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Jeff Jarrett checks into rehab facility

As Dave Meltzer confirmed in this week's edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Jeff Jarrett checked into a rehab facility yesterday. Meltzer wrote that Jarrett came to grips with the fact that he had a problem, with Karen Jarrett working with WWE officials to set up the rehab stay.

The decision comes after Jarrett allegedly showed up late (with Jarrett saying he was held up at customs for three hours), was drinking and passed out backstage, and then wrestled while in no condition to perform at a show for Real Canadian Wrestling in Calgary last Friday. Jarrett then missed their show in Edmonton the next day as he returned to the United States.

Before the news that Jarrett was checking into rehab became public, WrestleCade also announced yesterday that he wouldn't be appearing at any of their events in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on November 24th, 25th, and 26th due to personal reasons.

Impact Wrestling revealed earlier this week that Jarrett was officially no longer with the company and that their rebrand into Global Force Wrestling was no longer happening, though Meltzer notes that he first heard about that before what happened with Jarrett over the weekend.