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WWE SmackDown live results: Ambrose & Ziggler continue the build to SummerSlam


- Air Date: August 2, 2016
- Location: Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN

The Big News --

Dolph Ziggler put his SummerSlam title match on the line in a match against Bray Wyatt and managed to retain his spot.

Brock Lesnar appeared and SmackDown to attack Randy Orton.

Also, American Alpha debuted with a win, and Apollo Crews earned an IC Title shot at SummerSlam against The Miz.

Show Recap --

Show started with Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton watching a replay backstage of Orton giving Brock Lesnar an RKO on Raw. Bryan seemed amused, but Shane said there would be repercussions, and he had a bunch of security just in case Lesnar invades.

As Shane and Bryan walked away, they were cut off by The Miz and Maryse. Miz noted that Bryan didn’t sound excited when he drafted him. Bryan admitted that he wasn’t, he just wanted the IC championship on SmackDown. Bryan made a triple threat match for tonight with the winner facing Miz at SummerSlam. He announced the competitors as Baron Corbin, “Apollo Creed,” and Kalisto.

Dean came up to them next and said he would address Dolph Ziggler next. There were some audio/video problems during this entire segment.

Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler face off

Ambrose came out and said he was excited to be the top guy on SmackDown. He called out the “booty shaker” Dolph Ziggler. (When Ambrose and Ziggler each came out, there was a graphic showing their accomplishments on the side of the screen.)  

Ziggler came out, called himself a fan of Ambrose and suggested that they were pretty similar. Ambrose said they were nothing alike. Ziggler is all show, and Ambrose is all go. Ambrose scratched and clawed his entire life for the title, and nobody was taking it from him, especially not Ziggler.

Ziggler noted that Ambrose started on top in WWE, coming in with The Shield. Ziggler said he’s the one who started at the bottom, because he came in as a cheerleader. Ambrose said Ziggler wasted his time complaining. Ambrose stepped over every road block and became champion.

Ambrose said Ziggler was too worried about what everyone thinks of him and he would lose at SummerSlam. Ambrose said Ziggler would steal the show and they’d tear the house down, but Ambrose was winning.

Ziggler talked about growing up a wrestling fan and going to Kent State, but he’s been disrespected ever since coming into the company. Ziggler fired up and said he would burn Brooklyn down and become champion.

Ambrose said Ziggler would learn what his real problem was - that he’s not as good as he thinks. This was good. Ambrose came off pretty heelish.

After Ambrose left, Bray Wyatt’s quick video went off, he appeared in the ring and gave Ziggler the Sister Abigail. Bray challenged Ziggler to a match tonight - and if Bray wins, he gets the title match at SummerSlam. The crowd chanted “Yes,” but Ziggler was still out and couldn’t respond.

They plugged AJ Styles addressing John Cena tonight, as well as the debut of American Alpha.

After a break, Ziggler confronted Shane and Bryan. He wanted the match with Bray. Bryan noted how stupid that would be, but Ziggler said he wanted to prove them all wrong and demanded they make the match. Shane gave it to him.

I-C Title Number One Contender’s Triple Threat Match: Apollo Crews defeated Kalisto and Baron Corbin via pinfall 

Maryse and Miz are on commentary. Kalisto hit a suicide dive to Corbin, did the Lucha thing with the crowd, and they went to commercial. Corbin took control, pointed at Miz, and Maryse laughed at him. Kalisto dumped Corbin from the ring, and Crews applied a school boy for the quick win.

Corbin attacked Kalisto after the match but Crews made the save. Miz jumped in the ring and gave Crews the Skull Crushing Finale, but Corbin followed up by giving Miz the End of Days.

Becky Lynch vs. Eva Marie

As Lynch entered, they took the opportunity to talk about Lesnar and read the ads. Eva had her custom entrance again. The accomplishments they showed for her were: she won the Diva search and was named to Maxim’s top 100 list a couple years ago.

The match never happened. After Eva entered the ring, she sold like her knee/leg was hurt. The referee called for the trainer and they eventually called the match off. Crowd booed. They helped her down the aisle as the crowd chanted for Becky.

Renee Young interviewed Carmella, who said she didn’t trust Eva. Natalya showed up suddenly and said she should be interviewed instead. Natalya thought the women’s division should be led by her and her uncle Bret agrees.

Carmella called herself the Princess of Staten Island (uh, like she always does) and said she doesn’t need help to get to the top. Natalya reminded her that she was picked last in the draft. Carmella challenged Natalya to a match and she accepted.

American Alpha defeated The Vaudevillains via pinfall 

The announcers really put over Jordan and Gable. JBL compared them to the Steiners. Jordan suplexed both guys with ease and American Alpha hit Grand Amplitude for the win in about 3 minutes. Crowd wasn’t super hot or anything, but this was a fine debut.

They showed clips of John Cena hosting the Teen Choice Awards with Victoria Justice. They included clips of Eva Marie, Brie and Nikki Bella.

John Cena confronts AJ Styles 

Styles wanted to talk about Cena, but before he could say anything, Cena came out. Cena has been hearing all week that Styles had a message for him, so he wanted to hear it. Styles said this was typical Cena, thinking everything was about him. Styles said he could do his favourite thing--beat up John Cena--but told Cena to keep his shirt on. The crowd chanted “soccer mom hair” at Styles.

Styles said no matter how many times he beat up Cena, he’s still there, but Styles doesn’t doesn’t want him there. Styles said Cena didn’t belong on the same ring as him. He said Nashville had the weakest minds, “trust me, I know,” and called the kids who like Cena idiots. He called their parents idiots too, for giving their kids trophies for participating.

He added that Cena was just as delusional as his fans. Styles said you shouldn’t get a trophy for participating, you should get them for winning, and he deserves a trophy for beating John Cena.

Cena said he doesn’t tell the crowd to do anything. In fact, they make up their own words to his theme song. This led to dueling chants for Cena. Styles wanted to prove that Cena was a fraud and asked him why he’s still here. Cena wanted to shut his mouth for suggesting the crowd was delusional for believing in something.

Cena said he’s still here after all these years because he loves this, he loves seeing the looks on the kids faces, loves hearing from the parents, loves doing the ESPYs and Today Show. People always ask Cena when he’s leaving WWE, but he never will, because it’s his home.

Cena said, while Styles was at home on his day off, he was doing another appearance. Styles was only there to be a good wrestler - and if it doesn’t work out for him he’ll just go somewhere else. Cena has no where else, he’s here out of love, and questioned why Styles was even there.

Styles sarcastically clapped for Cena. Styles knows Cena will never back away from a challenge - so Styles challenged him to a one-on-one match at SummerSlam, with no Club. Styles said he would beat Cena, and Cena would have to admit that Styles was better than him - but if he didn’t, he was a liar. Both guys were really good here.

Randy Orton defeated Fandango (w/Tyler Breeze) via DQ  

Orton hit all of his usual offense, including a powerslam to Breeze, who tried to interfere. He got ready to give Fandango an RKO when Brock Lesnar appeared in the crowd. Orton was momentarily distracted, but gave Fandango the RKO.

As soon as he did, Lesnar hit the ring and gave Orton an F5. Shane and the security crew ran down and convinced Lesnar to leave without further incident.

They showed Lesnar walking out of the building during commercial. Lesnar told Shane he was just returning the favour. Paul Heyman showed up to walk Lesnar to the car as security followed behind.

Backstage, Bryan was on the phone, and Heath Slater showed up. Slater told Bryan they need to work on their security. Bryan told Slater he could earn his spot if he wins a match next week. Slater tried to guess who his opponent would be ("Marty Lunde"), when Rhyno suddenly speared him.

Renee tried to interview Ambrose at the pre-show desk. Ambrose was uncomfortable and decided to stand up. He said it took Ziggler less time than he thought to self destruct by accepting the match with Bray. Still uncomfortable, he ripped off his ear piece and left.

Charly Caruso tried to get a word from Randy Orton, but he blew her off and left.

Carmella vs. Natalya

Match never happened. Carmella cut a promo during her entrance, but Natalya ran out and attacked her from behind. Mauro Ranallo referred to Natalya as Black Hart as she put Carmella in the Sharphooter outside the ring.

Otunga said he never saw Bret Hart attack anyone from behind, which, of course, is wrong. That’s two advertised women’s matches that didn’t happen.

Backstage, Bryan told Ziggler he knows what it’s like for people not to believe in him, but tried to talk him out of this. Ziggler told both Shane and Bryan that they don’t believe in him, said “screw you,” and left.

Ranallo plugged Talking Smack, the new post-show for SmackDown hosted by Daniel Bryan and Renee Young. Their guests would be Jason Jordan and Chad Gable.

WWE Championship Number One Contender’s Match: Dolph Ziggler defeated Bray Wyatt via pinfall

They announced that Ziggler would be on SportsCenter tomorrow. Ambrose is on commentary.

After a break, Bray hit a superplex and took control. Ambrose said he respects Ziggler and, as captain of the blue brand, he wants everyone to be at their best. Ziggler came back with a jawbreaker, clotheslines, Stinger splash, neckbreaker and elbow drop for a two count.

Bray followed with a suplex and senton for two, then untied the turnbuckle cover. Ziggler caught him with the Zig-Zag but Bray kicked out.

Ziggler decided to rip off the cover and tried to drive Bray into it. Bray grabbed him for Sister Abigail, but Ziggler countered into a school boy for two. Bray then hit a Uranage for a near fall.

Bray tried to toss Ziggler into the exposed steel, but Ziggler managed to drive Bray into it instead, followed by a superkick for the win. Ambrose vs. Ziggler at SummerSlam remains the title match.

Ambrose said Ziggler was willing to do what it takes. Otunga put over the “new” Dolph Ziggler, but Ambrose responded, “New Dolph Ziggler, same result.”

Afterwards, Erick Rowan attacked Ziggler from behind but Ambrose made the save. Rowan cut him off with a side slam and kicked him out of the ring. Bray followed with Sister Abigail on Ziggler, and posed with Rowan to end the show.

Final Thoughts:

This was a much better show than last week, and better than Monday’s Raw. SmackDown is very top-heavy with talent and that can definitely carry a 2-hour show. The two promo segments involving Ziggler/Ambrose and Styles/Cena were both great. They also did a pretty good job getting steam behind Ziggler.

Two quick negatives however: They announced two women’s match during the show, but neither happened. Also, the IC Champion and his number one contender were both laid out, and the WWE Champion and his number one contender were also both laid out. I’m sure this will lead somewhere soon, but perhaps they can spread this stuff out instead of doing it all on the same show.