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Nov. 10 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Brad Armstrong, HOF, Sandy, and much more~!

Light & heat have returned to Vic's house, so Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly has got their power back!  Vic & Les discuss some of the escapades surrounding the week Sandy hit and what hundreds of thousands of people in Vic's area are still unfortunately going through; from no power, to long lines for fuel, many still not being allowed back in their homes by the government, etc.  No bueno.  However, in between that stuff, you'll find plenty of gems, most notably Les' thoughts on the late Brad Armstrong, the Observer HOF from a different angle, as well as Raw and Impact, which Les enjoyed greatly.  Well no, not really.  Not at all, in fact.  But we do hope you enjoy this week's show~!  Feel free to check our thread on the board for the usual extras, as well as a link or two where you can help people recover from Sandy if you wish.