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WWE SmackDown live results: Final build to Survivor Series


Date: November 14, 2017
Location: Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC

The Big Takeaway --

Raw invaded SmackDown. During the main event, The Shield interrupted and attacked New Day, after Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn bailed. This resulted in a big brawl that ended with Raw standing tall. Shane took the biggest beating, as he was on the receiving end of two Shield powerbombs and an Angle Slam.

Charlotte Flair won the Women’s title in a good match against Natalya. Ric Flair showed up to celebrate with her here in North Carolina, which was a nice moment.

Charlotte will now be facing Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series. This also means Charlotte will not be on Team SmackDown on Sunday, leaving the door open for someone else. They did not say Natalya would be her replacement, but rather, announced that we would find out the replacement on Sunday.

Show Recap -- 

SmackDown started with a segment backstage, where Shane McMahon stood in front of the roster and gave them a big pep talk. He also stood on some sort of platform so he could be positioned above them, while also telling everyone to check their egos at the door. He put over the importance of Survivor Series and said SmackDown would no longer be considered the B show.

He asked Becky Lynch what she thought of Asuka claiming she would break the entire SmackDown team. Lynch, who had a microphone, said she would break Asuka’s arm. Shane asked Baron Corbin and Sin Cara about The Miz, and Corbin said Miz was living on borrowed time.

The New Day finished things off by accepting the Shield’s challenge and led the roster in a “Smack-Down rocks” chant. (Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were actually there, but they stood in the back and were not impressed. Randy Orton was not there.)

Daniel Bryan came out to the ring. Bryan said he wasn’t going to stay down after Kane took him out and SmackDown would fight back against Raw. He claimed Raw was afraid, which is why they added Triple H to their team. Bryan knew Stephanie McMahon too well and wouldn’t be surprised to see Raw show up tonight.

Bryan was proud to bleed blue, proud of everyone in the back, and called SmackDown better than Raw. He announced again that their team has added John Cena and was happy to introduce the new WWE Champion, AJ Styles.

Styles came out to a big reaction as the announcers talked about his dream match with Brock Lesnar. Before he could speak, Bryan said Raw gives their “champion of the universe” his own advocate and wondered if Styles wanted one of his own. Styles said yes.

Bryan introduced Styles in the vein of Paul Heyman. He agreed with most of Heyman’s promo, except for the claim that Lesnar would brutalize Styles. Bryan said Lesnar was big and strong, but he was also thick-headed and a quitter.

Bryan said Lesnar quit WWE and quit to a half-assed kneebar in UFC. He said Lesnar quits when he’s pushed into deep waters and Styles would push him to the point where he must mentally quit. Bryan only had one reason for us to tune into the Network on Sunday and that was to see a 6’3”, 285 lbs monster mentally quit to AJ Styles.

Styles spoke. He said he wasn’t a puppet like Lesnar. Styles agreed with Heyman that he was the underdog, but this wasn’t a Rocky movie, this was an AJ Styles production, and he would prove this was the house that he built.

After a break, Jinder Mahal confronted Styles backstage. Mahal said the beating Styles takes from Lesnar will be nothing compared to what he gets from the Maharajah when he wins the title back. Styles just blew him off and left.

Baron Corbin defeated Sin Cara to retain the U.S. Title (7:12)

They went to commercial 43-seconds into the match. The first commercial in Canada was for the WWE Network featuring Lesnar and Mahal.

Sin Cara fought out of a rest hold after the break and was all over Corbin. After Corbin hit a Deep Six, Sin Cara sent him to the outside and hit a moonsault off the middle rope. However, back in the ring, Corbin suddenly caught him with End of Days for the win. It was fine while it lasted. The crowd was into Sin Cara more than I would’ve thought.

Corbin vs. Miz is official for Survivor Series.

Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lamb and Treveon Graham of the Charlotte Hornets were shown at ringside. Howard was very excited, as usual.

They aired a video package hyping the 5-on-5 men’s match at Survivor Series.

Shane approached Bryan backstage and welcomed him back. Bryan told him SmackDown always had his back. Shane talked about the importance of cohesion. Bryan wanted to have a talk with Shane after Survivor Series about just that. Bryan was still displeased that he wasn’t informed about the raid, and trying to reason with Raw got him chokeslammed. Shane tried to say something, but Bryan cut him off and said, “Shane, I’ll see you on Sunday.”

Charlotte Flair defeated Natalya to become SmackDown Women’s Champion (10:34)

Tom Phillips said Charlotte dedicated this match to Ric Flair. The crowd chanted for Charlotte as the match started. This quickly broke down into a brawl and Charlotte launched Natalya into the barricade. This led to a two count, followed by a boot from Charlotte. Natalya escaped the ring before she could get a pin attempt and they went to commercial 90 seconds into the match.

After the break, Natalya had a surfboard applied but Charlotte slipped out and nailed a few chops before Natalya cut her off with a clothesline. Natalya did the spot where she steps on her seated opponent, but Charlotte kipped up and hit a spear for a two count. Natalya countered a Figure Eight by kicking Charlotte into the turnbuckle.

Natalya slapped Charlotte and went for the Sharpshooter, so Charlotte slapped her back and applied a schoolboy for two, followed by an Exploder. Charlotte followed Natalya to the outside and set up for a moonsault off the barricade, but Natalya got up, grabbed her and drove her into the ringpost, while sounded painful.

Natalya tossed Charlotte back into the ring and applied the Sharpshooter. Charlotte crawled toward the rope but Natalya pulled her back toward the middle. Charlotte managed to get a rope break anyway and followed shortly after with a big boot. Charlotte applied the Figure Eight and Natalya tapped. Charlotte is the new champion.

Good match. It wasn’t exactly a smooth match, but they worked hard and the crowd was into it.

Afterwards, Renee Young interviewed Charlotte, who wanted a moment to catch her breath because Natalya beat the “heck” out of her. Charlotte wanted to win the title ever since the superstar shakeup and it meant everything to win in it in her hometown. The crowd chanted “You deserve it.” Charlotte said she would beat Alexa Bliss and show her why Raw had a Queen before they had a Goddess.

Charlotte spoke about Ric Flair. She said they’ve been through a lot. She said he couldn’t be there tonight, but knew he was watching at home and was about to text her that she was the “GOAT.” Charlotte said this win was for him. She hugged Renee and the announcers plugged the match with Bliss at Survivor Series.

What do you know. As Charlotte went up the ramp, Ric’s music hit and he eventually walked out. Charlotte ran to him and they hugged. They posed together as Ric shed a tear. Well, this was great.

Bludgeon Brothers promo. “I don’t hear anything. Except for the scream. I can’t feel anything. Except for the cracking of bones. Every hammer needs a nail. To give it purpose. And our purpose is - obliterate everyone. Harper. Rowan. Bludgeon Brothers.” They debut next week.

Jimmy Uso (w/Jey Uso) defeated Chad Gable (w/Shelton Benjamin) (6:21)

The Usos cut a promo before the match. They said their Survivor Series match last year came down to them against The Bar, as it does this year. They claimed the Swiss Superman’s mouthpiece won’t protect him when he gets superkicked with kryptonite. They also let Sheamus know he looks stupid. The Usos said they’ve locked down The Hype Bros, Ascension, Breezango, American Alpha 2, and The New Day - and Cesaro and Sheamus were next.

Gable took most of the match, working over Jimmy’s leg. The announcers talked about Gable’s ruthlessness and how he maybe wasn’t heeding Shane’s earlier advice to check your ego. After some outside distractions from the other team members, Jimmy caught Gable with a superkick for the win.

The announcers plugged Survivor Series. The most notable thing is that there’s an opening on the women’s team for SmackDown. Charlotte is no longer in the match now that she’s facing Bliss, but Natalya is not her replacement, either. They said we would find out the replacement on Sunday. An opening for Paige, perhaps.

Kevin Owens approached Sami Zayn backstage. Zayn was upset that they aren’t on Survivor Series and they both thought it was ridiculous that New Day is facing the Shield instead of them. Zayn called New Day a circus act. Owens said the two of them were the best. He didn’t care which brand was the A or B show, because the only show that mattered was the Sami and Kevin Show. Zayn let him know it was the Kevin and Sami Show. Zayn put on his little hat.

The New Day came out. They put over the Shield and said they have 13 different titles between them. New Day noted that they themselves have at least 27 titles between them, but also acknowledged that most of that is because of Kofi Kingston.

Kingston said it would be the hounds vs. the unicorns. He wondered why the Shield would call themselves hounds because dogs eat their own poop, whereas unicorns are mythical and bring magic to the earth. He said the could trust each other 100-percent, but we know the Shield can’t.

Xavier Woods said Shield were only together because it’s cuffing season. He explained what that meant -- when couples get back together because they have nothing else. Woods said they would still be together after Survivor Series and Big E led a “New Day rocks” chant.

Big E & Xavier Woods (w/Kofi Kingston) NC Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Big E made a hot tag and hit Zayn with suplexes. Woods then took out Owens with a flip dive. The Shield’s music hit and they showed up in the crowd. The three of them are wearing half-Raw, half-Shield t-shirts.

The Shield surrounded the ring while the New Day stood tall with Owens and Zayn. After the music cut, Owens and Zayn bailed, and the Shield pounced on New Day. The Usos ran down and faced off with the Shield before getting into it with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (Roman Reigns did not attack them). New Day joined the fight again and Cesaro and Sheamus soon followed.

They cut backstage and the Raw women’s team, along with Alexa Bliss, barged into the SmackDown women’s locker room and took everyone out. Bliss got in one final shot on Charlotte.

More members from Raw showed up in the ring -- Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews. Shane ran down, followed by Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, Baron Corbin and others.

Kurt Angle showed up on stage and he brought out Braun Strowman, who took out the Hype Bros. Nakamura went after him but Strowman tossed him out. Shane went after him too and got some shots in, but he was taken out with a clothesline.

The Shield held up Shane and forced him to watch as the Raw guys took out the SmackDown guys. They attacked him and held him down for Sheamus to land a few shots.

Angle got in Shane face and said this was nothing compared to what was coming. He gave Shield the signal and they gave Shane a triple powerbomb. Angle followed with an Angle Slam. They weren’t done there. The Shield gave Shane one more powerbomb before leaving. The Raw music played as the Raw roster posed on the ramp.