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WWE SmackDown live results: Roman Reigns returns


Tonight's SmackDown takes place from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. 

Universal Champion Roman Reigns returns from his one-week sabbatical. Last week, Paul Heyman informed Brock Lesnar that Reigns took the night off to prepare for their match at Day 1. 

Instead, Lesnar tried apologizing to Sami Zayn for injuring him and hurting his feelings the previous week. Lesnar invited Zayn to fish and hunt in Saskatchewan since they're both Canadian alpha males. 

Heyman couldn't believe what he was hearing and pumped up Lesnar until he gave Zayn another vicious beatdown. 

Later in the night, Lesnar threatened Adam Pearce over the suspension and fine Pearce had given him this October. Drew McIntyre also threatened Pearce for not including him in the Black Friday Battle Royal, and he put his sword through Pearce's desk.

Last Friday, The New Day defeated SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos and Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro in a triple threat non-title match. New Day will challenge The Usos for the SmackDown tag titles at Day 1.

Cesaro and Ridge Holland will face off tonight. It's a rematch from when Cesaro defeated Holland three weeks ago.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Paul Heyman waited backstage near the entrance for Roman Reigns to arrive. Pat McAfee noted Heyman and Reigns didn't speak to each other all week.

Sasha Banks & Toni Storm defeated Charlotte Flair & Shotzi (18:55)

They had a good opening tag team match that the fans got into by the end. It was nice to start with a match instead of a long promo. They got a lot of time and told a good story. 

Banks made her entrance to start SmackDown. Storm was already standing in the ring and was the only one not to get an entrance.

They recapped Flair attacking Storm last week. Michael Cole tried to push that Storm frustrated Flair so much that she got intentionally disqualified. 

They started slowly with Storm locking on a side headlock. Shotzi broke free and got the head scissors, but Storm escaped. Shotzi went after the arm, but Storm fought back with a boot.

Storm and Banks sent Shotzi into the ropes, but she held on and tagged in Flair. Banks caught Flair with a hurricanrana and a hard chop to gain control. Storm tagged in, but Flair rocked her with a forearm to quickly take over. She then knocked Banks off the apron with a kick to the face. 

Storm dropped Flair face-first for a near fall, but Shotzi broke up the pin attempt. Shotzi then tossed Storm to the floor. 

Back from the break, the faces were firmly in control. They hit a double back elbow on Shotzi for a two-count. Storm and Banks isolated Shotzi on their side of the ring.  Banks knocked Flair off the apron, but Shotzi took advantage and hit a discus clothesline. 

Shotzi held Banks, and Flair rocked her with a hard chop. Flair then threw Banks into the barricade. Flair slowed the pace down with a chin lock. The fans broke into a loud "Let's go, Sasha" chant. Banks broke free, but Flair hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a close near fall. 

Shotzi missed a splash in the corner, and Storm got the hot tag. Storm ran wild on Shotzi and backed her into the corner. Shotzi and Flair worked together and beat down Storm to regain control. 

Back from the break, the heels were firmly in control until Banks got the hot tag. Flair went for the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker again, but Banks countered into a crossbody for a near fall. Flair and Banks traded shots in the middle of the ring. Banks rolled up Flair for a near fall and followed up with a bulldog. 

Banks climbed to the top rope, but Storm made the tag. Flair avoided Banks and threw her to the floor. Storm then hit a flying cross body for a very close near fall. The fans popped for the near fall and were convinced that was the finish. 

Flair went for the moonsault, but Storm rolled out of the way. Flair landed on her feet and went for the standing moonsault, but Storm got her knees up. Storm then rolled up Flair for the win. 

The fans popped for the finish, and the commentators made a big deal out of Storm pinning Flair. 

King Xavier Woods sat on his throne backstage as Kofi Kingston and the roster chanted his name. The Usos approached and mocked the New Day.

New Day then challenged The Usos to a match tonight. The Usos agreed and promised to beat the New Day tonight and at Day 1. 

They recapped Xia Li debuting and helping Naomi against Sonya Deville, Natalya, and Shayna Baszler. Megan Morant interviewed Natalya backstage. She was angry that Li attacked her last week and threatened her. 

They recapped Bobby Lashley earning his way into the WWE Championship match at Day 1. 

The Viking Raiders defeated Jinder Mahal & Shanky (4:48)

They had a fine match that dragged in the middle but picked up towards the end. 

Michael Cole said this is a very important tag team match. Regardless, they started the match during the break. 

Back from the break, The Raiders were firmly in control. The heels took over, and Shanky hit a side slam on Erik for a near fall. 

The heels isolated Erik on their side of the ring and cut him off from Ivar. Mahal slowed the pace down with a chin lock. Erik broke free, and Ivar got the hot tag. Ivar ran wild and hit a cross body on Mahal. 

Ivar attacked Shanky, but it had no effect. Ivar avoided Mahal with a cartwheel. Erik then slammed Ivar on Mahal for a near fall. The finish came when Erik slammed Ivar into Shanky in the corner. Erik took out Mahal with a suplex, and Ivar hit a diving splash on Shanky for the win.

They recapped Drew McIntrye putting his sword through Adam Pearce's desk. Later that night, Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin stole the desk. 

Paul Heyman was still waiting for Roman Reigns at the entrance. Heyman was excited when a car pulled up, but Brock Lesnar stepped out to a huge pop. Lesnar guessed that Heyman was waiting for Reigns and wished him luck. 

Happy Talk

This wasn't a good segment. They lost the crowd pretty quickly although Pat McAfee was funny on commentary. 

Corbin noted they added a new piece to the set, which is Pearce's desk with McIntryre's sword. They talked about the desk before Moss and Corbin started telling bad jokes. The jokes were so bad the fans broke into a loud "CM Punk" chant. McAfee had the line of the night when he claimed they were chanting "We want love." He agreed with the fans and wanted love too. 

Corbin praised Moss and gave him the sword as a gift. Moss tried to take the sword out of the desk but failed. Corbin and Moss tried to pull out the sword, but they failed. 

Drew McIntyre's music hit, and he slowly walked to the ring. He mocked Corbin and Moss for having performance issues. Cole loved that joke. 

McIntrye beat down the heels and easily pulled out his sword, Angela, from the table. McIntyre went after Corbin, but Moss pulled him out of the ring. 

In the back, Sami Zayn approached Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. They pointed out that Zayn wasn't wearing a neck brace or sitting in a wheelchair. Zayn accidentally said his lawyer told him he doesn't need it anymore. He then corrected himself and said he meant to say doctor. That was a funny line. 

Zayn started complaining and noted he never even got his rematch for the Intercontinental title a year ago. Pearce and Deville agreed, so they made a 12 man gauntlet match for next week on Christmas Eve. The winner gets a future title match against the Intercontinental Champion.

Ridge Holland (w/Sheamus) defeated Cesaro (2:59)

Cesaro and Holland had a fine match. 

McAfee mentioned Shadid Khan getting rid of Urban Meyer from the Jacksonville Jaguars as Cesaro entered the ring. 

Before the match, Sheamus distracted Cesaro, and Holland attacked his injured ribs with his billy club. The doctor and referee checked on Cesaro to see if he could still compete.

Back from the break, Holland jumped Cesaro at the bell. He hit a backbreaker for a near fall. Holland then slowed the pace down with an abdominal stretch. Cesaro fought back with a back suplex. 

Cesaro gained control and knocked Holland to the floor. Sheamus caused a distraction, and Holland took advantage with a power slam for the win. 

In the back, Drew McIntyre walked around looking for Corbin and Moss.

Naomi defeated Shayna Baszler (:29)

Naomi and Baszler had a 30-second match. It was more of an angle to further Naomi's feud with Deville. 

Naomi had her Christmas list and noted she only had one thing on the list. She wants to have a match with Sonya Deville finally. Deville came to the ring but turned down her challenge. Deville announced that Naomi takes on Shayna Baszler instead. 

Deville caused a distraction, and Baszler jumped Naomi from behind. Baszler gave her a vicious beat down and targeted the leg. 

Deville then ordered the referee to start the match. Baszler attacked the leg and continued to beat her down. Suddenly, Naomi rolled up Baszler for the quick win. Naomi and Deville had a brief stare down after the match. 

In the back, Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss were hiding from Drew McIntyre. Corbin announced that McIntyre takes on Moss at Day 1. Moss didn't seem to like that news. 

Non-title match: New Day defeated SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos (8:30)

The Usos and New Day had a fun match that told a good story.

Michael Cole clarified that this is a non-title match, but the titles are on the line at Day 1. 

Kofi Kingston hit the S.O.S. early on Jey for a near fall. The Usos quickly took over and isolated Kingston in their corner. Jimmy slowed the pace down with a chin lock. 

Kingston attempted to make a tag, but Jimmy pulled him back. Kingston escaped and hit a superkick on Jimmy. Kingston made the tag, but the referee didn't see it because Jey caused a distraction. The Usos regained control as they went to break. 

Back from the break, Kingston fought back, and Woods got the hot tag. Woods ran wild and hit a rolling DDT on Jey. He knocked Jimmy to the floor and followed up with a sliding dropkick through the ropes. Woods then hit a leg drop off the top rope for a near fall. 

Kingston tagged back in and went for the S.O.S. again, but Jimmy escaped. Jimmy avoided the trouble in paradise and hit a superkick. Jey went for the splash, but the referee didn't see the tag. He stood in Jey's way, and Woods knocked him to the floor. Jimmy yelled that they made the tag, but the referee didn't care. Kingston then hit trouble in paradise for the win.

Roman Reigns arrived backstage in his limo. Paul Heyman was still waiting and opened the door but Reigns exited on the other side. Heyman tried to praise him, but Reigns wants to go to his ring. 

Roman Reigns Segment

This was a hot angle to end SmackDown featuring Reigns firing Heyman and attacking him. The fans reacted big to the angle. 

Roman Reigns came to the ring with The Usos and Paul Heyman. The fans broke into a loud "Roman" chant. Reigns demanded that Chicago acknowledge him, and the fans cheered. 

Reigns noted he doesn't like it when his cousins lose, but that's okay because they're family. Reigns pointed out that Heyman isn't family. Reigns wondered if he could trust Heyman and the fans popped. 

Reigns has some questions he thought he got answers to already. He asked Heyman if he knew Brock Lesnar would be at SummerSlam and Madison Square Garden. The fans chanted, "You screwed up," at Heyman and Reigns agreed. 

Reigns asked Heyman if he's a special advisor or an advocate. Heyman went to respond, but Reigns asked why Heyman was protecting Lesnar from him. Heyman admitted he's not protecting Lesnar from Reigns. He's actually protecting Reigns from Lesnar. The fans popped big again. 

Reigns was furious but he hugged Heyman and told him he loves him. He thanked Heyman for 40 years of service to the family, but he fired him. The fans popped big when Reigns fired Heyman. Suddenly, Reigns nailed Heyman with the superman punch to a huge reaction. 

Reigns was about to give Heyman the con-chair-to, but Brock Lesnar's music hit. Lesnar ran down to ringside and beat down the Usos. Lesnar gave Jey an F-5, but Jimmy hit a superkick. Lesnar brushed off the superkick and gave Jimmy the F-5. The fans broke into a loud "Suplex City" chant. 

Lesnar jumped in the ring, but Reigns hit him with the chair. Lesnar absorbed the chair shots and hit the F-5 on Reigns. Lesnar hit a second F-5 to another huge pop. Lesnar celebrated in the ring to end SmackDown.

Next Week: The Christmas eve edition of SmackDown features SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair defending against Toni Storm. Plus, a 12 man gauntlet match.