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WWE Raw live results: Clash of Champions go-home show


The Big Takeaway: Seth Rollins is now a babyface after he made the save for Roman Reigns by jumping off the top of a cage onto Kevin Owens and Rusev. Reigns defeated Owens in a nontitle cage match by escaping the cage in the main event. Brian Kendrick will face T.J. Perkins in a Cruiserweight Championship match at Clash of Champions after Kendrick won a Fatal Fourway in the latest version of a WWE cruiserweight division. Charlotte will defend the WWE Women's Championship in a three-way against Sasha Banks and Bayley. 

Roman Reigns, who was booed as usual came out ready to settle a score with Rusev. Stephanie McMahon came out to try to calm him down, saying that she and Mick Foley had come to a decision about how to straighten things out. Foley came out and said Rollins and Rusev would meet tonight. Reigns said where does that leave him? Foley said Reigns would get his hands on Rusev at Clash of Champions in six days in a U.S. Championship. Stephanie said she guaranteed that would happen. Reigns sarcastically thanked him. Foley was upset that Reigns talked that way to Stephanie, and said he was tired of superstars going against his word. 

Foley said everyone on the Raw roster was part of the same team and if they lose the ratings war against SmackDown, then Stephanie will land on her feet as she always does. But he'll be out of a job since he's been in and out of the company for years. So Foley ordered Reigns to face Kevin Owens tonight. 

That brought Owens out and thought Foley was joking. He said he beat Reigns twice last week and said he should be getting ready to face Rollins this weekend at Clash of Champions. He appealed to Stephanie, who said what Mick says goes. She said tonight's Owens-Reigns match wouldn't be for the Universal Championship. However, Foley said the match would be in a steel cage. 

Foley ordered the show to begin. Rollins came out for his match with Rusev and traded words with Owens. He and Reigns also exchanged dirty looks. 

Rusev (C) and Seth Rollins battled to a double countout in a nontitle match (11:49) 

Rollins hit consecutive topes in a clear babyface spot. They fought up the ramp for the double countout. Rusev took Rollins to the new announcers table on the top of the ramp and tried to power bomb him through a table, but Rollins gave Rusev a knee to the back. Rusev took about a three-foot bump to the floor. Then Rollins jumped off the table for a plancha onto Rusev. Michael Cole reacted like Rollins was putting his career in jeopardy with the jump. Rollins took a series of slams early as Rusev softened up his back for the Accolade. The swing spot came when Rollins hit a Slingblade, followed by a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Announcers reacted like Rusev had kicked out of a new Rollins finisher. 

Backstage, Charlotte and Dana Brooke showed the tape of last week's three-way match finish with Brooke, Bayley and Sasha Banks. Brooke showed Foley that Banks and Bayley both had their shoulders down when the referee counted three. Brooke suggested that Foley call off tonight's tag team match with Bayley/Banks vs. Charlotte and Brooke and instead have Bayley and Banks battle tonight to determine an opponent for Charlotte this Sunday. Instead, Foley ordered Charlotte to wrestle Banks and Bayley on Sunday in a three-way match. Charlotte acted like Brooke had screwed up again and pushed her down. 

They showed profiles of cruiserweights debuting tonight: Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick. 

Chris Jericho talked to Owens backstage. Jericho said Foley was abusing his power by forcing Owens to wrestle in a cage match six days before Clash of Champions. Jericho said he was going to compile a list of all the things that Foley had done wrong as GM. 

Braun Strowman defeated Sin Cara (1:51)

Sin Cara hit a tope, but Braun Strowman didn't go off his feet. Cara tried to follow with a Quebrada, but Strowman caught him and pinned him with a running powerslam. This squash came moments after a Hispanic Heritage Month commercial. 

Bayley told Banks she can't wait to be in the ring with her again on Sunday. Banks said she had Bayley beat last week. Bayley said she had Banks beat. They agreed to put all that aside for tonight's tag team match. 

Charlotte and Dana Brooke defeated Sasha Banks and Bayley (11:07)

Bayley tried to set up the Bayley-to-Belly, but Brooke got in the ring to hold Charlotte's legs to keep her from going over. Banks decked Brooke outside the ring. As Bayley was distracted, Charlotte knocked her out with a front kick for the pin. Not much heat, even as Banks took the heat while Brooke worked over her back, which had a brace on it. Banks looked unhappy with Bayley afterwards. 

Rollins was shown walking into Stephanie's office. Seth wondered why Stephanie threw away the Authority's relationship with him for Owens. Stephanie tried to explain that she knew nothing about what HHH interfered three weeks ago. Stephanie said perhaps HHH was unhappy over seeing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship go to SmackDown Live and watch Rollins, who he hand-picked from the Shield, let the championship go to the other side. Rollins said Stephanie would come crawling back to him after Clash of Champions once he beats Rollins for the Universal Championship. 

Stephanie told Rollins not to threaten her. She said she believes that Owens has replaced Rollins as the man to carry the Universal Championship, that Owens is the man to lead Raw and that Owens is the face of the company. Rollins said Stephanie was once a shrewd businesswoman, but she's lost her touch. He said he thinks it started when her brother came back to the company. 

Bo Dallas did a prematch interview saying the tide has turned and he has learned that all of our bridges need to burn. As lovers come and go and friends turned to foe, he has learned that only he can believe in Bo. 

Bo Dallas defeated Gary Graham (1:17)  

Dallas won with the Roll the Dice. For the second week in a row, fans chanted "Let's go jobber." Cole said that Graham looked like the son of Michael Hayes. He looked more like former UWF jobber Mike Boyette. 

Cesaro defeated Sheamus in match #6 of the best-of-seven series to even the series at 3-3 (9:38)

Good near falls with Sheamus gaining two counts after the Irish Curse and the Celtic Cross into a backbreaker. Sheamus quickly put Cesaro in the Cloverleaf, but Cesaro reversed it into a small package for another two count. Sheamus appeared to have the pin with a schoolboy cradle with his feet on the ropes, just like how Cesaro won last week. But the referee caught him and ordered a break. The finishing sequence was a little sloppy. Sheamus tried to hit a slingshot, but Cesaro caught him with a forearm. Cesaro got the pin with a Gotch Neutralizer. Earlier, Sheamus tried a Rolling Senton off the top rope, but Cesaro got away and caught a dropkick, sending Sheamus to the floor. Cesaro followed by clotheslining Sheamus over the dasherboards, where Sheamus landed at the feet of Vince Carter of the Memphis Grizzlies. Sheamus hit White Noise on the apron onto Cesaro's bad back. Solid.

Jericho met with Foley backstage and said Foley had done a terrible job. He claimed Foley didn't like him. Foley said that wasn't true, he saw his match against Ultimo Dragon in Budokan Hall and recommended him to Paul Heyman, leading to him going to ECW. Jericho said he was compiling a list of all the things Foley does wrong as GM. Foley said he couldn't hear Jericho, who kept talking louder. Foley said he couldn't hear Jericho because he was missing an ear, "you stupid idiot." That led to Jericho adding "Steals catchphrases" on to his list. Jericho also said Foley had lousy fashion sense. Foley laughed over that and said that would mean something if it wasn't coming from a man who was wearing a scarf with no shirt. Jericho said it was fashionable in Luembourg as Foley walked off. Then Foley walked back onto the set and said "it wasn't fashionable Memphis, Tennessee." Jericho quickly wrote down "looks for cheap pops" and said he would share his list. 

Jericho was in the ring for the "List of Jericho." He said Foley has done a terrible job as GM because he's screwing over Owens, himself and the entire Raw program. First on the list: Foley was trying to put a wedge between himself and Owens. Terrible fashion sense. Foley had developed an affection for Sami Zayn, who Jericho vowed to cross off the list after this Sunday. 

Enzo Amore and Big Cass came out. Enzo said Jericho wasn't best friends with Owens because a best friend would never let his best friend down the ring wearing that scarf. Cass reeled off best friends like Beavis and Butthead, Millhouse and Bart and Bert and Ernie. 

The Shining Stars walked down selling their trusty time shares to Puerto Rico. Then the New Day showed up. Xavier Woods said even better than the Time Shares was his YouTube show "Up Up Down Down," where he's giving away two iPhone 7s. They vowed to beat Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows this weekend. Guess who came out next? 

Gallows said they were taking their tag team titles on Sunday. Anderson said they beat the New Day last week and all they could talk about was Up Up Down Down. Anderson called Booty-Os stupid cereal. Jericho said the List of Jericho used to only be about Foley, but now he was starting a new list, and he was starting a new list and putting all of them on it. Zayn came down and threw Jericho in the ring and a huge brawl broke out among everybody as they went to a commercial. During a commercial, Foley came out and ordered a 10-man tag with Jericho, Anderson & Gallows and the Shining Stars vs. Big E., Kofi Kingston, Enzo, Cass and Zayn. 

Sami Zayn, Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Kofi Kingston, and Big E. defeated The Shining Stars, Chris Jericho and Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows (5:28) 

Zayn aimed to give the Helluva Kick to Jericho, who moved but hit Primo. Enzo tagged in and pinned Primo with a Rocket Launcher. The highlight came when Big E. lifted Kingston into a plancha where he landed on Anderson and Gallows. 

The next tribute for Hispanic Heritage month was a tribute to Eddy Guerrero. Looking at his metamorphosis from the talented but shy ECW television champion to the man who cut some of the best interviews in the business in 2006 after beating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship was something to behold. There aren't many segments that get me emotionally anymore, but this one did the trick. 

Foley did an in-ring promo to get over the Cruiserweight division. He started by blowing the old Gordon Solie line of how it isn't the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. This division is cursed if Foley does a bad introduction promo. He introduced Rich Swann, Gran Metalik (who did an inset promo in Spanish), Alexander, and then Kendrick, who did a promo saying it was July 2009 when he was wished the best in future endeavors. Foley ordered a Fatal Fourway immediately with the winner facing T.J. Perkins for the Cruiserweight Championship at Clash of Champions. 

Brian Kendrick won a Fatal Fourway via submission over Cedric Alexander that also included Gran Metalik and Rich Swann to get a title shot against T.J. Perkins for the Cruiserweight Championship. (15:03) 

Kendrick won with the Captain's Hook on Alexander, who had just hit the Lumbar Check on Metalik. Great spot where Swann and Alexander had a slugfest. Swann landed a right hand flush and Alexander had the look of every glazed-eye UFC fighter who got knocked out you ever saw. As all cruiserweight four-ways have to have, Metalik doing a somersault tope on all three men. Kendrick played heel, dodging the other three men, then working over Swann's ankle on the ring steps. Swann hit a Tiger Driver on Metallik, but Alexander broke it up. Alexander did a handspring into a enzuigiri on Swann for a two count. Crowd tried to get a "This is Awesome" chant going. Good spot where Kendrick went for the Sliced Bread #2 on Alexander, but Metalik caught Kendrick on his shoulders, so Kendrick gave Metalik a Tornado DDT. 

They announced Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox for the Clash of Champions kickoff show. 

Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens (C) in a nontitle cage match (14:37) 

They had the typical WWE steel cage rules where you can win by pinfall or escaping the cage. There's only so much intensity a cage match can have without any blood. Owens hit a cannonball, then attempted a senton, but Reigns got the knees up across Owens' back. They traded punches until the Frye-Takayama spot, leading to Owens hitting a superkick and going for the Pop-Up Power bomb, but Reigns hit a Superman Punch for a near fall. Reigns attempted a spear, but Owens caught him with a kick and the Pop-Up Power Bomb for a near fall. Owens tried to climb over the cage, but Reigns grabbed Owen's legs. They fought on the top rope where Owens rammed Reigns' head into the cage repeatedly, but Reigns caught a desperation Superman's Punch and both men fell to the canvas. Owens tried to escape the cage through the door, but Reigns climbed over the cage and hit the floor first to win. 

Rusev ran out to attack Reigns with a chain, but Reigns ducked and pounded away on Rusev. Then Owens kicked the cage door into Reigns' face. Rusev threw Reigns into the ring, then chained the door shut while Owens waited. It was a 2-on-1 assault as Rusev put Reigns in the Accolade. Rollins ran out and scaled the cage without any problem, first knocking down Rusev, then Owens. Rollins then did a plancha off the top of the cage. to take out Owens and Rusev.