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November 15 2006 Figure Four Daily

We're joined today by the FORMER Voice of PRIDE and the CURRENT FACE OF THE FIGHT NETWORK~! Mauro Ranallo to discuss everything in the world of MMA. We'll talk about why he resigned from the company, his responsibilities with the Fight Network in Canada (which has now expanded coast-to-coast and is available in over 4 million homes), thoughts on the PRIDE Vegas show and how future shows might do, the failed drug tests, Kevin Randleman's missed calling, Denis Kang and the issues he had to deal with leading into the Bushido tournament, whether he'd accept an offer from WWE or UFC, working with the former CRAIG DEGEORGE~!, Top Ranked Wrestling in BC and his time with them, Hughes vs. St. Pierre predictions, calling NOAH matches, and tons more! We've also got a news update to open up the show discussing WSX, the new Nickelodeon show, Kurt Angle and more!

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