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WWE Raw video highlights: Johnny Gargano returns

Gargano made his surprise return to WWE on Monday's Raw in Toronto.

More than eight months after his final NXT appearance, Johnny Gargano is back in WWE.

Gargano made his surprise return to WWE on last night's episode of Raw in Toronto. He cut a promo addressing his return before then being interrupted by Theory.

Gargano mentioned that his goals when he was younger were becoming Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, WWE Champion, and wrestling at WrestleMania. Gargano wants to show his newborn son that, if you work hard enough, you can accomplish anything you want in this life.

Calling back to his last night in NXT, Gargano said you'll never fail if you bet on yourself. Gargano said he's betting on himself by returning, then declared that Johnny Wrestling is back in WWE.

Theory, who was a member of The Way with Gargano in NXT, then interrupted. Theory brought up that he's already accomplished the things Gargano dreamed of. Theory said it's like he's the veteran now and Gargano is the rookie. Theory wanted Gargano to stand behind him so he could teach Gargano the way.

Theory extended his hand so they could do The Way high-five, but Gargano instead dropped him with a superkick.

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