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NXT & AEW ratings: NXT wins in viewers, Dynamite widens demo gap

Night one of AEW's Fyter Fest on TNT saw the show's ratings rebound from a series low last week.

AEW averaged 748,000 viewers last night, up 18.2 percent from last Wednesday. In the 18-49 demo, the show was up 31.8 percent, averaging a 0.29 rating and matching its best number in that category since May 27. Dynamite finished sixth for the night on cable in the demo. 

Night one of NXT's Great American Bash was much higher than usual in the 18-49 rankings, finishing 13th on cable with a 0.22 rating. That was up 15.8 percent from last week and was the best number for the show since March 4. In terms of total viewers, NXT was up 0.8 percent to an average of 792,000, its highest number since February 19 and its second best of 2020. 

It's the first time since late November -- during the build to Survivor Series which featured wrestlers from Raw and SmackDown on the show -- that NXT has beaten Dynamite in total viewers on consecutive weeks. The total combined viewership of 1.54 million was up nine percent from last week and the highest number since May 27. 

It was back to usual in the individual demo categories with AEW beating NXT in every one except people over 50, where NXT had a big advantage with a 0.40 rating to Dynamite's 0.29. The best category for AEW was men 18-49, where they held a 0.37 rating to NXT's 0.29. 

Here's a look at the last 10 weeks of viewership totals and 18-49 demo numbers for both shows: