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WWE Raw live results: Survivor Series fallout


Date: November 25, 2019
Location: Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Rey Mysterio beat AJ Styles for the US Title with help from Randy Orton who appears to be a babyface. Mysterio beat Orton, Ricochet and Drew McIntyre just prior to that to earn the shot (after the OC attacked Humberto Carrillo, taking away his opportunity). 

Seth Rollins turned heel in the opening segment, placing blame on the entire roster for sucking last night and losing to NXT. Rollins solidified his turn by curb-stomping a prone Kevin Owens in the last segment after Owens was laid out by AOP. (AOP did not align themselves with Rollins.) 

Rusev was arrested after attacking Bobby Lashley despite a restraining order. 

Becky Lynch was not on the show.

Show Recap -- 

The Raw roster surrounded ringside for a “town hall” hosted by the “locker room leader” Seth Rollins. The crowd chanted “CM Punk” at a morose Rollins. He told the crowd he tried to get Punk here but Punk wasn’t interested and would rather sit behind a desk instead. 

Rollins said tonight wasn’t about Punk (Rollins never actually said his name) or about him, it was about Raw. The crowd chanted for NXT and Rollins admitted that NXT wiped the floor with them. He said he grew up watching Raw like the rest of us, watching the likes of Steve Austin and The Rock. He wondered about what Raw has become. 

He looked around at the roster and said that last night, “you all sucked.” Instead of jumping in the ring and killing him, they all just looked around confused. Rollins said they went from the A show to the C show and he wanted to make this place great again. The crowd booed. 

Rollins asked if any of them had something to say. He pointed out Randy Orton and called him the weak link of their team last night. Orton smirked and left up the ramp. As Rollins ran him down, Orton did a wanking motion with his fist before leaving. 

Rollins then called out Charlotte who wasn’t even the last member of her team in their match and added, “and you call yourself a Flair?” Charlotte left. Rollins then called out AOP for not even participating last night after all their talk in recent weeks. They left. 

Rollins targetted Rey Mysterio, who he said let them down more than anyone. He said he beat Brock Lesnar twice, but Mysterio couldn’t do it with a lead pipe or even his “stupid” son. Mysterio left as the crowd called Rollins an a--hole. Everyone else left with Mysterio as Rollins continued to rant. 

One person didn’t leave — Kevin Owens. The crowd chanted for Owens who Rollins referred to as “Mr. NXT.” Rollins told Owens how much he loves Raw and said this whole thing wasn’t about him. He called Owens a lazy piece of crap who doesn’t do anything. Rollins figured Owens wanted his spot but assured him that he will never be Seth Rollins. 

Owens teased saying something, then gave Rollins a stunner instead. 

After a break, Rollins spoke with Charly Caruso and challenged Owens to a match. 

Bobby Lashley (w/Lana) defeated Titus O’Neil via DQ (1:02) 

They showed a video of Rusev being served with a temporary restraining order. He ran in through the crowd and attacked Lashley for the DQ. Lana screamed as Rusev put a beating on Lashley. The crowd chanted for Rusev. 

Rusev cleared the announce table but was swarmed by police who put him in cuffs. Rusev charged out of their grasp and shoulder-checked Lashley off the stage. Then, as they tried taking him away, he kicked a piece of metal staging over, which landed on Lashley. Rusev was very pleased with himself as the police took him away. The crowd loved Rusev. This was pretty good.

During the break, Lashley was taken away on a stretcher. Lana was distraught. 

AOP defeated Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins (1:23) 

AOP wrestled shirtless. They won quickly after a supercollider and a combination neckbreaker/sit-out powerbomb. Crowd was quiet. 

On commentary, Jerry Lawler is siding with Rollins. Vic Joseph asked him when was the last time he saw a beating like AOP just handed out and he said last night when NXT did a number on Raw. 

Owens vs. Rollins was made official for tonight. 

Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) defeated Akira Tozawa (2:27) 

Tozawa countered a powerbomb into a hurricanrana and followed with a damn impressive snap German suplex, but Andrade responded by simply tripping him off the top rope. Andrade followed with a running double knee strike in the corner and hammerlock DDT for the pinfall win. 

Aleister Black cut a promo on Buddy Murphy. 

Matt Hardy is back. He came out to the Hardy Boyz music. 

Buddy Murphy defeated Matt Hardy (2:56) 

Murphy gave Hardy a superkick and tossed him around ringside, but Hardy came back with a Side Effect, clotheslines, back elbow and an elbow off the middle rope. Murphy countered a Twist of Fate and followed with three consecutive knee strikes for the pinfall win. The crowd liked Hardy and chanted “deleted” when he called for it. 

Murphy had a bloody nose. He grabbed a mic and called out Black. Black came out and knocked Murphy from the ring with a series of strikes. Murphy stumbled his way around the ring as the crowd lightly chanted for Aleister. Murphy teased jumping back in the ring but backed off. 

Caruso asked Charlotte if her behaviour last night was “captain-like.” Charlotte said she never claimed to be a team player and figured Asuka was still mad about losing the title to her last year, and having her streak broken at WrestleMania. Charlotte bemoaned Asuka for using green mist, which blinds you, and would show her why she’s the ten-time champion tonight. 

On Smackdown, Bray Wyatt reveals a new face in the Firefly Fun House. 

It should be noted that they’re still just using the two-man announce team of Joseph and Lawler. Lawler is also acting like more of a heel, which is fine with me. 

[Second hour] 

U.S. Championship match: AJ Styles vs. Humberto Carrillo 

The match didn’t happen. Styles came out alone, then Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attacked Carrillo during his entrance. Carrillo fought off Anderson but Gallows slammed him against the ring apron. They then slammed him against the steel steps. 

Ricochet ran down to check on Carrillo. Styles asked him if Carrillo was okay. Styles then wondered what kind of superhero Ricochet was if he couldn’t even get out there in time to save his buddy. Ricochet wondered what has become of Styles and said he sends his friends to attack anyone who might take the title off of him. The crowd applauded. 

Ricochet challenged Styles to a title match. The crowd chanted “Yes.” Styles said no. He only agreed to fight Carrillo. Orton came out and challenged Styles to a title match and figured the people of Chicago would love to see Styles eat an RKO. 

Styles said no again. He reminded us that he beat Orton at WrestleMania in a bigger and better city and has already beaten Ricochet. He said he has nothing to prove to them. 

Drew McIntyre came out next. He called himself tall, dark and handsome and has a great accent. He also eliminated the UK Champion WALTER last night. The crowd booed. McIntyre said Styles should fight him for the first time ever. Styles claimed to be sore from a gym injury he sustained earlier. 

Mysterio came out next. He said Styles couldn’t be as beat up as him and didn’t want to cheat Chicago out of a title match. Mysterio challenged him. Styles said no again out of principle because none of them deserve it. 

Ricochet suggested they have a fatal four-way and the winner can face Styles later tonight. Styles said that was the dumbest thing he ever heard and asked Gallows and Anderson to back him up. They both thought the idea was pretty cool. Styles was frustrated but agreed to the match. 

(I said earlier that Lawler was acting like more of a heel. Well, he’s actually a full-on heel. He was very amused at the beating the OC gave Carrillo.) 

There was a commercial for NXT which included the voiceover guy saying, “How can you not watch?”

Fatal Four-way: Rey Mysterio defeated Ricochet, Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre to earn a U.S. Title match (14:39) 

There was a cool spot where McIntyre, who was hanging upside down on the turnbuckle, suplexed Orton and Mysterio off the ropes. After a break, there was a spot where McIntyre gave Orton a hard chop, then Orton responded with a rare (and light) chop of his own. McIntyre gave him another hard chop. Orton teased doing another chop, but poked him in the eye instead. 

McIntyre gave Ricochet a powerbomb for a nearfall, then Orton gave McIntyre an RKO. He had it won but the OC pulled Orton out of the ring. Mysterio reappeared and used a springboard into a small package on Ricochet for the pinfall win. 

Rey Mysterio defeated AJ Styles (w/Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) to become U.S. Champion (15:18) 

Styles was dominating and tried to lawn-dart Mysterio into the buckle but Mysterio countered and Styles went into it instead. Mysterio went for a 619 but Anderson tripped him. The referee figured out what happened and tossed OC from ringside. 

After a break, Styles went for a running basement dropkick but Mysterio moved and Styles crotched himself into the post. Mysterio followed with a seated senton, head scissors takedown, fists in the corner, and wheelbarrow bulldog for two. The crowd chanted “619.” 

As they fought for position on the top, Mysterio bit Styles’ fingers but Styles came back anyway with an Ushigoroshi for two. Mysterio followed that with a Code Red for a nearfall. Mysterio hit a 619 but Styles fell back into the referee, knocking him down. 

Mysterio went for a cover but of course, the ref was dead. The OC ran back down and put the boots to Mysterio. Orton ran down and took them out. 

Mysterio gave Styles a 619, Orton gave Styles an RKO, then Mysterio hit a frog splash as the referee awoke for the pinfall win. Mysterio won the title. The crowd went nuts. (This was tempered slightly by the referee’s hand not actually hitting the mat on the three count because his arm hit Styles’ boot on the way down.) 

Dominick ran out and celebrated with his dad. He hoisted Mysterio on his shoulders as they celebrated. This was all very exciting. (Although it was preposterous that the referee couldn’t tell what was going on around him, even if he was down.) 

Caruso wanted to interview Owens but he politely sent her away so he could cut a promo into the camera instead. He said that unlike Rollins, he’s known who he was since he first put on a pair of wrestling boots 20 years ago. 

He never listened to people who wanted him to be different. He said Rollins just wanted to be whatever the company wanted him to be, and now he’s just a whiny, insufferable, little prick. He told Mr. Crossfit that Monday Night Rollins would become the Kevin Owens Show. 

Charlotte Flair vs. Tag Team Champion Asuka (w/Kairi Sane) 

The following interaction happened on commentary: 

Lawler: I guarantee you last night when Charlotte lost at Survivor Series, her dad Ric Flair was looking down on her.
Joseph: King… what do you mean? Ric Flair’s not dead.
Lawler: Yeah, but he’s very condescending. 

Tag Team Champion Asuka (w/Kairi Sane) defeated Charlotte Flair (17:15) 

The following interaction happened on commentary: 

Lawler: I guarantee you last night when Charlotte lost at Survivor Series, her dad Ric Flair was looking down on her.
Joseph: King… what do you mean? Ric Flair’s not dead.
Lawler: Yeah, but he’s very condescending. 

Charlotte was in control until a Sane distraction allowed Asuka to hit a running hip attack into the corner. Charlotte came back later with a big boot for a two count. Sane was staring down Charlotte, so Charlotte chased her away through the crowd. 

After a break, Charlotte hit a baseball slide dropkick but Asuka caught her in the ring with an armbar. Charlotte got out of it before she could fully apply it. Asuka dodged a boot and hit a German suplex. They traded forearms, then Charlotte hit a backbreaker and clothesline. Charlotte followed with chops and a fallaway slam. 

Asuka used a rollup for two, then Charlotte hit a back suplex. Asuka then caught her with a Codebreaker for two. Asuka countered a Natural Selection into an armbar before switching to a triangle choke. Charlotte fought to her feet and applied a Boston Crab but Asuka got a rope break. Asuka kicked Charlotte in the head but she no-sold it and hit a spear for a nearfall. 

Sane returned and distracted Charlotte by jumping up and down by ringside, which was funny. Charlotte went after her for some reason and tossed her into the post. Sane still managed to distract the referee, then Asuka blew an incredible amount of green mist in Charlotte’s face and applied a schoolgirl for the pinfall win. 

There were clunky spots but this was an enjoyable match. The referee was made to look like an idiot again on the finish, though. Asuka did try to hide the mist but it was everywhere. I saw a girl at Fan Expo dressed as She-Hulk with less green stuff on her body than Charlotte had here. 

Erick Rowan defeated Kyle Roberts (1:22) 

Roberts peaked into the cage before jumping back. Rowan then clobbered him, powerbombed him into the post and gave him a chokeslam for the pinfall win. 

The IIconics and R-Truth plugged WWE Shop. Truth stole the 24/7 title belt off the table. I have no idea if this is a significant development or not. 

The OC were in mourning backstage when they were approached by Sarah Schrieber. Styles was speechless, only managing to say the words “Randy Orton” before storming off. 

They replayed the Rusev angle. Lana told Caruso that her soon-to-be ex-husband was a danger to himself and society. She said he was obsessed with her and he should be fired. Lana assured us that she was going to be okay (brushing off concern for Lashley). 

Triple H will be on WWE Backstage. No mention of Punk, so he may not be on.  

According to his Twitter, Samoa Joe will return to commentary next week. 

Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins via DQ (13:59) 

The crowd chanted for Owens as he hit a missile dropkick and senton for two. A small group of fans tried a Punk chant but it didn’t take. Rollins hit a slingblade and consecutive suicide dives. Owens came back with a superkick. Rollins grabbed a chair in frustration and they went to break. 

Back from break, Owens tried a senton off the top but Rollins got his knees up. Owens managed to come back later with a DDT, spiking Rollins on his head. Owens hit a cannonball, then after Rollins rolled to the outside, Owens hit a senton, followed by a frog splash in the ring for two.  

Rollins escaped a pop-up powerbomb, Owens countered a pedigree, then Rollins hit a blockbuster for two, followed by a falcon arrow for two. Owens dodged a stomp and hit the pop-up powerbomb for a nearfall. (The crowd still chanted “burn it down” when Rollins set up the stomp.) 

Rollins avoided a stunner then they traded superkicks. Rollins hit an enziguri and superkick, then Owens hit a stunner. Before Owens could go for a cover, AOP (now wearing suits) marched to the ring. They stared at each guy, but Owens knew where this was going. He attacked one of them, then they double-teamed him and the referee called for the bell. 

AOP continued the attack, sending Owens into the post three times in a row. The crowd lightly booed and a handful of people desperately tried one last CM Punk chant. AOP laid out Owens with an assisted elevated knee, then turned their attention to Rollins. Rollins dared them to fight but they walked off. 

Rollins noticed Owens starting to move, so he gave him consecutive curb stomps as the show ended. 

I guess they like to end the show with these kinds of angles, but they should’ve just put the Mysterio match on last.