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NXT UK results: Steel corners street fight

Taped at York Barbican in York, England on January 17, 2020

Quick results --

  • Piper Niven pinned Dani Luna in a short match. Luna showed off some of her power.
  • Tyler Bate defeated A-Kid in a very good but short match. Joseph Conners then came out and berated Bate.
  • Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter defeated Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley), who are now NXT UK regulars.
  • Kay Lee Ray came out for a promo and was interrupted by Toni Storm. KLR then challenged Storm to an I Quit match, with the stipulation being that -- if Storm loses -- she won't get another title shot as long as KLR is the champion.
  • Trent Seven got revenge on Eddie Dennis and his TakeOver loss by pinning the Welsh Dragon in a steel corners street fight where all the turnbuckle paddings were removed. This was an insane match with lots of crazy spots that was well worth watching.

Full rundown --

The episode opened with Eddie Dennis and Trent Seven being shown arriving at the arena earlier in the day.

Piper Niven pinned Dani Luna after a Michinoku Driver (4:33)

After she had some matches as a freelance talent on the brand before, Luna recently was signed to NXT UK.

They locked up and Luna actually managed to push Niven, but quickly found herself in a headlock. They smashed into each other. Luna managed to stagger Niven -- but she did not go down.

Niven caught Luna off a crossbody, slammed her down, slammed her again, and hit a crossbody of her own on a sitting Luna for a near fall. Niven hit a headbutt that sent Luna to the mat, then sent her into the corner hard. Luna answered a charge by Niven with a kick, then kicked away at her knee.

Luna actually got Niven up on her shoulders, but Niven slipped down and took Luna up on her own shoulders. Luna tried turning the move into a sunset flip, but Niven dragged her up and hit the Michinoku Driver for the win.

- A promo video on Gallus aired. They basically said that the Gallus boys are on top.

- Jordan Devlin was interviewed earlier in the week and said he was the best wrestler under 205 pounds in the world.

Tyler Bate pinned A-Kid after the Tyler Driver '97 (5:40)

Bate came out to a superstar reaction. They locked up, then A-Kid took Bate down with a waistlock takedown and followed with a headlock takeover. Bate eventually powered out.

They traded wristlocks and athletic escapes, then Bate locked in a side headlock. A-Kid transitioned into a headscissors. Bate escaped with a headstand, but he immediately found himself in the hold again. They traded offense until A-Kid hit a Northern Lights suplex for a two count.

Bate hit an overhead suplex and followed with the running Shooting Star Press, but A-Kid caught him in an armbar. Bate did the Karelin lift and hit the airplane spin, but A-Kid turned it into a sunset flip, then sent Bate to the outside with a dropkick. A-Kid followed with a springboard moonsault to the outside.

Bate caught A-Kid with a dropkick of his own when A-Kid came off the ropes, then hit his rebound lariat and followed with the Tyler Driver '97 for the win. Bate raised A-Kid's hand afterwards.

Joseph Conners came out after the match and cut a promo on Bate. Conners said he was there when Bate won the UK title in 2017 and it was success after success for "Mr. TakeOver" while Conners was left on the sidelines. He challenged Bate to face a real man and said he would show everybody how worthy he was.

This was probably one of the best five-and-a-half minute matches of the year and I'd love to see those two go at it again in the future with 10-15 minutes more time.

- Trent Seven was shown preparing for his match backstage.

- A commercial for NXT UK merchandise on WWE Shop aired.

- A recap of last week's Imperium vs. Dave Mastiff, Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews six-man tag aired, focusing on Mastiff and WALTER. They then showed Mastiff rummaging around backstage after last week's show, screaming for WALTER.

Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter defeated Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley) after an electric chair into a neckbreaker (5:44)

Pretty Deadly also are new signees for the NXT UK brand after having had some matches there in the past. If there ever is another Worlds Collide, matching them up against Breezango is a no-brainer.

Smith and Howley started out, with Smith demonstrating his power. Both teams tagged in and out a few times with not a lot happening, then Stoker got the upper hand on Smith.

Smith came back with a double clothesline on both Pretty Deadly members. Pretty Deadly used some dirty teamwork to send Smith into the barricades and continued working him over. Smith made his own comeback and tagged in Carter, who hit clotheslines on both members of Pretty Deadly.

Carter hit a uranage on Howley, but Stoker made the save. Pretty Deadly came back with some double-team work, but Smith eventually escaped and came back with a superkick. One superkick party by Carter and Smith later, Carter hit a backbreaker off an electric chair on Stoker for the win.

After the match, Pretty Deadly turned out to be sore losers and attacked their opponents. They threw Carter out of the ring, then hit a double-team codebreaker on Smith.

- Ilja Dragunov was shown training at the Performance Center when a reporter asked him about Joe Coffey. Dragunov said he was there to help Coffey at TakeOver, but if Coffey says his days are numbered, he better count fast.

Kay Lee Ray in-ring segment

Kay Lee Ray said she proved that she was the best at TakeOver and claimed that she would never lose the NXT UK Women's Championship. She said she now understood why Toni Storm was so desperate to become the champion again, as she saw all the attention that came with being the champion.

Storm came out and said that KLR stole the title from her. KLR then challenged Storm to an I Quit match. KLR also said that if she wins, Storm would not get another title shot as long as KLR was the champion. Storm accepted the terms.

- A graphic announced an NXT UK Tag Team title match for next week. It will be Gallus vs. Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan.

- Eddie Dennis was shown backstage preparing for the main event. The referees were then shown removing the turnbuckles before the match.

- An epic video on Aoife Valkyrie running through some mountains aired.

Steel corners street fight: Trent Seven pinned Eddie Dennis after a Birminghammer (11:27)

Seven immediately attacked Dennis. He stopped short of hitting the exposed turnbuckles, slammed Dennis, and hit a leg drop. Dennis fled to ringside and was hit by a dive.

On the outside, Seven hit a chop that would have made WALTER proud, then went to whip Dennis into the steps, but Dennis reversed. Dennis took apart the steps and looked to hit the Severn Bridge on them, but Seven escaped and hit a DDT on the steps instead.

They brawled into the crowd, where Seven sat Dennis down in a chair and hit another chop. Dennis came back with a whip into the barricade, then actually hit the Severn Bridge over the barricade onto the steel steps. Back in the ring, Seven narrowly kicked out of a pinfall.

Dennis escaped getting whipped into the turnbuckle by sliding under the bottom rope. Seven hit a snap suplex outside, then they brawled into the crowd once more. Dennis back body dropped Seven into the announcers area and took apart the announce desk. Dennis shoved Seven into the desk, then took a swig from a water bottle and spit it into Seven's face.

Dennis went for another Severn Bridge off the announce table, but Seven escaped and hit the Birminghammer off the announce desk and through a table that was set up in front of the desk.

Seven clotheslined Dennis over the barricade back to ringside. He went for a twisting senton off the barricade, but Dennis moved and Seven crashed to the floor. Dennis then pulled Seven's mouth into the steel turnbuckle from the other side of the ring post. Dennis smashed Seven's forehead into the exposed steel.

Dennis went for the Next Stop Driver, but Seven escaped. Seven repeatedly whipped Dennis into the exposed steel, then hit the Birminghammer for the victory.

Next week --

Gallus will defend their NXT UK Tag Team titles against Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan.