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WWE crowns new SmackDown Tag Team Champions


Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan are the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Bryan & Rowan defeated The Usos on tonight's SmackDown to win the vacant titles. The finish of the match was Rowan hitting the Iron Claw slam on Jey after Bryan had taken out Jimmy with the running knee on the outside.

WWE had advertised that Shane McMahon would be crowning new SmackDown Tag Team Champions tonight. There was a segment where he was about to award Bryan & Rowan the titles, but The Usos interrupted him. The Usos cut a promo where they took exception to the titles just being handed to Bryan & Rowan. They wanted Shane to make the title match, and Shane said he'd enjoy watching Bryan & Rowan send them back to Raw empty-handed.

The Usos moved from SmackDown to Raw in the Superstar Shake-up, but their appearance this week was explained by the "Wild Card rule" that WWE introduced on Monday night. AJ Styles and Sami Zayn also appeared on SmackDown as part of the rule.

The Hardys vacated the SmackDown Tag Team titles last Tuesday due to Jeff Hardy's right knee injury. Jeff underwent surgery last week, with him expecting to be out of action for six to nine months.