various tweets from HHH, Ric Flair, Trish Stratus, Mick Foley and even Reigns congratulating Taker on his career were shown. 

Sami Zayn defeated Jinder Mahal (2:00)

Mahal jumped Zayn before the match started and threw him around ringside. Zayn blocked chops in the corner, hit the exploder into the turnbuckles and got the Helluva Kick. 

Balor was the surprise partner of Rollins to a huge response. Being in Orlando helped the atmosphere of Balor's return ring entrance as everyone raised their arms in unison during his music. 

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor defeated Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe (12:10) 

Crowd started an "NXT" chant as Balor and Owens did some spots. Balor did a dropkick and climbed the ropes for the Coupe de Grace, but Owens rolled out of the ring. Balor ran around the ring and gave Owens a dropkick. Rollins did a tope on Owens, then did a somersault tope onto Joe and Owens. He overshot both men on that last one. Owens and Joe worked over Rollins' injured knee as the fans started to do the wave. Joe missed a 2nd senton on Rollins. Joe attempted the Coquina Clutch, but Rollins sent Joe's face into the ropes and tagged Balor. Owens attempted the Pop-Up Power Bomb and hit a Sling Blade. Joe ran in trying to give Balor the Coquina Clutch, but Rollins caught Joe with a springboard knee. Owens nailed Rollins with a superkick, but Balor dropkicked Owens, then followed with the Coupe de Grace for the pin.