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NXT keeps viewership lead over AEW, Dynamite stays ahead in 18-49

For the second straight week, NXT beat out AEW Dynamite in terms of total viewers but lost in the 18-49 demo. 

NXT averaged 692,000 viewers on the USA Network on Wednesday night, which was down 1,000 viewers from last week. The show fell to 58th in the 18-49 demo on cable with a 0.17 rating, down 10.5 percent. It's the fourth straight week the show has missed the top 50 in the 18-49 rankings for the night.

Over on TNT, Dynamite averaged 683,000 viewers, down one percent from the previous week. Dynamite also fell in 18-49 to a 0.25 rating, which was down three percent from last week. The show finished 29th overall on cable in that demo. 

Factoring out the news programming that dominated the rankings, AEW would've finished 10th in the 18-49 demo and NXT would have finished 17th.

The total Wednesday audience of 1.375 million viewers was down one percent from last week and was the second lowest overall total since both shows started airing in October. 

Here's a look at the last 10 weeks of ratings for both shows: