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Fight Forever Chile results & video: Matt & Jeff Hardy vs. Young Bucks

Jeff Hardy

Editor's Note: Here's some live notes from Wrestling Superstar: Fight Forever submitted by Felipe Behop. The show was this past weekend at The Caupolican Theater in Santiago de Chile.

- Hugo Savinovic and Lucha Underground's Melissa Santos were hosts. 

- Mr 450 vs. Ricochet for the World Submission Lucha title

Many chants for Ricochet. This was insane with a lot of spots and aerial moves, many flips, but also traditional moves like suplexes. If you loved Ricochet vs Will Ospreay, you must see this. Near the end of match, Léón Apolo attacks Ricochet for some reason, leading to 450 applying the 450 splash and a Boston Crab for the win.

- Brian Cage vs León Apolo

This big man match was slow at times. Apolo dominated the match, but Cage won with a small package. They announce a rematch for the next event.

- Santana Garrett vs Ivelisse for the Women's title

In the end, they fought outside of the ring and the referee tried to separate them, but they pushed him for a double DQ. They continued fighting after the match. Weird finish.

- Chavo Guerrero vs. Mr. Anderson

Hugo introduces Chavo Guerrero and the crowd cheered him. Hugo presented a video about the Guerrero family which inspired a lot of chants for Eddie. Chavo says the true superstars are the people in crowd. Mr. Anderson comes out, and the crowd chants "Kennedy, Kennedy!" Anderson didn't have a mike drop down, so he brought a chair and Santos. She stood on the chair and gives him the micro for his presentation. Chavo won with a low blow while the referee was distracted.

- Young Bucks vs. The Hardy Boyz

Bucks come out first and the crowd loves them. Matt Hardy and then Jeff Hardy come out afterward. The crowd chants "Jeff Hardy!" and "Brother Nero!" Matt says, "Chile, I know you'd come and that Jeff's name is Brother Nero." Bucks mocked the Jeff's paint and Matt's suit. The crowds chants for superkicks. There were a lot of spots like superkicks, Twists of Fate and an Indytaker.

In the end, Jeff and Nick hit senton bombs over the Matts and the referee makes a double count. It was declared a draw which the crowd booed. Gladiator Angel and HellSpawn came out with ladders, leading to the announcement of a three way ladder match for the tag team titles at the next show.

The next show is called Final Destiny and will feature RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Carlito and more.