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Figure Four Weekly 1/22/2018: Recapping WWE Raw 25


With a rare opportunity to present an episode that reached a bit beyond WWE's usual audience, Raw's 25th anniversary show took place in New York City on Monday night.

It was the most-anticipated Raw of the year, with WWE putting their full promotional force behind the event and inviting seemingly every available name from the past. It was an occasion that deserved to be celebrated. But despite it being a fun night with a handful of memorable segments, it was a show where WWE tried to do too much at once.

Raw 25 had three inherent problems: its overly-long guest list, the episode being split across two venues, and it being the go-home show for the Royal Rumble.

There was no way for WWE to get everyone on the broadcast in meaningful moments. It was nice to have characters like The APA and Ted DiBiase back for short cameos, but people were inevitably going to be underutilized.

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