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Nov 10 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Finally, some culture!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Finally, some culture!

No doughnut in the world is as JAM-PACKED as this weekend's DKP! Over two segments, Alan is joined by not one, not two, but THREE new faces to the show and our old reliable Dean Knickerbocker! Dean and Alan extend the ProWres Viewing Machine to our friends Dave Musgrave and Dylan Waco from the Wrestling Culture podcast (which you need to be listening to) and we go around the horn on an eclectic selection of matches featuring legends of Japan, Mexico and Montreal! And if that's not enough, we have another debutant (well kinda) to the show as the studio audience from two weeks ago turns cohost when Sarah joins Alan to recap the WWE house show in Dublin featuring a great Dolph/Cena match, Primo, Mister Paul Heyman, Team Hell No shenanigans, Primo, Ryback and just for good measure.... more Primo! A show with something for everyone so CHECK IT!!!!

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