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WWE NXT Glasgow Results 12-11: Finn Bálor v Sami Zayn for the NXT Title

By Dregen Rockwell

Enzo & Big Cass (w/ Carmella) v Blake & Murphy.

Huge reaction for Enzo and Cass - their shtick is very over. Enzo does most of the work in this one, with all 5 people playing to the crowd frequently. Blake and Murphy get their rest spots in, and regularly cut Enzo off as he inches towards a hot tag. Once Cass eventually gets in, he clears house, before tagging Enzo in for the rocket launcher splash for a clean pinball victory.

Tye Dillinger v Bull Dempsey

Dillinger's '10' chant is over for the rest of the night. It's made clear from the offset that this is strictly a comedy match. Bull does jumping jacks for a good few minutes, and gets Tye to join in against his will. Tye gets defensive over his laminated '10' sign, and flips out once Bull accidentally makes him stand on it. Then a match breaks out, with Tye getting most of the offence in before Bull hulks up and hits a flying headbutt for the pin.

Alexa Bliss v Asuka

Asuka is super over with the crowd. After the early flurry from Asuka, Bliss targets the arm and gets in some moves before getting in some rest spots. Asuka then turns the tables, and makes Bliss submit to the Asuka lock. A basic match, but the crowd enjoyed it.

Some promos for TLC aired in the arena, which the crowd didn't really appreciate, and they amped up the NXT chants.

Baron Corbin v Neville

The crowd were surprised and happy to see Neville on the tour. This was possibly the longest match of the night, in a show that ran about 45 minutes longer than advertised. Corbin grounds Neville for large chunks of this with the usual big man v little man dynamic. Neville got some hope spots in, but Corbin would hit some big moves to ground Neville. After a few 2 counts, Neville comes back into it with some strikes that send Corbin outside, allowing for an asai moonsault to the floor. Back in the ring, Neville reverses an End Of Days, and after a couple of teases and attempted reversals, Neville hits the Red Arrow for the very popular win.

Jordan and Gable v Dash & Dawson for the NXT Tag Titles

Huge ovation for Jordan and Gable, with a lot of creative chants for them. A chant set to 1993 dance hit 'No Limit' by 2 Unlimited was the highlight, as was 'Save the Gable' to the New Day chant. Gable starts this one, but unlike Enzo earlier, gets mostly offence in against the champs. Jordan gets a couple of spots before Dawson manages to ground Gable. Quick tags between the champs weaken Gable, before he is able to turn the tide and eventually tag in Jordan. Jordan gets some drop kicks and a belly-to-belly in, and makes the tag to Gable to set up for the Grand Amplitude before Dawson sweeps Jordan out the ring, and Dash rolls up Gable, holding the tights to get the 3 count. Great match, and the crowd showed their appreciation for the challengers post match.

Emma v Bayley for the NXT Woman's Title

Dana Brooke accompanies Emma. Bayley gets the biggest reaction of the night so far, and there was enough in the budget to bring the whacky inflatable arm-flailing tube men. Many creative chants for Bayley, set to soccer songs and Christmas songs (eg 12 days of Bayley). Bayley plays to the crowd a lot before Emma starts getting in some offence. After a rest spot and an Emmamite sandwich to the corner, Bayley starts to make a comeback, but Brooke grabs her foot from the outside, to which the referee ejects her. Bayley then hits the Bayley-to-belly for the very popular 3 count. Nia Jax makes a brief appearance, but instead of entering the ring, just gives her a warning ahead of their Takeover London match.

Apollo Crews v Samoa Joe

Decent reaction for Crews, but Joe is the over one in this match. I think he has too much respect to be treated as the heel here. A very fun back and forth match, with Joe playing to the crowd throughout. A lot of families left around us, with tired and cranky kids, obviously realising the show was overrunning. Joe the takes control and hits a Muscle Buster for a surprisingly clean 3 count.

Finn Bálor v Sami Zayn for the NXT Title

Huge reaction for both stars. Bálor comes out first, and there was a very brief delay for the 'ole' chants - the crowd knows who the challenger is. Zayn is very over with the Glasgow crowd, and is met with huge 'Welcome Back' chants. This match was very equal throughout, with Bálor appearing to take the roll as the more heelish of the two. The match kicked into high gear with an insane tope to the outside by Zayn. Zayn then got a close 2-count from a sit-out power bomb. Bálor then got a 2 from a Pele kick. Zayn set up for a Helluva Kick in the corner, but this was reversed before Bálor hit the kick into the corner before hitting the Coup de Grace for the big 3 in an excellent match.