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Catching up with Katie Lea Burchill/Winter

By Gary Mehaffy for F4WOnline.com

“Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me!”

Kenneth Williams may have talked about infamy in "Carry On Cleo" in the 1960s, but in wrestling there are also many angles, wrestlers, and matches that will forever be infamous.

Katarina Waters has been at the center of two such angles. 

There was the "Is it incest or is it not?" angle with her on-screen brother Paul Burchill in the otherwise PG-rated WWE and her work with Angelina Love in TNA.

But there is much more to Waters than that. She continues to wrestle all over the world and speaks several languages. And she has recently been involved as an actor, writer, and director in the film industry.

I had the opportunity to catch up and talk to her, where we looked back at her time in WWE, discussing whether she wishes she were part of the roster today with the revitalization of the women’s division.

We talked about her training, both in England with NWA-Hammerlock and FWA, as well as with OVW in the US after she had signed with WWE. It may surprise you to find out exactly what she thought about the angle with Paul Burchill, as well as why she enjoyed working with Vince Russo in TNA.

We also talked about her influences in wrestling, including the Ultimate Warrior, and how she has transitioned more into the acting business once she moved to Los Angeles.

Finally, we discussed the films that she has made and is currently shooting, as well as the "Red Light Diaries" web-series that she has written and produced. The trailer can be found on her website and the first episode will be released in early August.

It was a really fun almost half hour interview with her that I’m sure you will enjoy, even if my "man-flu" might have affected my voice a little.