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Figure Four Weekly 9/5/2016: WWE finally releases the "Last Battle of Atlanta"


WWE is getting ready to check another box off the wrestling video collectors' holy grail list. WWE Network news reported over the weekend that Tommy Rich vs. Buzz Sawyer in "The Last Battle of Atlanta" will be added to the service on Tuesday, September 6th as part of a "Hidden Gems" playlist. Believed lost in the 33 years since it happened, nothing from the match had ever been televised or released before WWE recently unearthed it.

The match gained such lofty status for a few reasons:

* They blew off the long-running Sawyer vs. Rich feud.

* It was the first cage match ever to have a roof on the cage.

* No trace of it aired on TV after the fact, and the newsstand magazines made it out to be not just one of the all-time great bloodbaths, but a legendary bout in general.

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