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WWE Raw live results: SummerSlam fallout


Date: August 12, 2019
Location: Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Sasha Banks returned. She beat up Natalya, then took out Becky Lynch who tried to make the save. 

There will be a 16-man King of the Ring tournament starting next week (with eight guys from each brand).

Show Recap -- 

After a video recap of his Universal title win, Seth Rollins came out to start the show. The announcers said nobody gave Rollins a chance besides himself. 

Rollins said he went into last night’s match not knowing if he had what it took. He admitted that he wasn’t as confident as he should have been and added that Brock Lesnar is definitely a beast. The crowd lightly chanted “beast slayer.” Rollins said he emptied the tank and when he had nothing left, the fans came alive and brought him to a level he couldn’t have reached on his own. 

He realized at that moment that he had what it took it to beat Lesnar and he is now standing here as Universal champion. AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson interrupted. 

Styles congratulated Rollins on behalf of the OC. Styles told him that he doesn’t have to worry about Lesnar anymore, but he does have to worry about Styles. Styles challenged Rollins to a match to prove that he was a better champion. The crowd chanted “Yes.” 

Rollins said he used to respect Styles, but doesn’t anymore. Rollins wasn’t one to back down from a fight despite the shape he was in and accepted the challenge. Styles offered a handshake but Rollins didn’t accept. Gallows and Anderson left the ring and Styles offered it again, so Rollins shook his hand. The OC teased jumping him but didn’t. The crowd chanted for Styles. (Not a typo.) 

Backstage, the Street Profits, wearing Toronto Blue Jays hoodies, promoted the match. Angelo Dawkins wasn’t excited because he was dehydrated from the SummerSlam afterparty. Sami Zayn showed up and warned them that they may be excited now that they’re new, but the longer they’re here, the parasite fans will drain the life out of them. 

Zayn made some good points, suggesting that Rollins used to be cool but now just panders to the fans. Zayn loved Becky Lynch and her rise as “The Man” felt natural but has now become manufactured. The Street Profits asked if that happens to everyone, even a guy like Samoa Joe. 

Zayn said yes and started to rip on Joe, not realizing Joe was standing behind him. Joe said he would give Zayn a chance to prove that he was more than Kevin Owens’ waterboy and shoved him down. 

They announced a King of the Ring tournament for next week’s Raw. Guys like Ricochet, Ali, Andrade, Cesaro, Apollo Crews, and Joe were shown. 

Samoa Joe defeated Sami Zayn (0:47) 

Joe won almost immediately with the Coquina Clutch. The crowd loved Joe. 

Joe cut a heel promo afterwards. He forgave Roman Reigns for pointing the finger at him, but he did not forgive the fans for thinking he would do that to anyone. He said he would never forgive them. 

The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler 

A downtrodden Dolph Ziggler sauntered out in his street clothes (including an Asuka & Kairi Sane t-shirt under his sport coat). The crowd chanted “Goldberg” at him. 

Ziggler said Miz couldn’t have beaten him at SummerSlam which is why he sent Goldberg after him, and now after getting speared three times, he wasn’t medically cleared. He said “Miz screwed Miz.” Ziggler was about to leave, then ran after Miz and attacked him from behind, not selling a thing. The match began during a break. Ziggler wrestled in jeans and a t-shirt. 

Miz made a comeback which included Yes kicks. Ziggler avoided a charge and Miz went shoulder-first into the post, then Ziggler hit a Zig-Zag for a nearfall. Miz applied the Figure Four and Ziggler almost got the ropes, but Miz pulled him to the middle of the ring and Ziggler tapped out. 

Like last night, Ziggler cut a promo while writhing around in pain. He said Maryse was a better wrestler than Miz. As Ziggler got to his feet, Miz caught him from behind with a Skull Crushing Finale (Ziggler was still talking as Miz was applying the move, which was funny). 

Charly Caruso was about to interview Becky Lynch backstage, but Lynch grabbed a mic and cut a promo into the camera. She had respect for Natalya. She said she would go after anyone who did her wrong and wasn’t here to make friends. She advised the other women to come after her, or she would come after them. She thanked “Chuck” and handed the mic back to her. 

Elias was in the ring. He said a Hall of Famer interrupted him last night and he was getting used to it. He knew what the deal was and invited whoever wanted to interrupt him next to enter. Nobody showed. Elias gave them to a count of three but nobody showed. Elias figured this meant he could perform uninterrupted. He started playing, then Ricochet interrupted. 

Ricochet said people don’t interrupt him because it’s the cool thing to do, they do it because he sucks. Elias said he wasn’t going to take advice on what’s cool from someone who dressed like a comic book character. 

Ricochet defeated Elias (3:37) 

They messed up what might’ve been a headscissors takedown attempt. The crowd booed. Ricochet responded with an enziguri. Ricochet went for a dive but Elias simply sidestepped him and he splatted against the mats. Elias grabbed a guitar and as the referee yelled at him, Ricochet kicked him in the head. Ricochet followed with a rollup for the pinfall win. 

The announcers loudly noted that Elias’ shoulder was off the mat and they showed a replay. Elias saw the replay and complained but it led to nothing, probably because it wasn’t planned. This was a mess. 

There’s a fan in the second row watching the show wearing a Bray Wyatt mask and a hoodie. 

[Second hour] 

They announced SummerSlam in Boston next year. The crowd booed. 

2-out-of-3 falls match: Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) defeated Rey Mysterio in two straight falls (5:23) 

Mysterio went for a 619 but Vega grabbed his leg. Andrade then pinned him with his feet on the ropes (and Vega providing an assist) to win the first fall in 23 seconds. 

Mysterio went for a springboard powerbomb or something but they mistimed it and Andrade landed right on his head. Mysterio later went for a frog splash but Andrade got his knees up, then hit the hammerlock DDT for the pinfall win. Andrade won 2-0. The crowd seemed deflated by this. 

Steve Austin interview 

Steve Austin joined via Skype. Michael Cole asked him about Rollins. Austin was impressed with Rollins for digging deep and said the match itself was badass. Austin said he knows who Seth Rollins is now. Austin said Rollins relied on the crowd to get him going, which is something they all did. He called Rollins’ win badass again. 

Cole thanked him and wished him luck on the premiere of his new show. Austin said “hell yeah” and that was that. This was lame. Also, the audio quality was bad. 

An emotional Rey Mysterio told Caruso that he’s never lost two falls in a row like that. He didn’t know what to say, other than he has a family to support. Caruso wondered what he was getting at. Mysterio mentioned his family again and walked away. 

Elsewhere, Montez Ford wanted Mysterio to keep his head up. He then tried to wake up Dawkins, who passed out. He perked up slightly when Ford mentioned Nikki Cross. Dawkins then downed a jug of water as the crowd chanted “chug, chug, chug.” 

Drew McIntyre defeated Cedric Alexander (8:39) 

Corey Graves mentioned The Rock putting over McIntyre as a star and said McIntyre took that heart. McIntyre did a Razor’s Edge into the turnbuckle and followed later with an overhead belly-to-belly for two. Alexander fought back and hit an enziguri. Alexender then hit a tornado DDT for two. McIntyre followed with a swinging side slam off the middle rope for a nearfall. 

McIntyre chopped him on the outside, then Alexander posted him and hit the Lumbar Check. Alexender slipped back in the ring and went for a suicide dive, but McIntyre caught him and suplexed him on the bottom of the ramp. McIntyre set up for the Claymore Kick but Alexender wasn’t getting up. 

McIntyre went after him, then Alexander caught him in a small package for two. Alexander then hit a Spanish Fly for a nearfall. The crowd popped big for that. Alexander got another two count on a rollup, then McIntyre killed him to death with a Claymore Kick for the pinfall win. Alexander did a flip on the Claymore. The crowd popped for that as well. This was good. 

The OC had a meeting backstage. There wasn’t much to this other than Styles wondering how many chances Rollins would get against Lesnar considering he’s only had one. He then did the too sweet thing while calling his buddies “mother lovers.” 

Paul Heyman was shown entering Lesnar’s dressing room. 

Robert Roode defeated No Way Jose (1:20) 

Roode won quickly with a spinebuster and Glorious DDT. The crowd only barely cared about this. Graves said Roode was the best thing about Toronto, a city populated by cement mixers (which is true). Renee Young got defensive and mocked Graves’ hometown of Pittsburgh. 

Caruso interviewed Heyman. He was upset. He mocked her, then said WWE has announced that Lesnar will not get a rematch against Rollins. Heyman was speechless. He went back into the room. 

The Revival NC Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik (w/Kalisto) (1:26)

During the match, R-Truth’s music hit and he sprinted toward the ring with Carmella. Carmella tripped Drake Maverick who ran after them. A bunch of others were there, and the ref stopped the match once Truth hit the ring. Lucha House Party took out a few guys with dives. Revival then hit Truth with a Hart Attack and pinned him at the same time to become co-champions. 

This didn’t last long because they were taken out by Kalisto. Dash Wilder pulled Kalisto from the ring, then Carmella pulled Truth over Scott Dawson to win the title back. Truth and Carmella ran away. The crowd chanted “Drake” as Maverick followed slowly behind. In the back, Elias clocked Truth with a guitar and pinned him to win the belt. 

[Third Hour] 

Natalya / Sasha Banks segment 

Natalya came out in dressy clothes and had her arm in a sling. Natalya said Lynch was the better wrestler last night. Natalya wasn’t about to take back anything and meant every word she said about Lynch. She said her and Lynch would do this again someday. 

She wanted to share something with the crowd. She remembered her dad telling her that he was proud of her. Today marked a year since her dad died. She hung her head, then Sasha Banks’ music hit. Cole exploded in excitement (seconds after Natalya mentioned the death of her father). Graves yelled about how disrespectful Banks was. 

Banks hugged Natalya. She was about to go for a mic, then turned around and decked Natalya. Banks ripped off her purple wig to reveal blue hair. She hammered away at Natalya and drove her arm-first into the buckle. Banks hit a double knee strike, then slammed Natalya into the steel steps. The crowd chanted “Thank you, Sasha.” 

As Banks put the boots to Natalya, Lynch ran out to make the save. They brawled as the crowd cheered. Banks grabbed a chair and nailed Lynch repeatedly. The crowd is now booing her. Officials ran out but Banks hit her a few more times away. Graves and Cole yelled at each other. 

Banks slapped Lynch and drove her into the steps. (The announcers went silent for a moment so hopefully somebody told them to shut up.) Banks left as the officials checked on Lynch. 

This was a good segment outside of them using Jim Neidhart’s death to get sympathy at Natalya. It was very obvious what they were doing and the crowd responded in kind. 

The Viking Raiders defeated Carter Mason & Sebastian Suave (1:43) 

Mason and Suave both wrestle locally under those names. Viking Raiders beat them quickly with the Viking Experience. 

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross told Caruso that they were fighting champions, unlike the chatty IIconics. Cross thanked Bliss for her success and Bliss was moved. Bliss said when it was them against the world, they got results. 

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeated Asuka & Kairi Sane to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships (8:44) 

They aired a message from Paige who missed Raw because she needs another neck surgery. 

Asuka and Sane were in control before a break. Cross and Bliss were in control after the break. Asuka came in on a hot tag and hit Cross with strikes and knocked Bliss off the apron. Asuka followed with Yes kicks, a shining wizard and a German suplex. 

Bliss made a blind tag and hit a DDT but Sane broke up the cover. Asuka fought back against both opponents, taken them down with a neckbreaker/bulldog combo. Sane tagged in and went up for the Insane Elbow but Cross rolled to the outside, so Sane caught her with a flying high cross instead. Sane then hit the Insane Elbow in the ring but Bliss broke up the cover. 

Outside the ring, Bliss dodged a kick by Asuka, who kicked the post, then Bliss drove her into the post. Back in the ring, Cross gave Sane a swinging neckbreaker and Bliss followed with Twisted Bliss for the pinfall win. Bliss and Cross retain. The crowd was dead silent for this. Even the fall didn’t get a reaction. The biggest pop was for Sane’s high cross. 

Backstage, Rollins cut a promo looking directly at the camera. Rollins said he did something Styles never could and that’s beat Lesnar — twice. He also already beat Styles and asked him if he forgot about Money in the Bank. Rollins would remind him who the real champion was. This was way better than his in-ring promo earlier. He should continue to cut promos like this. 

They aired a promo for KOTR. Chad Gable and Baron Corbin were also among the participants shown. 

Universal Champion Seth Rollins defeated U.S. Champion AJ Styles (w/Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) via DQ in a non-title match (9:19) 

Rollins was in control so Styles’ buddies helped him out of the ring. Rollins took out Gallows with a suicide dive and attacked Anderson, but of course, that allowed Styles to attack him and drive him into the edge of the ring. 

Styles was in control after a break. He set up for Styles Clash off the apron but Rollins countered and tripped him, planting him face-first on the apron. The OC helped Styles get back in the ring, then Rollins just barely beat the ten count. 

Styles used strikes but Rollins came back with a slingblade, rolling elbow strike and falcon arrow for two. Rollins dodged a Phenomenal forearm and nailed a superkick. Anderson distracted the referee and Gallows pushed Rollins off the top rope. The referee figured out what happened and tossed them from ringside. 

Rollins dodged a Pelé kick and hit a superkick. Anderson and Gallows then blatantly attacked Rollins for the DQ. 

As they put the boots to him, Ricochet made the save. Gallows caught him off the top rope and they took him out with the Boot of Doom. They chucked him from the ring like he was nothing and continued the beating on Rollins. 

Braun Strowman’s music hit and he charged out, taking out Gallows and Anderson with tackles. Styles attacked Strowman, but Strowman caught him with a powerslam. Strowman gave him another powerslam and posed for the crowd as Rollins kept his eye on him. 

Strowman grabbed the Universal title belt and handed it to Rollins. They shook hands. 

The crowd was happy to see Braun but they were mostly quiet for the match. With one more show to go, it appears Toronto has seen enough. Also, I didn’t mention it earlier, but any time they showed clips of the Roman Reigns stuff, the crowd booed.