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September 19, 2022 Observer Newsletter: Fallout from AEW All Out backstage fight

JJ Williams

JJ Williams

The post-show brawl involving a number of wrestlers and office people in AEW after the All Out show has led to a lot of uncertainty, with C.M. Punk, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks all removed from the advertising for all shows going forward, including the 11/19 Full Gear PPV show in Newark, NJ.

With Punk, this was inevitable. Punk underwent surgery for his torn left triceps within days of the injury which took place a few minutes into his match with Jon Moxley, when he landed the tope. His doctor recommended the surgery as soon as possible to avoid atrophy of the triceps muscle.

In a sense, the injury is a blessing if Tony Khan is interested in keeping Punk in the company. Khan has remained quiet on the situation and it is doubtful that will change. Whatever decisions he makes will likely be done with no fanfare. There are likely legal issues at stake as there were threats of lawsuits being bandied about during and after the situation. 

Punk being brought back now would not be viewed favorably by a lot of talent, but that reaction would likely dissipate with time six to nine months from now. That’s not to say Khan would bring him back, but he is a top draw, historically the biggest draw, and ratings are more important from now until the completion of the next media rights deal than at any time in company history past the first three months. That said, if he was brought back, which is a big if, he may not be back in time to make a difference before the new television deal is completed.

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