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WWE Extreme Rules fan feedback

WWE Extreme Rules

Thumbs up.

  • Best match: fatal 4 way (world title match second best)
  • Worst match: divas
  • Four way was hot and well done. Styles-Reigns a worth main event in spite of the interference.
  • The Jericho- Ambrose cage mess really dragged live, and brought the crowd down; divas match also poor.
  • Vaudvillians were actually pretty good; have potential, and were protected for the moment by the finish.
  • Anderson and Gallows also strong . Baron-Ziggler was not much.

 --Mike Omansky

Just wanted to provide some feedback on Extreme Rules. I gave the show a slight thumbs up, somewhere between thumbs in the middle, lol. The show had hits and misses, a few good matches, a few highlights, but due to lack of build not much else. I thought the main event for the world title was the best match of the night, although it was a tough choice between the main event and I/C title match. The I/C title match was awesome, but thought the main event was better in my opinion. Worst match of the night was probably a tie between the women's match and the Asylum cage match. The women's match could have been so much better, and it's hard to have a cage match without violence and blood and keeping it PG.

1. Ziggler - Corbin - Was not really into the match, either competitor could have won and would not have really made a difference.

2. Doc & Anderson - Uso's - Really good match, fast paced, Doc & Karl have been great since they started, The Uso's looked good as a result, and usually not into the Uso's very much. Hope they heat up the tag team scene with the addition of Doc & Karl and give them a run as tag champs.

3. Kalisto - Rusev - Good to see Rusev win and get the U.S. title and paired back up on screen properly with Lana. I thought this was a hot act during his first run as US champ and they should have kept it that way instead of the seemingly lack of push that happened after the Cena fued and then Lana paired up with Dolph, just didn't work. The League of Nations thing didn't work out, and clearly neither of them was really having any on screen success without the other, so good to see them headed in the right direction again.

4. New Day - Vaudevillains - Good to see New Day win. I was annoyed with their gimmick at first, but they have grown on me and I actually like the act now. Now I'm annoyed by the Vaudevillians, lol. Don't really see how this can be a very long lasting gimmick for them as I just don't see it sticking.

5. Miz, Cesaro, Zayn, Ownes - Really great match, these guys are the future of the WWE and good to see them have a great match with each other. Was hoping they would get the title back on Owens as I thought he made a tremendous champion. But would be good to see either Zayn or Cesaro as champ too. And these guys are miracle workers making the Miz look good, lol. However The Miz has improved and I think a push with Maryse with him has been good. Improving as a performer and hope they just stick with that, stay away from the whole Miz TV thing, very annoying.

6. Dean - Jericho - Really lackluster match, a whole bunch of nothing going on in the cage. Hard to have a cage match in today's WWE. And the whole storyline between Dean and Jericho really was not going anywhere in my opinion. Cool spot at the end however with the bump into the tacks, that was cool at least.

7. Charlotte - Nattie - Very disappointing since they are both so talented and this match was regulated to seemingly almost nothing and elevate who? Dana Brooks? I don't think Dana is ready for the main roster yet. Her matches have left something to be desired that I've seen so far. Hopefully they will just keep her in the "Bodyguard" position for Charlotte and continue to push Charlotte as a really good heal. Daddy Ric can only do so much at ringside, so it will be good to have Dana there to take the bumps outside the ring. No disrespect to Flair, but he can't actually do a whole lot of bumping at his age and keeping his physical role limited will be more effective I think.

8. Roman - Styles - I thought this was a great match, AJ really took some hardcore bumps. I like Roman as champ and hope they go full heal with his character. Also want to see see Styles as champ. Also really cool to see the return of Rollins and would like to see him as champ again too, lol. But an amazing match of an otherwise somewhat lackluster card other then the I/C title match.

Jon Southerland -- Clovis, Ca.

  • Thumbs in the middle. Very mixed bag.
  • Best match: Roman vs AJ. Maybe the best WWE match this year.
  • Worst match: Ambrose vs Jericho. Maybe the worst WWE PPV match this year.

The women are hopeless if every title match has a screw job finish.

Erin J Hotovy

Thumbs Up

  • Best Match: Styles v Reigns
  • Worst Match: New Day v Vaudevillans

Another solid card. Styles had an insane match performance but important to say Reigns did a lot right in there as well. Wonder what is up next for Styles as a reward for the stuff he is doing out there since joining WWE. That main event delivered on a lot of levels. The passion of the crowds love/hate relationship with Reigns added here rather than detract and cant imagine that dynamic if RollinsVReigns is at MITB. The IC 4 way would be best match on a lot of cards. Big fan of the Kalisto-Rusev match as so much they did in that match was very tight. Kalisto has been doing some solid stuff from the del rio feud through the recent big men. Rusev is so underused but its hard to gauge how well they will handle the win based on the wackiness of the secondary titles. Usos and "The Club" had another good match, not sick of the feud though looks like its over (Wargames dreams shattered). The asylum match lagged in parts but overall felt good. Enjoyed Corbin Ziggler but think Corbin, who I am a fan of, needs a little more work on selling. The Dana Brooke spot took me out of the Charlotte-Natalya match. Get what they were going for but just came across weird.

Network was perfect tonight, none of even those minor blips or hiccups.


Michael O'Brien | Brockton, MA

Thumbs up just because of two superb matches. Roman gets the hottest heel reaction in years and Rollins was welcomed like he was HBK. Anything else but a double turn is plain simple stupid. 

  • Best Match: Miz vs. Zayn vs. Owens vs. Cesaro closely followed by Reigns vs. Styles 
  • Worst Match: Corbin vs. Ziggler

Earlier in the day during the USA vs. Puerto Rico International Friendly soccer match on FS1, one of the announcers actually said "Puerto Rico, the shining star of the Caribbean".

Leonardo II Mendez | San Sebastian, PR

Thumbs Up

Worst Match: Corbin vs. Ziggler

Had a couple of awkward moments & the rhythm could've been better at times, but I thought it was an ok match. Liked the finish, although thought he waited a little long to capitalize on the low blow.

Usos vs. Anderson & Gallows

Thought they were rushing a fair bit but decent match.  

Rusev vs. Kalisto

There were some awkward moments in the early going, thought the heat section left a lot to be desired, Kalisto's comeback wasn't as crisp, smooth & explosive as others, but I thought it was ok, & improved towards the end, which featured some nice spots & I liked the finish.   

New Day vs. Vaudevillians 
Didn't last long but I thought it was a good solid match.

Owens vs. Cesaro vs. Zayn vs. Miz
Thought the crowd jumped the gun on the awesome chants, but it was a hell of an outing. No losers here. Was surprised to see Miz win, thought for sure the title would end up on Zayn or Owens.  

Jericho vs. Ambrose
Thought the crowd were a bunch of cocks. Thought they worked a real good match, with a good structure & nice pacing, but the crowd weren't interested until the tacks, which frankly I was surprised to see used, I thought both they & the barbed wire 2x4 were just going to be teased, not that I feel that would've been a wise decision. They were out there trying to work, but the crowd wanted pace & spots. Ok, it was following a great match, but there was no need for some of their behaviour.

Natalya vs. Charlotte
Tough stipulation match to have given the two matches that'd gone before. I thought it was decent, but wasn't a fan of the finish, thought it was very anticlimactic, & was pretty surprised by Dana Brooke's appearance, given her ongoing program with Becky. Interested to see where they're going.  

Best Match: Styles vs. Reigns
Thought it was an amazing performance from Styles, he worked so hard, & Reigns wasn't a passenger. Lots of creative spots, great layout, great flow & rhythm to the match, very spectacular, although I would've liked a little more dramatics given everything they did, & for them to bring down the pace a little at times. Again no losers here.  

Tom Griffiths