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WWE Raw live results: TLC go-home show


Date: December 9, 2019
Location: Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina 

The Big Takeaway -- 

Seth Rollins aligned himself with AOP and they destroyed Kevin Owens, Asuka and Kairi Sane will defend their tag titles against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in a TLC match, Rusev and Lana got divorced, Rusev will face Bobby Lashley in a tables match, Humberto Carrillo beat Andrade, Rey Mysterio beat AJ Styles to retain the US Title in the main event which just barely finished in time, and Liv Morgan is on her way back.

Show Recap -- 

Lana and Rusev divorce 

Vic Joseph excitedly let us know that a marriage comes to an end tonight. Jerry Lawler was introduced in the ring to host the segment. There was a table and two leather chairs in the ring. Lawler hoped to help them reconcile, but they were at the point of no return, and now for the first time ever on Raw, he was presiding over the signing of a divorce contract. 

Lana entered first with her lawyer. The crowd chanted “Rusev Day.” The lawyer handed Lawler some papers stating that Lana was lifting the distance clause in the restraining order, but all other aspects in the order remained intact. 

Rusev came out next wearing a smile and a Donald Duck t-shirt under his suit jacket. Lana wanted Rusev to know that she used to love him and loved him when the WWE fans didn’t. Rusev wanted to talk a few times but Lana didn’t let him interrupt. 

Lana said Rusev became another statistic. She said when the crowd first began chanting “Rusev Day,” it got to his head. The crowd chanted it again and Rusev was happy. Lana placed part of the blame on the fans. Lana warned him not to get any closer or he’ll be violating the restraining order again and would go to jail for a very, very long time. 

Rusev said he was the one who needed protection and had a video ready for the tron. It was a clip of Bobby Lashley and Lana confronting the police and getting arrested. Lana called him a monster and called herself the most ravishing woman in the world. She told him that no one will ever love him and he’ll never find someone like her again. 

Rusev said he couldn’t stand her and wouldn’t want another one. Lana started yelling and said he should have chosen her over “Rusev Day” and once again placed blame on the fans. Lana was overacting and Rusev had enough. He wanted to sign the papers. They argued over who would sign first, then Lana said she was taking their pet dog. Rusev didn’t agree with that. 

Lana signed the papers. (They did resolve the dog issue.) Rusev was happy she signed but wanted something first before he would sign. Lana figured he wanted sex again and again mentioned a bunch of random places he wanted sex in the past. Rusev actually wanted a match with Lashley. 

Right on cue, Lashley entered to his music. Lashley said he would ask Lana to marry him when this was all over. Rusev encouraged him to go for it and he could celebrate on Rusev Day. Rusev said Lashley could have any match he wanted but it would be on Rusev Day. He signed the papers. 

Lashley immediately attacked him but Rusev fought back and slammed him through the table. Rusev’s music played as Lana screamed at him. 

Charly Caruso asked Kevin Owens if he figured out why AOP attacked him. Owens said yeah, because Seth Rollins told them too. Owens figured Rollins did that because he was the only one to stand up to him a few weeks ago when Rollins ran down the roster. He admitted he barely escaped AOP last week, but he did, and that was bad news for them. He went looking for them. 

As Owens walked through the back, he ran into Rey Mysterio who offered help. Owens appreciated the offer but didn’t want his help. Mysterio handed him the lead pipe he used on Brock Lesnar. Owens took it with him. 

Drew McIntyre defeated Matt Hardy (2:16)  

Before the match, McIntyre congratulated Hardy on the birth of his new baby. He joked that the baby was crosseyed so at least we knew it was Matt’s kid. McIntyre wondered if Hardy reproducing was a good idea given some of the decisions he’s bad in his life. He wouldn’t want to see the little “Hardlys” follow in his footsteps. As he entered the ring, Hardy attacked him and gave him a Twist of Fate, sending McIntyre out of the ring and us to a commercial break. 

Hardy hit a Side Effect early on for a two count. McIntyre countered a backslide into a Future Shock DDT followed by a Claymore Kick for the pinfall win. 

Earlier tonight, Charlotte Flair approached Becky Lynch in the locker room. (Lynch appeared to be taking notes in a notepad.) Charlotte said she didn’t like Lynch — to which Lynch said the feeling was mutual — but she didn’t like the Kabuki Warriors even more and wonder if Lynch would want to become Becky Two Belts again. Lynch said she still had a debt to collect but would rather fight the two of them by herself. Charlotte sarcastically wished her luck. 

Owens walked through the back asking people if they had seen AOP. He found Mojo Rawley who told Owens they went “that way” before pointing in another direction and claimed they went “that way.” Rawley was amused with himself. Owens smacked him, knocking him over, then pointed down and said, “and you just went that way.” Owens walked off and called him an idiot. This was fairly amusing. 

The Viking Raiders defeated The Street Profits to retain the Raw Tag Team Championships (3:11) 

Viking Raiders cut a promo before the match where they issued an open challenge to anyone who thought they could take their gold. The Street Profits quickly answered. The announcers confirmed that this would be a title match. 

After a break, WWE announced that People Magazine broke the news that Dave Batista would be inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

The Street Profits caught the Raiders off guard to open the match and almost won the titles in 30 seconds. Montez Ford wiped out Ivar with a dive, Angelo Dawkins gave Erik a spinebuster and Ford followed with a frog splash but Ivar broke up the cover. Ford and Ivar both did cartwheels, then Ford did the Ultimate Warrior rope shaking before Ivar nailed him with a heel kick. 

They worked over Ford briefly but he tagged in Dawkins who gave big Ivar a t-bone suplex for a two count. Ivar knocked them both down with handspring elbow, then Erik nailed Dawkins with a knee. The Raiders then gave Ford a Viking Experience for the pinfall win. This was a fun 3-minute match but maybe not the best idea to beat the Street Profits so quickly. 

The Raiders and Street Profits bumped fists after the match when Seth Rollins marched out. He was booed. He asked both teams to leave because he had business to take care of. They left. Rollins had an issue with AOP and called them out for a fight right now. Owens came out instead. 

Owens said Rollins was calling out AOP because he knew that they weren’t here. Owens wanted to know when they were arriving. Rollins tried to assure Owens that he had no idea but Owens wasn’t buying it. At that moment, AOP were shown arriving to the arena in a black van. 

[Second hour] 

After a break, Rollins warned Owens that AOP were about to come down there and kick his ass but it had nothing to do with him. Owens said that might be true, but Rollins wouldn’t be in their corner because he could take care of Rollins right now. Rollins left the ring as Owens explained that it couldn’t be a coincidence that AOP were arriving right at this moment. 

Rollins said he had no choice but to do the unpopular thing and leave. Owens was unsurprised and let Rollins know that he was coming for him once he was done with AOP. Owens told AOP that he wasn’t hard to find — he was the loud guy with a lead pipe. 

AOP appeared on the big screen. They spoke in Punjabi and Albanian. Owens said they made great points (which got a laugh from the crowd) but wanted them to come out there now, preferably one at a time. 

Sami Zayn’s music hit and he came out with Mojo Rawley. Zayn explained that he was on Raw because he applied for a manager’s license. He called himself more of a liberator than a manager. Zayn said Owens was in his own head. He knew Owens had a lot on his plate, but he was wrong to slap Rawley in the face and wanted him to apologize. 

Rawley yelled at Owens, then Zayn tried to calm him down because of the look on Owens’ face and the steel pipe in his hand. Rawley said everyone is “tough” with a pipe in their hands. Owens wanted to test that theory so he tossed the pipe to Rawley, then gave him a stunner. Zayn backed off and left the ring. Owens attacked Rawley with the pipe until he rolled out of the ring. Owens was good here. 

Owens was shown walking through the back after a break, still searching for AOP. 

Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy was announced for TLC. Earlier today, Murphy cut a promo calming he was better than Black and would prove it on Sunday. 

Joseph mentioned that CM Punk would be on WWE Backstage tomorrow. 

Aleister Black defeated Akira Tozawa (3:34) 

Black was in control until Tozawa sent him from the ring. Tozawa tried a suicide dive but Black caught him with a jumping knee, then gave him a great-looking Black Mass for the pinfall win. The crowd was quiet for the match but popped for the Black Mass. 

Caruso talked about the great rookie year by Humberto Carrillo and was about to interview him. Before he could say anything, Zelina Vega interrupted. Andrade then got in his face. They shoved each other and yelled at each other in Spanish. It appears they agreed to fight tonight. I liked this, if only because it showed Carrillo has some fire. (Instead of him just standing and smiling.) 

They aired a promo for Liv Morgan. The “Make Over” is coming soon. 

Humberto Carrillo defeated Andrade (w/Zelina Vega) (11:00) 

Andrade was in control until Carrillo caught him with a high cross followed by a moonsault to the outside. After what felt like a long commercial break, Carrillo hit Andrade with a springboard crossbody, enziguri and moonsault for two. They went to the top which allowed Andrade to hit a double foot stomp for two. 

Carrillo dodged a double knee strike and hit a missile dropkick. He (barely) hit an Aztec press but Andrade kicked out. Carrillo ducked a back elbow but missed an enziguri, then Andrade gave him a back elbow for a nearfall. 

Carrillo avoided a moonsault but Andrade nailed him with a double knee strike. Andrade went to the corner to try it again, but Carrillo gave him a running dropkick. Carrillo was about to run into the ropes but Vega was on the apron, so he stopped. Andrade charged after Carrillo but he moved and Andrade knocked Vega off the apron. 

Carrillo then applied a victory roll for the win. The crowd was into this and popped for the win. They missed a couple of spots but this was still quite good. The announcers said this was Andrade’s first loss since being drafted to Raw. Andrade checked on Vega, then yelled at her for costing him the match. 

Backstage, Mysterio said the US Title meant everything to him. It was the destination of a journey that began when he lost his confidence until his son reminded him of what the Mysterio name meant. He said if AJ Styles beat him for the title, he would shake his hand, but he planned on proving to everyone that he was worthy of being called US Champion. 

Goldberg will be on Steve Austin’s Network show following TLC. 

A stagehand let Owens know he saw AOP headed toward their van. 

Buddy Murphy defeated Zack Ryder (w/Curt Hawkins) (1:59) 

Murphy levelled Hawkins with a forearm on the outside, then Ryder wiped him out with a dropkick. Ryder checked on Hawkins before entering the ring where Murphy caught him with a knee and Murphy’s Law for the quick pinfall win. 

Before the match, Black cut a quick promo from his dark room letting Murphy know that knocking on his door was the biggest mistake of his life. 

Backstage, Owens found AOP’s van. He smashed it with the pipe and broke the windshield to see if they were inside. He opened the back door and found someone sitting inside. Before he could see who it was, AOP attacked him from behind. They slammed the van door against his head, which looked painful. 

As Owens writhed around in pain, the man in the van spun around to reveal himself. It was Rollins. He said, “It’s come to this, Kev. It’s a shame. I’m sorry.” Rollins curb-stomped him against the concrete floor. Rollins and AOP then left together. 

[Third hour] 

Rollins came out on the stage. He was booed. Rollins asked the crowd what they wanted from him. They used to get along and see eye-to-eye, but couldn’t understand why they turned on him. He fought through injuries and always laid everything on the line in the ring. He stuck his neck out for them in the media but he just got spit on and disrespected. 

Rollins said he told the truth when he said he didn’t send AOP after Owens. He called Owens a flavour of the month and the fans were just jumping on his bandwagon. He told the truth again today when he said he previously had nothing to do with AOP. 

He wondered what was good enough for the fans in 2019. He wondered if he had to kill himself in the ring. He beat Brock Lesnar and brought the title back to Raw but that still wasn’t enough. 

He’s heard the crowd’s negativity and they were pushing him, so now he was pushing back. Their negativity has become a self-fulfilling prophecy and their fiction has turned to fact, because now he was turning to stand side-by-side with AOP. They came out to pose with him briefly before leaving. 

Owens was placed on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance. 

2-on-1 handicap match: Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch defeated Tag Team Champions Asuka & Kairi Sane via DQ (12:55) 

Asuka and Sane control through a break. Lynch made a comeback, giving Sane an Exploder before giving them both a combo DDT/inverted DDT for a two count on Sane. Asuka blocked Lynch from going to the top, then Sane gave her an elbow drop. Lynch avoided an Insane Elbow, then dodged an Asuka missile dropkick. 

Lynch gave Asuka an Exploder but Asuka dodged a diving leg drop and applied an Asuka Lock. Lynch fought out of it and applied an Asuka Lock of her own until Sane dragged her out of the ring. Lynch drove Sane into the barricade, then dropped Asuka face-first into the apron. 

Lynch tried a forearm off the apron but Asuka nailed her with a knee to the jaw. Sane tried to stop Lynch from breaking the ten count, but Lynch got back in at nine before eating a Shining Wizard by Asuka for a nearfall. 

Asuka put Lynch up in the electric chair drop position and Sane gave her a flying forearm for two. Sane went for the Insane Elbow but Lynch got her knees up (or so we were told). Lynch then gave Asuka a Man Handle Slam (which they also almost messed up). Lynch put Sane in the Disarmer but Asuka dragged Sane from the ring. 

Asuka then attacked Lynch with a chair for the DQ. The match was good until the end. 

Sane pulled a table from the ring and Asuka placed Lynch on top of it. Sane then put Lynch through the table with a damn Insane Elbow off the top rope (to the outside). The crowd booed the tag champs as they walked off and officials checked on Lynch. Lynch got to her feet before they cut away. 

The elbow spot was great but I wouldn’t have had Lynch get up so quickly. 

Backstage, AJ Styles cut a promo with the OC. Styles said the Viking Raiders couldn’t hide from the OC, and he was going to beat Mysterio for the title tonight. He also warned Randy Oroton not to stick his nose in their business again, or they just might end his career for life (they did the “4 life” hand symbol). Styles was quite proud of himself. 

WWE announced that ESPN announced that the New World Order (Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman) were going in the Hall of Fame. 

Lynch was being checked on in the trainer’s room when she was approached by Charlotte, who asked her how her match went. Lynch said, “Fine. If it means getting my shot at Asuka, I’ll help you out.” Charlotte responded, “no thanks” before leaving. Charlotte was then jumped in the hallway by Sane and Asuka, who used a steel chair. 

(Surely, Lynch could hear this happening from the room she was in but didn’t make the save. We’re not supposed to think about that, though.)

Erick Rowan defeated a jobber via ref stoppage (1:21) 

As soon as the bell rang, the jobber bailed from the ring, which the crowd popped for, then grabbed Rowan’s cage and ran it to the top of the stage. Rowan ran after and checked on the cage as the jobber sprinted through the crowd and back into the ring. The jobber encouraged the referee to count so he could win via countout. 

Rowan ran back into the ring in time and killed him with chokeslam after chokeslam. The referee called for the bell, presumably awarding Rowan the win. Rowan gave him one more chokeslam after the bell. Rowan checked on the cage again. 

Hall of Fame performance by this jobber. 

Caruso approached Asuka and Sane. They spoke in Japanese and Caruso admitted she might have to start learning new languages. She asked if they could respond in English. Asuka issued a challenge to Lynch and Charlotte with the titles on the line. 

After a break, Charlotte was now in the trainer’s room with Lynch. Lynch asked if she wanted to fight them. She said yes, but they should up the ante. Lynch said it would be tables, ladders and chairs. 

They did an SNL Weekend Update spoof with the Street Profits. They basically ran down the TLC card. There was also a laugh track added (the fake audience members were children for some reason). I think they confirmed a match between Rusev and Lashley here. 

Rey Mysterio defeated AJ Styles to retain the U.S. Championship (14:09) 

Styles came out to his singles theme instead of the OC theme, which was good to hear. Styles wore red and black. Mysterio wore black and red. If I was a wrestler on Raw, I think red is the last colour I would wear. The ropes are red, the light over the crowd is red, and all the video boards are red. 

Mysterio sent Styles from the ring and hit an Asai moonsault. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson sauntered out which distracted Mysterio, allowing Styles to toss him into the ring post. After a break, Mysterio fought out of a headlock and tried a springboard crossbody but Styles nailed him with a dropkick. 

Mysterio beat a ten count and dodged a forearm before catching Styles with an enziguri, sending him to the outside. Mysterio followed with a slingshot sunset flip powerbomb, sending Styles into the barricade, which was a unique spot. 

Mysterio used a head scissors takedown, springboard seated senton and running leg drop for two. Mysterio followed with a tilt-a-whirl DDT for two. Mysterio hit an enziguri and went for a 619. Gallows guarded Styles so Mysterio nailed Gallows with the 619 instead. Mysterio also dropped Anderson from the apron. 

The distractions allowed Styles to hit an Ushigoroshi for a nearfall. Mysterio went for a hurricanrana off the top and I think Styles wanted to counter into a Styles Clash but they slipped and both just sorta fell off the turnbuckles. Styles grabbed Mysterio and gave him a powerbomb, then a Styles Clash. 

Orton hit the ring but Styles saw him coming and they stared each other down. Orton left the ring, then Mysterio rolled up Styles for the pinfall win. Mysterio retains the title. 

They just barely got this off in time. The little trademark logo appeared on the screen just before Mysterio applied the rollup. The show went off the air as the ring announcer called Mysterio the winner. 

Final Thoughts -- 

Raw seems to be on a mini-streak of shows that might be considered pretty good if it were only two hours and they only included the best stuff, but instead, it’s three hours and this show still dragged as a result.