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Oct. 19th Adam & Mike Show: Major NOAH issues, IWGP Title changes, and 49,205 Thumbtacks Match

Okay, so we missed a week, but the Grande Sonic Terror is back this week with 65 minutes of purorageousness with topics that include, but aren't limited to: the very intriguing possibilities of a NOAH company split and NTV being back in the mix, Z-1's bottom-third-of-the-PWI 500 show featuring Tag Team Partner #2 and Mr. Mid-Breath Gymnasium Jr., NJ's title tilts, Minowa Manliness, counting all 49,205 Big Japan championship thumbtacks, Kono Kuntoh, result headlines from D-Gate, DDT, K-Office, K-Dojo, and elsewhere, as well as a look at Team Dera. Well, it's more like a passing glance. It's the radio show that must be in the front row; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at FigureFourOnline.com.

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