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October 30 2007 Dr. Keith Show

Trick, Treat, or Dr. Keith? That's both the question and answer this week on this fabulous FREE Dr. Keith Lipinski Show. Reclusive author Christopher Jericho comes on to save us and talk important topics of the day. STANG~!, Jerichoholic Ninja, Helloween, Lucy T. Dog, DANDY~!, Flock, Briscos, Disco Benoit, and Richie Sambora's Hat! Sweet & Sour Incorporated's Larry Sweeney discusses CHIKARA, Chico (Chapter 11 – November 18), ROH, Hydra's heat, and strut offs. Naylor talks Misawa, MRSA, and much more! Plus WrestleFanFest nightmares, Frye-Knobbs Dream team, and Barlow MANS UP! Once again a show more delicious then Laffy Taffy, but with even worse jokes! Wokka Wokka Wokka!

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