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WWE NXT live results: TakeOver WarGames go-home show

Preview by Joseph Currier

Tonight's NXT is the go-home show for TakeOver: WarGames and the final episode of NXT before Survivor Series.

At the end of Monday's Raw, Triple H cut a promo announcing that there would be an "open door" for Raw and SmackDown wrestlers to appear on tonight's NXT. He challenged the brands to bring the best they have.

That will include The Revival facing NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Era (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) in a non-title match.

The final build to TakeOver will feature NXT Champion Adam Cole facing Dominik Dijakovic in a non-title ladder match to decide which team gets the advantage in Saturday's men's WarGames match. 

Team Baszler will have the advantage in the women's WarGames match. That was decided when Io Shirai defeated Mia Yim in their ladder match last week, with NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray helping Shirai win and being revealed as the final member of Team Baszler.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The open door policy kicked off with The Man returning to NXT. Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch opened the show doing the Goldberg routine of being led to the Gorilla Position by a team of security.

The crowd was hot for Becky Lynch as she entered the ring for a promo. Very soft spoken at first, she remarked that it had been a while since she was in NXT and walked down that ramp. Then she yelled, "It's been a while since you've watched me kick someone a** live. Well, you won't have to wait much longer."

Whether Triple H issued the open invitation or not, Lynch said she coming to NXT this week regardless. All that has been on her mind is the champions triple treat (at Survivor Series).

On the Smackdown is Bayley "crying like a teenage girl with an old lady haircut," and then Lynch went on to say she "destroyed all your Bayley buddies except the blue-haired one that's holding you back." 

Lynch said it was not her fault Bayley is a champ while Lynch herself is the champ. Lynch then called out NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler, and Lynch said she was there to remind her "just who the hell I am." Lynch said she was in Baszler's ring, under her light, on her show, and what is she going to do about it?

Instead of Baszler, Rhea Ripley entered the scene and got in the ring to confront Lynch.

"So, you're The Man," Ripley said to Lynch. "Let's see is you have a set of balls."

They faced off and the match was on.

Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch vs. Rhea Ripley in a non-title match went to a no-contest

Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke ran in and the referee threw the match out. 

Early on the fighting quickly spilled outside where Ripley had Lynch in an electric chair. Ripley then dropped her on the apron before a commercial. Ripley worked over Lynch during the break.

Just after the show returned from break, Lynch started to make a comeback until Ripley slammed her off the top turnbuckle. Lynch a moment later countered with an inverted DDT for a double down.

They traded strikes until Ripley got a near fall on Lynch. The Man answered back with an inside cradle for two. Lynch followed with a flying legdrop off the middle rope for another two count.

Lynch went to apply her armbar finisher, but Ripley fought back with a deadlift powerbomb. They then went into a superplex spot. The crowd chanted "NXT" as they both lay on the mat selling the superplex.

The Horsewomen then ran in to attack both Lynch and Ripley. They fought them off and cleaned house. Ripley and Lynch stood tall together as they show went to break.

A vignette highlighted WWE UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray and her run-in during the main event last week.

Kona Reeves was making an entrance when Ricochet out of nowhere ran in to level Reeves with a dropkick.

Enter the Original Bro. Matt Riddle was Reeves' scheduled opponent, and he entered the ring to confront riddle.

Buckle up, bro. The fight is on.

Matt Riddle defeated Ricochet 

Riddle pinned Ricochet with a crucifix amongst a distraction finish. Then there were run-ins galore. This was great while it lasted.

Riddle came out the aggressor at first, but Ricochet kept countering. Ricochet flew around and dived through the ropes. 

Riddle fought back as they began trading nearfalls. This got good really fast. Ricochet looked like the Ricochet of old.

There was a double down after Ricochet took a high angle German suplex.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro ran in to cause a distraction. Riddle was able to tie Ricochet in a crucifix for the pinfall. 

Just after the pin, Nakamura and Cesaro attacked Riddle and Cesaro. Much like the previous bout on the show, the two that were in the match fought against their attackers. Riddle dispatched Cesaro, and then Ricochet springboarded into high flying crossbody over the guardrail to the floor. 

Nakamura struck Riddle and measured him for the a running knee. Roderick Strong ran in out of nowehere to nail Nakamura with a kick. Riddle then dropped Strong with a kick.

Finn Balor ran down to attack Riddle. Balor gave him a double stomp, but Riddle answered back with a ripcord knee. Balor powdered and they had a staredown. Saturday night they meet in a match at TakeOver.

NXT Tag Team Champions Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly) defeated The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) in a non-title match

O'Reilly pinned Dawson in the climatic finish of a tremendous match that went through two breaks.

What started slow built to a fever pitch before a commercial break. O'Reilly and Wilder did a suplex spot over the ropes to the floor before the break.

When the show returned, Undisputed Era was working over Wilder. Once again the aggressors in the match were the NXT wrestlers. That was a trend on this show. 

Wilder was finally able to get separation, but he crawled to the wrong corner. O'Reilly was also able to dropkick Dawson off the apron to block a tag. O'Reilly & Fish then gave Wilder the Ax & Smash for a near fall.

Undisputed Era worked over Wilder through another commcercial break. Wilder was finally able to make the hot tag just after the show returned from break. That kind of kills the momentum, but that's WWE commercial breaks for ya'. 

Dawson was finally able to tag in, and he began to clean house even though Fish tried to trip him up. Dawson did a flying diving headbutt for a two count. Fish with an O'Connor roll to counter with a two count of his own. Wilder assisted with an uppercut so Dawson could give Fish a brainbuster for two and a half. 

O'Reilly saved Fish from an attempted superplex by Dawson, but O'Reilly then took a DDT on the apron from Wilder. Dawson superplexed Fish and then they did the old Power & Glory finisher as Wilder followed with splash off the top. Fish somehow kicked out.

Dawson went for high risk move and Fish cut him down with a kick. Undisputed Era went to team up on Dawson, but Wilder made a save. Fish took the Shatter Machine. O'Reilly broke up the pin by dragging Dawson out of the ring. 

Wilder was posted and hit with flying knee strike off the apron by O'Reilly. A fantastic flying knee drop netted O'Reilly a near fall. Dawson kept kicking out.

Dawson with a cradle for two on Fish, and then Fish mowed him down with kicks. Dawson then screamed "kiss my a**" to Undisputed Era as they hit him with the high low combo for the pinfall. 

A Poppy music video was mixed with video package previewing the women's War Games match.

WWE NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray defeated Dakota Kai

Ray pinned Kai after a Gory Bomb. A huge brawl erupted after the match involving all three brands. 

Kai was a house of fire at the outset. Ray went for a Gory Bomb, but Kai countered with a Code Red for two. Ray soon cut her off.

Ray used a gourdbuster, and she targeted Kai's leg at one point. Kai delivered a double stomp and started a comeback.

On the floor, Kai sent Ray into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Ray raked the eyes and hit a superkick.

Ray then executed the Gory Bomb to score the pinfall. 

After the bell, women from Smackdown and Raw ran down as some wrestlers from the NXT roster also ran in to back up their roster mates. A Gordon Solie Pier Sixer broke out. Too many people to keep track of as it was chaos.

Kairi Sane delivered an flying elbow drop, and then she briefly faced off with Io Shirai for a great tease of an encounter. Nikki Cross ran down swinging a trash can lid. She cleared the ring and stood tall as the smoke cleared.

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) defeated The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake w/ Jaxson Ryker) in a non-title match

Ivor pinned Cutler in the finish of a hoss tag match.

Raiders dominated at the start as they double-teamed Blake. Forgotten Sons soon turned the tide as they got heat on Erik.

Ivor in on a hot tag to ran wild before  a commercial break. Ivor was back to running wild after the break.

The Raiders dismantled The Sons. Ivor covered Blake, but Ryker put Blake's foot on the rope. Erik confronted Ryker, and Cutler posted Erik.

The Sons with a double-team cluster for a near fall on Ivor. Erik tagged in to run wild -- only for Ryker to hit him from the outside. Cutler then gave Erik a DVD on the apron.

Ryker interfered again and the referee ejected him from ringside. Ivor then wiped out Ryker with a tope.

Blake did a Frakensteiner that sent Ivor into both Erik and Cutler. This led to a stalemate and a slugfest. 

There was a dueling cartwheel spot. Ivor with a handspring back elbow on The Sons. The Raiders then executed their finisher on Cutler for the pinfall.

A video package profiled Adam Cole...BAY BAY. 

NXT Champion Adam Cole defeated Dominik Dijakovic in a ladder match for the War Games advantage

Cole won the match to secure the advantage in War Games for Undisputed Era, and he had to take some crazy bumps in the process.

They traded strikes in the ring before going for the ladder. Dijakovic threw a lariat and went to grab a ladder. Instead of grabbing the one already propped open at ringside, he got one from underneath the ring. That made no sense. Cole then dropkickd the ladder in his face.

Dijakovic then started smacking Cole with the ladder when they got back in the ring. Cole bumped several times on the ladder before Dijakovic went to climb. Cole cut him down with a superkick.

Cole targeted a leg and wrapped Dijakovic's leg around the ring post. Cole worked over Dijakovic during a commcerical break on a split screen. He hit Dijakovic with the ladder, and then Cole propped up the ladder in a corner.

Dijakovic reversed a suplex and Cole sold it big. Dijakovic went to climb the ladder, and Cole pulled another ladder drom underneath the ring. 

They were having a tug-of-war with the ladder as the show returned from a commercial break. Cole countered an attempted suplex with an ushigoroshi. 

Dijakovic chokeslammed Cole off a ladder on to another ladder propped in the corner. Dijakvoc went for Feast Your Eyes, but Cole escaped and jumped on a ladder. He then executed the Panama Sunrise. 

Cole went to climb but Dijakovic cut him off. Dijakovic on one foot selling his knee went up the ladder. Cole shot up the ladder on the other side to meet him. Both grabbed the brieface hanging above as they fought over it. 

Cole swung the hanging briefcase into Dijakovic, and he fell backwards taking a bump that crumpled a ladder bridge. Cole then unhooked the briefcase to win the match.

The rest of Undisputed Era were walking down to ringside after the match when they were surrounded by two gangs from Raw and Smackdown. The ganged up on Undisputed Era, and then the Raw and Smackdown wrestlers started brawling amongst each other.

More NXT wrestlers poured out for a huge brawl. Drew McIntyre with a Claymore Kick turned Dijakovic inside out. Keith Lee then caught McIntyre with a powerbomb. Lee faced off with Ivor. They both had the same idea, and they each ran across the ring and dived onto a pile of bodies outside the ring.

Cole with a smirk on his face stood alone in the ring seemingly as the sole survivor...until Seth Rollins appeared to superkick Cole. Rollins was measuring him for the stomp when Tommaso Ciampa interrupted Rollins. Cole rolled out to safety, but he was not safe.

Ciampa teased getting in the ring, but he instead wiped out Cole at ringside. Ciampa then stepped through the ropes to square off with Rollins. They were trading strikes when the show went off the air.