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WWE Total Divas TV report

Season 4, Episode 10

Recap by Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike)

The Rock is in this episode! For about 30 seconds, at the very end, and he doesn't really do anything or say anything.

Nikki Is Exhausted: Nikki is burnt out from...everything. She talks to Mark From Talent Relations, and gets a short vacation away from everything. (“Any day you want. Except Monday,” says Mark.) Mama Bella ponders if Nikki's close to a breaking point due to all the stress she's under. Brie thinks she needs therapy to mentally unpack. Anyway, the twins and Renee Young to go Napa and Nikki relaxes a bit, but Brie keeps bringing up therapy. Nikki discusses her mental fatigue with John Cena, World's Most Understanding Man. John advises trying therapy, as it's a chance to talk to somebody who doesn't know anything about her and will just be there to listen. Nikki agrees to try it. Later on, she admits that Brie was right.

Eva Marie Wants To Be The Rock: So it turns out that Dany Garcia (The Rock's ex-wife) is Eva Marie's new manager. Oddly, her relationship to The Rock is never mentioned... Anyway, Eva says she wants to have a career like The Rock, which Dany says requires working harder than everybody else. Jonathan feels that Eva's overly focused on work, so they decide she'll take a day off from work. Then Mark From Talent Relations calls, saying she's back on the road two weeks early. (They dangle the carrot of “Well, you wanted to be on WrestleMania, so we need you back now...”) With a bunch of extra stuff to do now, Eva accidentally drops her phone out of a moving car and gets mad at Jonathan, who was driving. Brian Kendrick advises Eva to maintain some work-life balance. Eva has an adult conversation with her husband and notes that her career is just taking off and to be patient during the hectic period coming up. He's supportive. The Rock appears, as Eva attends the San Andreas premiere and we get brief red carpet footage of them together.

Naomi Plans A Family Vacation: The Uso clan has some off-days, so Naomi plans a vacation for the whole extended family. It turns out to be 10 people in an RV, including Naomi, Tamina, both Uso twins, all of their kids, and Naomi's dad. Nothing goes right and Jon picks on Naomi. She gets mad and explains she doesn't want to be blamed for things, but just wanted the family to bond. Jon apologizes for picking on her and throws her into a river – they were gonna go swimming anyway. It's funny and everyone laughs, achieving her goal of family bonding. Then everyone makes smores – except Tamina, who drops her and is sad.

Timeline issues: The Bellas storyline takes place in late June, as it follows Money in the Bank. Eva Marie attends the premiere of San Andreas, which debuted in theatres in May (and which had its premiere weeks earlier).