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WWE SmackDown live results: Survivor Series go-home show


Tonight's SmackDown features the final build to Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view.

Ahead of their non-title champion vs. champion match at Survivor Series, Universal Champion Roman Reigns and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will meet for a contract signing tonight. This will be the second straight week that McIntyre has appeared on SmackDown. He confronted Reigns on last week's show and then went face-to-face with Reigns after defeating Jey Uso in the main event.

McIntyre defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Championship on this Monday's Raw.

Daniel Bryan will return to SmackDown tonight for a match against Uso. Uso defeated Bryan in a Survivor Series qualifying match three weeks ago and then beat him down after the match. He gave Bryan a splash from the top rope through the announce table during that attack.

Murphy goes one-on-one with Seth Rollins tonight. Murphy pretended to rejoin Rollins as his disciple but turned against him last week. He caused Rollins to lose to Rey Mysterio to prove his feelings for Aalyah Mysterio. After the match, Mysterio accepted Murphy's relationship with his daughter, and the family embraced.


SmackDown started with the SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits in the back. They were in the new and improved champions lounge. Montez Ford noted Survivor Series is Sunday night and is the final farewell for The Undertaker. 

Ford then did an impression of The Undertaker. The Undertaker's music started to play, and the light's turned purple. Big E emerged from behind a table, pretending to be Taker. 

Angelo Dawkins said they're two days away from beating New Day and knocking Kofi Kingston's Jamaican accent back. They promised to defeat The New Day Sunday night, but Big E disagreed. 

Big E pointed out they don't have to wait until Sunday night because The New Day are in the building tonight. 

Raw Tag Team Champions New Day's music hit, and they made their way to the ring. Michael Cole and Corey Graves noted there are a few more surprises tonight. 

Xavier Woods and Kingston noted they returned to SmackDown to see if there are any giant fists and want to check into the SmackDown hotel. 

Kingston and Woods promised to defeat the Street Profits. Woods said they're dead men. Kingston felt that was too harsh. Woods pointed out that was just his segue to talking about thirty years of The Undertaker. 

Woods and Kingston then did an Undertaker impression and sat up in the middle of the ring. Suddenly, Sami Zayn's music hit, and he made his way to the ring. 

Zayn mocked U.S. Champion Bobby Lashley and called him a poster boy. He claimed the WWE is protecting Lashley. Zayn promised to defeat him.

New Day tried to compliment Zayn and said he's dressed like a recently divorced dad that just made a down payment on a studio apartment. 

King Corbin's music hit, and he made his way to the ring. He pointed out that New Day had their farewell match a few weeks ago. 

Woods argued that was their final match as SmackDown superstars. Corbin was unhappy that Drew McIntrye showed up last week. 

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode then made their way to the ring. They don't have a problem with Corbin but don't like Zayn. 

New Day noted they'd defend the titles tonight but don't know against which team. Zayn said he has a big match Sunday, but he and Corbin could beat Ziggler and Roode. The heels argued, which New Day loved. 

Zayn and Corbin agreed to take on Ziggler and Roode, with the winners taking on New Day later. They teased fighting, but all four jumped New Day. 

Street Profits music hit, and they made the save. Ford hit a huge dive taking out all the heels. Kingston seemed impressed and upset that Ford hit such a big dive. 

This was a fine opening segment but was typical with all the teams coming out. It also went a bit long.

New Day & Street Profits defeated Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode 

This was a fine eight-man tag match. 

Adam Pearce announced the match during the commercial break. It also started before the break was over. 

The faces had the early advantage. Street Profits worked together and isolated Roode.

Kingston tagged himself in and hit a huge dropkick on Roode. Woods and Kingston did the Unicorn Stampede on Roode in their corner. Ford tried to join in, but Kingston tagged back in. 

The heels took over when Corbin countered Woods' honor roll into the deep six for a near fall. The faces regained control when Ford got the tag. Ford hit a standing dropkick and moonsault for a near fall. 

A brief brawl broke out, and Kingston accidentally wiped out Ford with a crossbody. 

Back from the break, Ziggler had a chin lock applied on Ford. The heels isolated Ford on their side of the ring and cut him off from his corner. Ford fought back and rocked Ziggler with an enziguri. 

Kingston got the hot tag and ran wild on Roode. He hit the boom drop and set up for the trouble in paradise. Roode avoided, but Woods made the blind tag and hit a DDT for a close near fall. 

Dawkins tagged himself in by slapping Woods on the back. They had a brief staredown, but Corbin hit Woods from behind. Dawkins hit the twisting splash on Roode. Roode fought back and hit a spinebuster on Dawkins. Roode then tagged in Zayn. 

Zayn had yet to get in the match at this point and still didn't want to get in. Roode demanded he get in the ring. Dawkins pulled in Zayn and hit a huge spinebuster. Ford then hit the frog splash for the win. 

After the match, New Day and Street Profits celebrated their win. Both teams held their titles in the air. 

Michael Cole and Corey Graves ran down the line up for tonight. They noted Daniel Bryan makes his return. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton and Daniel Bryan were waiting for their interview. Sami Zayn walked by yelling at the referee that he wasn't the legal man in the match because he wasn't touching the tag rope.

Zayn got in Bryan's face and yelled at him. He noted that Bryan's always making a return to SmackDown. 

Bryan put on his mask and knocked down Zayn. Zayn was furious and stormed off. 

Kayla Braxton interviewed Daniel Bryan in the back. She praised his new haircut, which looks great.

They recapped Bryan's match against Jey Uso and the post-match beat down from a few weeks ago.

Bryan pointed out that he saw Uso's interview with Braxton and believes Uso's attack wasn't personal. Bryan talked about his daughter seeing him injured. 

Bryan then promised Uso that it's not personal either. 

In the back, Adam Pearce added Otis to the men's SmackDown team. Pearce noted he has the power to add Otis. Chad Gable showed up and celebrated with Otis for making the team.

Natalya approached Pearce. She pointed out that Pearce has the power to add her to the team. He said he could only add one person, and that's team captain Bayley. Natalya has a qualifying match against Tamina next. 

Back from the break, Seth Rollins discussed saving Murphy and helping with his career. He claimed that if it weren't for the greater good, Murphy wouldn't even be with Aalyah. 

Rollins noted he was stabbed in the back and set up. Tonight, Rollins promised Murphy his final lesson. Murphy will go back to being what he was before Rollins saved him. Nothing. 

Last Chance Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Natalya defeated Tamina 

Bianca Belair and Bayley joined Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary. Initially, Belair was out there alone, but Bayley invited herself to join them. 

They showed Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan watching in the back. 

There wasn't much to the match as they kept it short. Tamina had the early advantage and worked over Natalya.

Natalya fought back and wiped out Tamina with the discus lariat. She then locked on the sharpshooter for the win. 

After the match, Natalya celebrated joining the team. The Riott Squad came out, and all five members of the women's SmackDown team posed.

They recapped the Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns feud. 

Drew McIntyre/Roman Reigns Contract Signing 

This was awesome. Reigns and McIntrye were great in this segment. They both came across as stars, in particular Reigns. 

New WWE Champion Drew McIntyre made his entrance before the break. 

Back from the commercial break, McIntyre was sitting in the ring with Adam Pearce at a table. Pearce sat at the head of the table in front of the contract.

Universal Champion Roman Reigns then made his entrance with Paul Heyman. He took his time entering and made McIntrye wait. 

Reigns made Pearce stand up and took his seat at the head of the table. That was a nice touch. 

Reigns noted he knew McIntyre would win the title. Heyman didn't think he could, but Reigns believed in him. Reigns said Heyman once told him that McIntyre is the right guy, in the right place but at the wrong time.

McIntyre knows that Reigns is just trying to get in his head. He knows Reigns wants him to flip over the table and attack him. McIntyre isn't here for that. He signed the contract and handed it to Reigns. 

McIntyre gave Reigns some advice and told him to enjoy the next two days of peace. He told Reigns to get ready for war Sunday night.

Reigns didn't like that comment and promised to teach McIntrye a lesson. He said McIntyre is a secondary champion. McIntrye's the person they get when Reigns doesn't want to do something. 

Reigns promised that one day McIntyre would be the man. He promised McIntyre would look back at these moments and all the things he learned from Reigns. McIntrye will then realize that he loves Reigns. 

Reigns signed the contract and told McIntyre he'll always be his favorite number two. That was a good line.

They recapped Murphy turning on Seth Rollins last week. 

Murphy (w/Rey, Dominik & Aalyah Mysterio) defeated Seth Rollins 

This was a really good match. Murphy and Rollins both worked hard and told a good story. 

Rollins had the early advantage and was firmly in control. He beat Murphy around ringside and taunted The Mysterio family. 

Rollins tied up Murphy in the ropes and grabbed a kendo stick from under the ring. 

Rey and Dominik tried to prevent Rollins from using the kendo stick. Rollins beat them both down until Murphy freed himself from the ropes. 

Murphy climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Rollins shoved him off. Murphy fell and took a nasty bump into the barricade. 

Back from the break, Rollins was firmly in control. He hit the sling blade for a near fall. The Mysterio's were cheering for Murphy, which distracted Rollins. 

Murphy fought back and hit a massive dive on Rollins to the floor. Murphy climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Rollins cut him off. Rollins then hit a superplex into the falcon arrow for a close near fall. 

They traded hard shots on the apron. Murphy rocked Rollins with a kick and a running knee. 

As Murphy entered the ring, Rollins hit the curb stomp for a near fall, but Murphy got his foot on the bottom rope. 

Rollins yelled at Murphy and hit the buckle bomb. Murphy fought back and hit a jumping knee. Rollins recovered and went from the curb stomp again, but Murphy avoided and hit another knee. Murphy then hit Murphy's law for the win. 

After the match, Murphy and The Mysterio family celebrated his win.

SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks made her way to the ring. 

Sasha Banks/Asuka Segment

Michael Cole interviewed Raw Women's Champion Asuka and SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks in the ring. Cole noted that the feud started during the summer when Banks defeated Asuka for the Raw Women's title. Asuka mocked Banks. She even told Banks that she couldn't see her. 

Banks got in Asuka's face. They don't have to wait until Sunday and can settle it right now.

Asuka yelled that Banks isn't ready for Asuka. Banks noted she was born ready.

Suddenly, Carmella jumped Banks from behind and attacked her leg. She hung Banks upside down in the corner and hit a superkick.

Asuka just stood by and watched the attack. 

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Jey Uso. Braxton asked if he's allowed to answer questions. Uso noted he's the one that decided to beat down Daniel Bryan and put him through the table. 

Daniel Bryan defeated Jey Uso

Bryan and Uso had a good fast-paced match with hard-hitting action. 

Bryan and Uso traded hard shots at the ring of the bell. Bryan nailed Uso with kicks and took him to the mat.

Bryan tied up Uso and viciously rocked him with forearms. 

Uso fought back and nailed Bryan with a back elbow. He tossed Bryan into the steps and cleared the announce table. Bryan recovered and hit a missile dropkick in the ring. 

Bryan sent Uso to the floor and followed up with a suicide dive. Uso fought back and gave Bryan a backdrop through the announce table. 

Back from the break, Uso was firmly in control. He stomped on Bryan and yelled that it's not personal. Uso rocked Bryan with hard chops in the corner. 

Uso targeted Bryan's lower back and kidneys with a backbreaker. Bryan briefly fought back and climbed to the top, but Uso cut him off. Uso then hit a superplex for a close near fall. 

Uso attempted the Samoan Drop, but Bryan rolled him up for near fall. Bryan went for the Yes Lock, but Uso attacked Bryan's lower back and kidneys to break the hold.

Uso climbed to the top, but Bryan cut him off and hit a huge back suplex. Bryan fired up and hit the Yes Kicks for a near fall. Bryan stomped on Uso's face and set up for the running knee. Uso caught Bryan with a superkick.

Uso followed up with two more superkicks. The finish came when Uso attempted the splash off the top, but Bryan got his knees up and used an inside cradle for the win.

After the match, Bryan celebrated his win as Uso watched from ringside.