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Figure Four Weekly 10/17/2016: More on the deregulation of pro wrestling in California


To pick up where we left off last week, in 1989 deregulation of pro wrestling was put before the State Assembly and passed. Here's how it was discussed in the minutes for the October 20, 1989 meeting of the California State Athletic Commission (emphasis ours):

"Assembly Bill 1040 was signed by Governor Deukmejian and, except for the 5% tax on the amount paid for admission, will completely deregulate professional wrestling January 1, 1990.

The commission staff will continue to send Athletic Inspectors to all wrestling shows to assure that the number of tickets sold is accurate and to collect the 5% tax.

Greg Gorges noted that as a result of the deregulation of wrestling, we will have to repeal and amend several regulations as of 1990 to make them comply with the changes in the statutes.

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