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November 3, 2003 Observer Newsletter: Career of Road Warrior Hawk, Hogan/TNA, more

When Mike Hegstrand was really living it up as Road Warrior Hawk in 1985, and a friend made a comment on how fast he was living, his response was, “I’ll never live to see 40 anyway.” Sometimes when you’re 28, you think like that. Unfortunately for him, when he did make 40, and had already had his share of health problems, his thoughts were much different. After a heart attack three years ago, he found religion. While he was hardly perfect, friends believe he was sincere, even if his reputation among independent promoters was hardly the best. He always had a Bible in his bag when he went on road trips. Unfortunately, he may have made the decision too late.

It will be several weeks, or perhaps months, before toxicology reports come back and there is an official cause of death for Hegstrand, who passed away on 10/18 at the age of 46.

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