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WWE Raw live results: SummerSlam go-home show


Date: August 5, 2019
Location: PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA 

The Big Takeaway -- 

A mystery person drove into Roman Reigns’ car with him inside of it, Seth Rollins got his ass kicked by Brock Lesnar again, Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross are the new Women’s tag champs, and Goldberg will face Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam.

Show Recap -- 

The roster stood on the stage for a moment of silence for El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. 

They aired a video intro for Raw to break up the moment. Samoa Joe then interrupted the intro to yell at the announcers. (The stage was clear.) Joe stood on the announce table and screamed about being falsely accused over what happened to Roman Reigns. He asked Michael Cole if he saw him anywhere near Reigns backstage on Smackdown. 

Corey Graves tried to reason with him, then Cole told him a poll indicated that more than 80-percent of the “WWE universe” thought what happened to Reigns was not an accident. Joe said more than 80-percent of the WWE universe were idiots. 

They aired a slick video package of what happened on Smackdown. Joe said there were plenty of cameras there, but not showed him being there. He said he would wait here all night for Reigns to arrive. He wanted an apology. 

Becky Lynch’s music played and she came out for her match. They announced that her match against Natalya at SummerSlam was now a submission match. 

Women’s Champion Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair defeated Natalya & Trish Stratus via DQ (7:09) 

The wrestlers entered before a break and the match began after the break. Natalya and Stratus both wore all black. Natalya applied an armbar on Lynch and Cole wondered if Lynch would tap out to her “own move.” Graves mentioned that the armbar was Ronda Rousey’s move. 

Lynch went for a Sharpshooter, then a Disarmer, but Charlotte tagged herself in. Natalya was in control until Charlotte cut her off with a big boot. Charlotte feigned a tag to Lynch and was booed when she pulled her hand back. The crowd then chanted for Lynch. 

Natalya eventually blocked a big boot and hit a discus clothesline. Charlotte yanked Natalya down by the hair as she went for a tag, then hit an Exploder. Lynch tagged herself in, so Charlotte decked her from behind, then left up the ramp. 

Natalya applied the Sharpshooter but Lynch got a rope break. Natalya refused to break so the referee called for the bell. Natalya kept the hold on until Stratus came into to stop her. Natalya shoved Stratus and left. So Stratus never got in the match. Lynch sold her leg as Stratus checked on her. 

Rey Mysterio defeated Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) (12:26) 

Andrade wore yellow and black here in Pittsburgh. Mysterio sent Andrade to the outside, then slid under the rope to hit a sunset flip powerbomb sending Andrade into the barricade. This led to a break 1 minute and 45 seconds into the match. 

After a break, Mysterio used a headscissors takedown to launch Andrade off the top. They replayed the powerbomb and Cole called it “vintage” Mysterio. Graves said it was actually an example of Mysterio reinventing himself. Mysterio hit a kick to the head for a two count, then followed that with a Code Red for another two. 

Andrade fought back with chops then got a nearfall after a back elbow. Andrade hit a double foot stomp with Mysterio hanging off the top rope for a nearfall. The crowd chanted “619” as Mysterio used a crucifix driver for two. Andrade countered a headscissors takedown with a powerbomb, then hit a running knee strike in the corner for two. 

Mysterio followed with a Canadian Destroyer for two, then followed with a 619. Mysterio went for a frog splash but Andrade got his knees up and rolled him up for two. Mysterio then used a small package for two. 

Andrade hit another powerbomb then went for Mysterio’s mask. As the referee yelled at Andrade, Vega yanked Mysterio down over the middle rope. Andrade followed with the hammerlock DDT for the pinfall win. Really good match. 

Kurt Angle will be a special referee tonight for Cedric Alexander vs. Drew McIntyre. They had an incredibly bad photoshop picture of Angle in a referee’s shirt. 

They aired footage of Maria and Mike at the OB-GYN office waiting room from earlier today (specifically — at 2pm). Maria bragged to the other patients about being a pregnant champ, then told Mike he had one job — to protect her, the baby, and the belt. They were called into the office. 

After a break, Maria and Mike were now with the doctor, who was washing her hands. They only showed her from behind. Mike wanted Maria to relax and gave her a kiss while covering her shoulders. The doctor was actually NXT referee Jessika Carr, and she counted the fall. Mike is the new champ. The crowd popped for that. 

Mike ran out of the office and celebrated being champion. R-Truth and Carmella were there in bad disguises. Truth said his water broke and pulled a toy baby out of his clothes and tossed it in the air. Mike tried to catch it for some reason, then Truth put him in schoolboy to win the title. 

Lynch was interviewed by Charly Caruso. Lynch said Natalya would let Canada down like she has her whole career. She mentioned Natalya complaining on social media about not getting the chances that Lynch got, but Lynch gave the machine no choice but to give her the opportunity. While Lynch stood on top of an arena bleeding with a broken face, Natalya was on a reality show changing her bikini and on social media perfecting her duckface. 

Lynch said she would give Toronto a new hero — herself. Lynch was really good here. They cut to Natalya who told Sarah Schrieber that Lynch can’t win, because even if she applies the Disarmer and breaks her arm, Natalya won’t tap. Natalya said she would take the title in Toronto. 

[Second hour]

Brock Lesnar / Seth Rollins segment 

Heyman said Lesnar wanted him to educate the audience. Heyman questioned all the talk about Seth Rollins being the beast slayer and the architect who would burn down Suplex City. They aired a long video package of Lesnar destroying Rollins. 

Heyman said he dropped to his knees and begged Lesnar to show mercy to Seth “freakin’” Rollins last week. Heyman knew that WWE needed a new hero and admitted that the beating Rollins received was borderline criminal. He found out some inside information moments ago, that Rollins was here in Pittsburgh. The crowd cheered and Lesnar was amused. 

Heyman wondered why they would cheer and said Rollins had more balls than brains. Rollins’ music hit and he eventually dragged himself out onto the stage using a steel chair as a crutch. Rollins wore street clothes, including a black baseball cap (so he wasn’t wearing his wrestling gear or any WWE merch). 

When Rollins eventually made it into the ring, he charged at Lesnar with the chair but Lesnar easily dropped him with a kick to the stomach. Lesnar hit him with the chair and drove him into the turnbuckle. Lesnar let Rollins get to his feet then just shoved him down. Lesnar then gave him an F5 and posed with the belt as the crowd booed. 

After a break, Cole recapped what happened and casually said that Rollins was “destroyed again.” They aired footage from during the break of Lesnar giving him another F5. 

As referees checked on Rollins, he grabbed a mic. He said he’s had to ask himself if all of this was worth it. As Rollins spoke, a few people yelled “What” at him. He said the thing that he loved was getting him beaten to a pulp week after week. 

He said the answer was yes, it was worth it. This is all he is. This is all he ever wanted. This is all he’s got (really?). Rollins said he would beat Brock Lesnar. With no authority whatsoever, he added, “I guarantee it.” Rollins rolled out of the ring and slowly walked away. He refused to get on the stretcher. A few people cheered. 

Rollins looked so pathetic here. 

Caruso interviewed Kurt Angle, who said it was great to be back in Pittsburgh. The Street Profits interrupted. They talked about their title defense in Toronto and wanted Angle’s help. Angelo Dawkins beat-boxed Angle’s theme, which was cool, and the crowd chanted “you suck.” Montez Ford pulled milk out of a cooler. They were very excited to share milk with him until Angle told them that he promised his wife he wouldn’t do anything too crazy tonight. 

Ford wondered if he was Kurt Angle or Mike Kanellis. Angle caved and agreed to drink some milk. Drew McIntyre showed up. He was about to approach Angle but Dawkins put his arm up to block him and McIntyre stopped. He reminded Angle what he did to him months ago and warned him to call his match down the middle tonight. 

The Viking Raiders defeated two jobbers (1:18) 

The Raiders won with the Viking Experience. 

They aired a Harley Race tribute video. The crowd gave it a standing ovation and chanted “Harley.” 

Cedric Alexander vs. Drew McIntyre (Special Referee: Kurt Angle) 

The match never happened. McIntyre attacked Alexander from behind during his entrance. McIntyre was about to do the inverted Alabama Slam on the outside, but Alexander fought back and gave him a tornado DDT onto the mats. 

The lights went out and Bray Wyatt showed up. He put Angle down with the mandible claw. It’s a cool presentation and crowd reaction whenever Wyatt shows up. Cole yelling over this doesn’t help, though. 

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Big E & Xavier Woods defeated Raw Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (w/U.S. Champion AJ Styles) via DQ in a non-title match (0:24) 

Gallows wore black face paint around his eyes. This ended almost immediately via DQ after Styles attacked New Day. The crowd chanted for Kofi Kingston but the announcers said he wasn’t here tonight. Ricochet ran out and made the save instead. 

Six-man tag match: AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson defeated Ricochet, Big E & Xavier Woods 

The OC worked over Big E who fought back and gave Styles a belly-to-belly suplex. Woods made the hot tag and hit Anderson with running forearms and an elbow strike. He also took down Styles and gave Anderson a shining wizard but Gallows broke up the cover. Ricochet gave Gallows a flying dropkick and Big E clotheslined him to the outside. 

Ricochet fought off Styles but Gallows launched him into the barricade. Styles tripped Woods from the outside, then Anderson and Gallows gave him a Magic Killer for the pinfall win. This wasn’t much. 

A stagehand informed Joe that Reigns was on his way to the arena. Joe said Raw was officially shut down and marched toward the ring. 

[Third hour] 

Roman Reigns segment 

They aired another replay of the Smackdown angle, then Joe entered. Joe knew about “island time” but said this was getting ridiculous. He called out Reigns, who didn’t show. Joe grabbed a chair and sat down in the ring. He said Raw wouldn’t continue until he got an apology. He gave Reigns until the count of three, but Reigns still didn’t show. 

Joe accused Reigns of being too afraid. He threatened to keep the crowd waiting all night. Joe continued to stall, so the crowd chanted for CM Punk. A stagehand told Reigns had arrived to the parking lot, so Joe left. 

Joe went to the parking lot where Reigns arrived in a Chevy SUV. They talked crap until Reigns suddenly jumped back into the front seat because a sedan ran into his truck. Joe seemed stunned and they went to break. (There was a brief camera cut as it happened, which would’ve given them a chance to get Reigns out of the way before continuing the shot.) 

After a break, they aired more footage. The sedan sped away, then Joe kicked the Chevy door open and checked on Reigns. He was concerned, telling Reigns to stay down. He yelled for a medic as Jamie Noble showed up and asked, “What happened?” Triple H also showed up and checked on Reigns. Reigns got out of the car but Triple H got him to sit back down. 

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeated The IIconics, Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose and Asuka & Kairi Sane (w/Paige) in a four-way elimination match to win the Women’s Tag Team Championships (20:43)

Cross wore a black and purple top to match Bliss’ gear. The IIconics dominated early on, taking out each team. As they posed, Rose attacked them from behind. Deville saved her from getting double-teamed, then Rose gave Billie Kay a V-Trigger knee for the pinfall elimination at about 2:27. The IIconics are out, so we’re getting new champs. The crowd was quiet but popped for the elimination. 

After a break, the bell rang again, so I guess everyone just stood around during commercials. A full four minutes have passed since the first fall. Bliss squared off with Asuka but thought better of it and tagged in Deville. Asuka hit Yes Kicks, then Deville fought back and responded with kicks of her own. Sane tagged in and they took turns hitting strikes on Deville. 

Bliss was tagged in and went toe-to-toe with Sane. Sane made sure to point out that she’s slightly taller than Bliss. (Google says they’re the same height.) Rose tagged herself in and briefly got the better of Asuka, but Asuka caught her in the Asuka Lock and she tapped out. Deville didn’t bother making the save for some reason. She tried to jump in after Rose tapped, but Sane knocked her down. The fall happened at 11:04 (which includes the 4-minute break). 

After a break, Asuka had Cross in a leg lock. So the match continued through that break, but not the first one. Asuka transitioned into an STF, but Cross escaped and raked Asuka in the face. A few people chanted for Asuka as she was worked over by Cross and Bliss. Asuka gave Cross a German suplex and tagged in Sane. 

Sane gave Bliss a running dropkick, two neckbreakers, a crossbody, and a sliding forearm. Asuka tagged and gave Cross a Codebreaker. They knocked out Cross, then Asuka put Bliss in the Asuka Lock. Bliss reversed into a cover for a nearfall. Asuka knocked her down with a kick and Sane went to the top, but Cross knocked her off. 

Cross caught Asuka between the ring and the skirt and hammered away at her, then Bliss gave her a dropkick. Sane knocked Cross off the apron, then Bliss knocked her down with a right hand (which missed). Bliss then hit Twisted Bliss for the pinfall win. Bliss and Cross are the new champs. I enjoyed this. 

They aired a replay of Seth Rollins getting his ass kicked. 

They showed the announcers and Cole said, “Well, ladies and gentlemen, I cannot believe October 20 is the day that you can get 2K20, the video game!” He can’t believe the release date? They showed the commercial and announced Lynch and Reigns as the cover athletes. 

MizTV with Shawn Michaels and Dolph Ziggler 

Miz introduced Michaels who entered wearing an NXT hat. He introduced Ziggler as the pariah of WWE. Ziggler said he would rather be a pariah, doing what had to be done, instead of being an ass-kicker like the two of them. 

Ziggler said he’s been carrying the WWE on his back for the last 10 years, even when he wasn’t supposed to, and was the best thing to happen to pro wrestling since Michaels lost his smile and since Miz lost his balls. Ziggler said he would finally get the adulation he deserves when he wins at SummerSlam. He signed the contract. 

Miz said this has been Ziggler’s M.O. since he’s been here. He said Ziggler claimed he hasn’t gotten what he deserved but it wasn’t because of the fans, it was because of him. Miz couldn’t wait to beat him on Raw next week. Ziggler was confused. Miz said he didn’t read the fine print. Ziggler wasn’t facing him at SummerSlam, he was facing someone else. 

They focused on Michaels who went face-to-face with Ziggler. Michaels said it wasn’t him. Goldberg’s music hit and the crowd popped. Goldberg hit the ring and Ziggler bailed. Goldberg signed the contract as the crowd chanted his name. 

Goldberg said, “Guess what, son? You’re next.” Ziggler freaked out as he went up the ramp, then Michaels gave him a superkick and they went off the air. This went over well with the live crowd. 

Final Thoughts -- 

It’s almost alarming how poorly booked Seth Rollins was on this show. Maybe he’s turning heel, but with AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan among the top heels already, that seems unlikely.