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WWE 205 Live results: Six-man tag action


Chase Parker and Matt Martel (Ever-Rise) defeated Leon Ruff and Adrian Alanis 

Following 205 Live’s initial bell, Leon Ruff shared the ring with Matt Martel. Martel soon proved to be Ruff’s superior, at least in a measure of physical strength. Martel tossed Ruff across the ring, taunting after every move, before tagging Chase Parker into the match. Ruff responded to said tag with a tag of his own making Adrian Alanis the legal man. 

Alanis was pushed to a knee as soon as he entered the ring. Parker then slapped the back of Alanis’s head as if to disrespect his less-known opponent. Alanis had his arm worked for a while before showing his advantage in strength. Alanis then used his mentioned advantage to toss Parker twice. Parker, still with one arm controlled by Alanis, struck the gut of Alanis and secured the tag. Alanis responded to the tag with an arm drag on the now legal Martel. Martel was then drug across the ring by his arm, where Ruff tagged back in. 

In a double team maneuver, the exiting Alanis used an atomic drop which left Ruff in perfect position for a slingblade. Martel kicked from the subsequent pin attempt before the referee could count “One.” Ruff was then overpowered by the larger Martel. Martel drove Ruff into his corner where Parker was tagged back into legality. Ruff was then met with a raining of fists that left him reaching for air. After rising to his feet Ruff was planted with a one-foot dropkick and a series of double team moves following a tag making Martel legal. 

Martel lifted Ruff and delivered a backbreaker. Martel then restrained Ruff with a hold to the arm. Ruff powered up before flipping backward far enough for Alanis to tag in. Alanis struck Martel with plenty of overhands. Alanis’s offense was responded to with a back elbow that sent him to his back. Parker was then tagged in once more. Martel then held Alanis up, allowing Parker to connect with an elevated double knee face-breaker akin to a codebreaker. Parker pinned Alanis for the win.

Ever-Rise’s victory came only after a match that was very back and forth. They did not look strong, nor did the match deliver in any meaningful way. I do not see how this match could do anything for anyone. 

Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan, and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeated Jack Gallagher, Tehuti Miles, and Tony Nese 

Jack Gallager and Danny Burch stood in the ring immediately following the bell as the legal men to start this six-man tag-team match. Gallagher was then immediately and unwillingly tagged out of the match by Tehuti Miles. Miles and Gallagher briefly exchanged words before the match’s action initiated.  

Miles and Burch squared off but much like a torero to a bull Miles dodged the first attack. Burch in the subsequent exchange came out on top. Miles was then sent into the ropes and dropped with a back elbow. Miles then rolled for the tag, making Tony Nese legal. Nese ran at Burch but was immediately grounded with a drop toe hold. Burch then took control of the arm of Nese before stomping on his fingers. 

With the arm of Nese in hand, Burch tagged in Oney Lorcan, who then immediately tagged in Isaiah Scott. Lorcan and Burch stretched the arms of Nese wide allowing Scott to freely chop the chest. Scott then took the match to the ground with an arm drag. Miles then sat on Nese’s arm while pulling it across his thigh in a peculiar hold. 

Scott then stood, with the arm of Nese still in hand, and allowed Burch to tag in once more. Burch took the arm of Nese from Scott and continued the attack on this limb. Burch then moments later tagged Lorcan into the match. Lorcan used an inverted atomic drop before tagging in Scott again, who continued the arm based attack. Lorcan was tagged in one more time wherein he didn’t attack the arm of Nese but instead began to work the head. Nese finally was able to stand back into the corner, and received the tag from Gallagher.

Gallagher distracted the attention of Lorcan long enough for Nese to jump to the outside with Lorcan’s head suddenly in his control, making his throat and the top ring rope violently collide. Gallagher pinned Lorcan but was met with a kick out at the count of one. Gallagher clubbed and kicked Lorcan with a disrespectful air before being met with a brutal chop. Gallagher did not fall but instead started to intensify. Gallagher clubbed, kicked, and kneed Lorcan with a ferocity and arrogance. Gallagher taunted the corner of Lorcan before trying for a pin. Lorcan kicked out at one.

Nese and Gallagher then traded tags and moves onto Lorcan. Gallagher was left the legal man after a dropkick. Gallagher tried for the pin again but Lorcan kicked out at two. While arguing with the referee Gallagher was tagged unwillingly again by Miles. Miles and Gallagher stared each other down before Gallagher left the ring. Miles was then blindsided with an uppercut from Lorcan following this inter-team disturbance. Lorcan uppercut Miles three times before being utterly turned inside out with a Miles clothesline on his third attempt. Miles tried for a pin but Lorcan answered the referee’s count at two. 

Miles tried to hold Lorcan to the mat following his car crash style clothesline, but Lorcan climbed to his feet. Lorcan then was lifted further than his feet by Miles who dropped him with a facebuster seconds later. Miles then connected with two elbow drops but before the third, he entered the third verbal dispute with Gallagher. Miles then dropped, without looking, with a third elbow but Lorcan avoided. Lorcan then crawled for and succeeded in obtaining the hot tag to Scott. 

Scott used a clothesline of his own on Miles before laying out Gallagher. Scott gained control of Miles on the ground and transitioned into a German suplex. Nese tried to interfere, but was sent crashing to the mat immediately. Nese tried again, but was crumbled by the forearm of Burch. Scott dropped Miles in the center of the ring with a piece of his signature and oftentimes match ending offense. Scott tried for the pin but it was broken up by Gallagher. Burch then was tagged into the match. 

Burch and Scott attacked Miles, but Miles kicked out of the pin attempts that followed. Scott was then laid out by Nese with something that was only partially on camera. Burch, upset by the action of Nese, turned his attention to the primer athlete only to be struck in the back of the head by Miles. Miles then tagged Nese into the match. Nese kicked the head of Burch and tried for a pin but Burch kicked out. 

Miles then again tagged himself into the match leaving both of his teammates to verbally barrette him. Gallagher left the apron in a state of agitation. Nese followed him trying to convince him to stay. Miles looked on from the ring. Burch took advantage of Miles’s disattention with a headbutt and a tag to Scott. Scott lifted Miles for the confidence boost and hooked the leg for the pin.

This match hit many of the same notes with little subtlety. It was also a little too busy, some streamlining of ideas would have elevated it to a higher level. The finish was predictable from the opening exchange, but not all roads led to it; for instance, the arm of Nese was only targeted in the early building action and completely forgotten by the climax. The match was not terrible by any means, but it was certainly not without flaw.