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October 18 2009 Adam and Mike Show

Here at the original alternate, new technology equals familiar listening. And, at 100-minutes, it’s as epic as ever. Today’s topics include, but aren’t limited to: dealing with competition, issues with the NHL television network, the Nakamura World Order creating converts, Inoki… Maeda… Funaki… Takada?, a look at the Chono-promoted show results, Yujiro takes a scalp in CMLL, Jim Cornette’s Wrestling Rarities: The Midnight Express DVD, when Ryoto Hama is the runt of the litter, NOAH, Z-1, and other news and notes from around Japan. Then, it’s an abbreviated hockey showcase featuring discolored and ashy Indians, atrophied Maple Leaf muscle, the high-scoring and defensive Broadway Blueshirts, Juventud de Reyes, Capitals in the community, goalies named Mason, and much more. It’s the radio show whose mic sounds nice. We hope. It’s the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at F4WOnline.com.

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