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November 8 2006 Figure Four Daily

We're joined by Dave Prazak today to talk the SHIMMER Women's Wrestling one-year anniversary and Ring of Honor. We'll discuss goals for the first year and the future, the possibility of crowning a champion, Rebecca Knox's health status, Nattie Neidhart and whether she's going to WWE, other women he's interested in around the country, the business model and whether it's successful, Bryan Danielson's shoulder injury and how he's doing, JIM CORNETTE'S IMPEACHMENT, whether he or Gabe Sapolski would have taken the TNA booking job if they'd been asked (which they weren't, and either was Cornette), and tons more. We've also got a news update discussing a new WWE signee and my thoughts on him having seen him wrestle a number of times, what happened with Tully Blanchard and JBL, and tons more. A packed show today!

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