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WWE SmackDown live results: Two title matches


Two title matches will take place on tonight's episode of SmackDown.

The SmackDown Tag Team titles will be on the line as Rey & Dominik Mysterio defend against The Usos. Last week, The Usos returned to tag team action by defeating The Street Profits. Roman Reigns wasn't happy about it and warned Jey that Jimmy would take him from the main event back to the opening match.

As Rey & Dominik prepared to defend their titles against Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode on last week's show, Rey was attacked by someone backstage. Dominik fought Ziggler & Roode alone and successfully retained the titles following a distraction by Rey.

Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews also defends against Kevin Owens tonight in a match where Commander Azeez will be banned from ringside. Owens faced Crews in a non-title match last week, but Azeez hit the Nigerian Nail on Owens for the disqualification. Later, Owens convinced Adam Pearce to give him a title match against Crews, with Azeez unable to interfere.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


Roman Reigns Segment

Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman headed to the ring to start SmackDown. Michael Cole and Pat McAfee discussed Reign's feelings about The Usos getting a title shot.

Reigns posed at the top of the stage, and his pyro went off. He slowly walked to the ring and posed a second time. Pyro went off again. They piped in loud "Roman sucks" chants. 

Reigns admitted that after last week he wasn't happy. He then spoke with his advisor, and he changed his opinion about The Usos title shot. Reigns noted he's the centerpiece and let the title match happen. He's a giving person. 

Reigns warned Jimmy Uso since he wanted the title shot that they better win. Reigns then demanded The Usos come to the ring. 

The Usos made their way to the ring. Jey embraced Reigns and acknowledged him as the Tribal Chief. Reigns turned to Jimmy and told him it's his turn to acknowledge him. 

Jimmy pointed out that he already did at Hell in a Cell last October. Jimmy promised to win the tag team titles tonight. Reigns warned Jimmy again that he better win. He noted the whole family is watching. Reigns told Jimmy to get the job done and bring him the tag team titles. 

Jimmy and Jey promised to win the titles for the seventh time. 

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Rey & Dominik Mysterio defeated The Usos to retain the titles (14:29)

The Mysterios and Usos had a good and fun match. 

Jimmy had the early advantage until Dominik hit a dropkick and arm drag. Dominik then gave Rey a powerbomb onto Jimmy for a near fall. Jey tagged in, and The Usos briefly took over. 

They showed Roman Reigns watching the match in the back. 

Jimmy made a blind tag, and the Usos hung Rey on the top rope to regain control. Jimmy slowed the pace down with a chin lock.

Rey briefly fought back, but Jimmy hit an enziguri for a near fall. The heels isolated Rey on their side of the ring and cut him off from Dominik. Jey made a blind tag, but Rey knocked him off the apron.

Rey then sent Jimmy to the floor as well. In a cool spot, Rey attempted the sliding splash under the bottom rope, but Jey caught him in a Samoan Drop. He then dropped him on the announce table. 

Back from the break, The Usos were firmly in control and continued to beat down Rey. Jey slowed the pace down with another chin lock. Rey fought back and gave Jey a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle. 

Jey prevented Rey from making a tag and dragged him back to their corner. In a cool spot, Rey avoided Jey and kicked Jimmy in the face at the same time. Dominik got the hot tag and ran wild. Dominik hit a tornado DDT off the ropes for a close near fall. 

Dominik climbed to the top rope, but Jimmy cut him off. Dominik fought off the Usos, but Rey wasn't in the corner. The Usos then gave Dominik a pop-up Samoan Drop for another near fall. 

The Usos charged at Dominik, but he avoided and sent them to the floor. Rey took out Jey with a senton off the apron. Jimmy rocked Rey with a superkick. 

The finish came when Jimmy rocked Dominik with a superkick. Jimmy attempted the splash off the top, but Dominik got his feet up. Dominik then rolled up Jimmy for the win. Jimmy actually got his shoulder up, but the referee didn't see it. They showed several slow-motion replays of Jimmy getting his shoulder up.

Jimmy and Jey argued with the referee after the match.  

In the back, Roman Reigns was disappointed his cousins lost. He ordered Paul Heyman to bring The Usos to him. 

Back from the break, Jimmy Uso tried to explain that he got his shoulder up. He claimed they were cheated. Reigns screamed at him that he doesn't want to hear it. He mocked him for losing to a child. 

Reigns noted the night isn't over. He ordered The Usos to got to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville.

He told them to get another title match and to make things right. Reigns called Jimmy Jey. Jey tried to correct him, but Reigns noted it doesn't matter. 

Seth Rollins Interview

Kayla Braxton asked about Rollins attacking Cesaro two weeks ago. They recapped Rollins attacking Cesaro.

Braxton noted Cesaro's been in the situation before and usually makes a comeback. 

Rollins noted he doesn't have to answer her questions or give up his valuable time. Braxton pointed out Cesaro never gives up or backs down. Rollins took off his mic and threw it at her.

In the back, Chad Gable approached The Street Profits. He found some flaws in their recent matches and noted he could help them. They laughed at him and turned the offer down. 

The Usos approached Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville in their office. Pearce admitted the referee made a mistake. Deville promised to decide what to do by the end of the night.

Carmella defeated Liv Morgan (2:31)

The match was okay. They kept it short.

Carmella bragged that she's the most beautiful woman in the WWE. She said nobody takes their eyes off of her when she gets in the ring. Carmella posed on the ropes, and various pictures of Carmella flashed on the screen. 

Earlier today, Liv Morgan said Carmella's a seven at best. She promised to defeat Carmella and give her a makeover.

Carmella got in Morgan's face to start the match. Morgan quickly took over and sent Carmella into the barricade. Carmella regained control and slowed the pace down. 

Morgan fought back but missed a splash in the corner. Morgan dropped Carmella on her feet and then pushed her into the turnbuckle.

Carmella recovered and locked on the code of silence for the win.

After the match, Carmella ordered the ring announcer to call her the most beautiful woman in the WWE.

In the back, Rey & Dominik Mysterio were heading out the door when Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville stopped them.

They re-watched the footage from earlier and decided The Usos deserve another title match tonight. Rey & Dominik agreed to defend the titles again tonight. 

Michael Cole and Pat Mcafee reviewed the pin again and noted Jimmy clearly got his shoulder up. The Mysterios vs. The Usos rematch is official for later tonight. 

Bianca Belair Segment

Belair noted that since winning the title from Sasha Banks, Bayley's been upset. She pointed out that Bayley hasn't done anything but laugh. Belair doesn't know what's so funny. 

She noted the laugh is starting to get to her, which is funny. Belair talked about people trying to put her down, telling her she shows off too much and is man-ish because of her muscles. She didn't let that stop her. She left them all in the dust and proved them wrong. 

However, nobody laughed in her face like Bayley. Belair then challenged Bayley to a match at Hell in a Cell. Belair called out Bayley, but she made her wait. 

Suddenly, Bayley's cackle could be heard in the arena. Bayley then appeared on the big screen. She noted the world doesn't revolve around Belair. Bayley pointed out that she's not there in the arena. Bayley was sitting in a room filled with her pictures. 

Bayley accepted Belair's challenged and promised she wouldn't be the only one laughing. Bayley started to laugh uncontrollably. Bayley's face appeared on every screen in the arena as she continued to cackle. Bayley's laugh and her face on the screens made for a cool visual. Belair and Bayley were good in this segment. 

Otis approached The Street Profits in the back. He was mad that they were rude to Chad Gable earlier. They mocked Otis and noted Gable isn't doing anything for him. They told him to get his money back. Otis snapped and attacked them both. 

King Corbin defeated Shinsuke Nakamura (w/Rick Boogs) (1:53)

They recapped King Corbin's feud with Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs. The highlights included Nakamura stealing Corbin's crown and Pat McAfee rocking out to Boogs. 

Nakamura's entrance took longer than the match. 

Boogs came out to introduce and play Nakamura to the ring. McAfee jumped on the announce table and danced to Nakamura's entrance. That was funny.

Corbin backed Nakamura into the corner and beat him down. Nakamura fought back and rocked Corbin with a knee in the corner for a near fall. Corbin briefly fought back, but Nakamura went for an armbar. 

Corbin took out Boogs with a clothesline on the floor. Nakamura regained control, but Corbin pinned him out of nowhere for the win. 

After the match, Corbin took his crown back, but Boogs prevented him from leaving. Nakamura attacked Corbin and took the crown back. 

They recapped Apollo Crews vs. Kevin Owens from last week. It highlighted Commander Azeez attacking Owens and getting banned from tonight's match. 

In the back, Owens was on his way to the ring when Azeez jumped him and viciously beat him down. 

Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews defeated Kevin Owens to retain the title (11:57)

Owens and Crews had a good match that told a good story.

Apollo Crews was standing in the ring with a big smile on his face. He laughed at the footage of Azeez attacking Owens.

Owens dragged himself down the aisle and limped to the ring because of his rib injuries. 

Crews jumped Owens at the bell and beat him down. He slowed the pace down and focused on Owens' injured ribs.

Owens fought back and hit a senton. He attempted a pop-up powerbomb, but his ribs gave out. Owens avoided Crews and sent him to the floor.

Owens attempted a dive but couldn't because of his ribs. Crews took over at ringside and hit a back suplex on the floor.

Back from the break, Crews was firmly in control as he continued to target the injured ribs. He followed up with a German suplex for a near fall.

Crews attempted a second German suplex, but Owens reversed and hit a German suplex. Crews went for a superplex, but Owens knocked him off. Owens tried a Swanton Bomb, but Crews got his knees up.

Crews hit a German suplex and standing moonsault for a near fall. Crews missed a frog splash, and Owens hit two superkicks. Owens then hit a pop-up powerbomb for another close near fall. 

Owens struggled to climb to the top rope. Crews rolled to the apron to avoid Owens. Crews then gave Owens a Death Valley Driver on the apron for the win. 

After the match, Crews celebrated with Azeez. Sami Zayn ran out and attacked Owens. He hit the Helluva kick and yelled that karma got Owens. 

In the back, The Street Profits discussed their problems with Chad Gable and Otis tonight and challenged them to a match.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Rey & Dominik Mysterio defeated The Usos via DQ (8:13)

They had a good match until the finish. The opener was slightly better. The post-match beat down went on a bit long, although it worked into the angle. 

Michael Cole noted it doesn't happen often, but The Usos are getting a rematch on the same night. 

Jimmy and Dominik started the match as they did in the opener. Jimmy attempted several pinfall attempts.

Jey caught Dominik with a back suplex into a neck breaker. Dominik rolled to the floor, but Jey hit a suicide dive. 

Back from the break, The Usos were firmly in control and continued to beat down Dominik. They isolated Dominik and cut him off from his corner. Rey got the hot tag and ran wild.

Rey knocked Jey off the apron and hit a springboard cross body on Jimmy for a near fall. 

Rey sent Jey to the floor with a hurricanrana. Rey sent Jimmy to the floor as well and hit the sliding splash under the bottom rope. Rey avoided Jey and sent him into the ring post. 

Rey then hit the 619 on Jimmy and tagged in Dominik. Dominik climbed to the top for the frog splash.

Suddenly, Roman Reigns ran in and hit Dominik with the superman punch for the disqualification. 

Reigns yelled at The Usos and then beat down Rey and Dominik. Reigns grabbed the steps and smashed Dominik in the face. He turned his attention to Rey and hit him with the steps as well. 

Reigns tossed Rey over the barricade and threw Dominik back in the ring. He continued to beat down Dominik viciously. The Usos watched from the corners. Reigns then locked on the guillotine submission on Dominik until he passed out.

Jimmy had enough and told Reigns to let Dominik go. Jimmy yelled at Reigns to leave Dominik alone. 

Jimmy jumped out of the ring and asked Jey to come with him. Jey was about to leave when Reigns stopped him. Jey stood in the ring, not knowing what to do. Reigns then continued to attack Dominik to end SmackDown. 

Next Week: The Street Profits take on Chad Gable & Otis.