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October 22 2006 Bryan and Vinny Show

BRYAN AND VINNY SUPERSHOW TIME~! This is, I believe, the longest show in the history of the Empire. Besides Admin Tony, we’re joined by Sprewell Rimz from the BOARD~! to discuss the PRIDE Vegas show (Sprewell was there live last night). All the matches in detail, off-air occurrences, thoughts on the 20-minute intermission and Coleman’s post-fight bloody celebration with his children, and more. We’ll also discuss Ultimate Fighter (with Tony), which featured Shonie Carter vs. Matt Serra in the big rematch; ECW which featured the RVD vs. Big Show match to set up RVD’s title shot; TNA with Kurt Angle’s debut, including what was good and bad about it; Smackdown with the I Quit Match, Batista vs. Big Dave, and KRYSTAL~!; and even a Dancing with the Stars update with Granny. Over an hour and 50 minutes of pro-wrestling and MMA talk, and that’s just the start of our weekend as we’ll be back later tonight with the TNA post-PPV recap. If you're not yet a member, now might be a great time to sign up!

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