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United States title match set for next week's WWE Raw


Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio has been set for next week’s episode of Raw.

This comes following events that took place during tonight's show. It started following the end of a gauntlet match that was set to determine the next challenger for the WWE United States title. Andrade laid out Humberto Carrillo with a hammerlock DDT on exposed concrete outside of the ring. Rey Mysterio came out and chased Andrade away, allowing EMTs to take Humberto away.

As Rey was leaving, Seth Rollins and AOP arrived with the steel pipe Rey gave Kevin Owens last week on Raw. AOP bet up Rey as Seth taunted him, saying that he would be merciful. They started to walk away, but then Seth curb stomped Rey to finish the assault.

Later in the back, Seth Rollins was asked by Charly Caruso why he attacked Mysterio. Rollins said she instead should ask why he didn’t put Mysterio in the hospital. Rollins then issued the challenge for next week. Mysterio eventually accepted the challenge towards the end of the show.

WWE is taping next week’s episode of Raw in Des Moines, Iowa tonight.