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October 4 2006 Adam and Mike Show

Only one serving of the Awesome Twosome (non-Rick Rude and Manny Fernandez version) this week so, as a result, Adam and Mike have packed this edition of the Manjigatame full of answers to the questions that you've never asked. Such as: How does one express being a heel to their heart when at a steakhouse? Rosey over Kojima? How often will Mike lose his train of thought? You made a drop of that? What does Adam want at K-1 Hero's? Is it true that Bryan is in love with a pink mohawked Mexican man? Do you remember WWF cookies? Whose Korakuen Hall show do you choose? How much did Mike pay for NHL Center Ice? All that and more, here at F4Wonline.com's BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! The only radio show that dares ask the question how little respect must a woman have for herself to get a Dirty Sanchez from Screech?

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