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November 21, 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: UFC 205 reviewed, Vader given 2 years to live, more



Conor McGregor, in breaking more records and becoming the first person to hold championships in two different weight classes at the same time in UFC history, has become both the greatest asset and the biggest threat of any fighter in history to UFC management.

After drawing what is expected to be his fourth consecutive 1 million plus purchased pay-per-view, and being the headliner in a show that destroyed the company gate record, now has both management and three different weight classes somewhat on ice.

After McGregor captured the lightweight title from Eddie Alvarez in a shockingly one-sided butchering on 11/12 at the company’s debut event in Madison Square Garden, the dual champion gave a lot of implied threats.

With challengers waiting in two different weight divisions, McGregor talked about having a child coming next year and saying he doesn’t know if he wants to raise a child as the son of a celebrity, acting like he may just walk away after a year where it’s claimed he’s earned $40 million (Let’s just say it’s healthy to be skeptical about that figure).

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