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WWE Raw viewership down, 18-49 demo rating up


Last night's Raw was down in total viewers, but the show increased from the record lows it had set in 18-49, 18-34, and with teenagers the previous week.

The show averaged 1.57 million viewers, drew a 0.39 rating in 18-49, and drew a 0.21 in 18-34.

It was still the second lowest rating in 18-49 and with teenagers in the history of the show.

Raw finished sixth on cable in 18-49 and 17th in total viewers. It was behind only NFL-related programming on ESPN, while in total viewers it beat everything except NFL-related programming and news shows.

It was 10th in women 18-49, sixth in men 18-49, seventh in 18-34, seventh in women 12-34, and sixth in men 12-34.

As compared to last week, the show was down two percent in viewers, but up nine percent in 18-49 and up eight percent in 18-34.

The Los Angeles Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals NFL game last night was on both ESPN and ABC. Combined it did 14.55 million viewers and a 3.54 in 18-49. Last week's game, on ESPN and ESPN2, did 14.91 million viewers and a 4.49 in 18-49. That probably explains far more than the quality of the show why the 18-49 number was up from last week's record low.

The nine percent first-to-third hour drop was in the normal range, but the pattern was different. The second hour beat the first hour, and the drop in audience was lower than usual levels except for with people over the age of 50. Essentially, while this was now a well-rated episode overall, the storyline of Bobby Lashley needing three wins kept the prime audience from switching off the show compared to most weeks.

As far as first-to-third hour drops, it was only six percent in women 18-49, four percent in men 18-49, six percent in teenage girls, and seven percent with teenage boys, while 11 percent with people over 50. Those are much better retention levels than usual, which is about the only major good sign.

This same week one year ago was at the time the lowest audience in Raw history, although that figure was beaten a few times this year. But as compared to one year ago, the show was up three percent in viewers, but down five percent in 18-49 and down five percent in 18-34.

The three hours were:

8 p.m. 1.62 million viewers
9 p.m. 1.63 million viewers
10 p.m. 1.47 million viewers