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Three matches announced for next week's WWE Raw


Three matches have been announced for next Monday’s Raw.

The Miz vs. John Morrison, Doudrop vs. Eva Marie, and Bobby Lashley vs. Sheamus will take place on next week’s show, which will be held at the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City. All three matches stem from angles that took place on tonight’s Raw.

Miz turned on Morrison following a match where Xavier Woods pinned Miz after Morrison accidently distracted the referee after spraying a drip stick. Miz acted like all was forgiven, but instead blindsided Morrison and dropped him with the skull crushing finale. The two had been arguing earlier after the Miz interjected himself in an interview between Morrison and Logan Paul.

After Doudrop humiliated Eva Marie following her loss at SummerSlam on Saturday, Doudrop said on tonight’s Raw that it was a mistake to have alligned herself with Eva Marie, but would keep the name as she has grown to like it. Eva Marie then attacked Doudrop with an equipment box and slammed her head against it.

Sheamus was mad at Lashley after Lashley abandoned him during their tag match against Drew McIntyre and Sheamus. Backstage, the two had an argument that lasted until MVP intervened.