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Jim Ross signs on with Flipps' Fite TV, more commentary to come?


On Tuesday, Flipps Media of San Mateo, CA, announced the development of an online service called FITE TV, and that Jim Ross has signed on as the public face of the product, strongly suggesting he would be doing more commentary.

FITE TV will give viewers worldwide access to PPV and iPPV events from pro wrestling, boxing, and MMA. There will be both a free and a PPV component to the service, which in many ways, is reminiscent of Go Fight Live, a similar service.

The key is this service will also offer streaming PPV events from TNA and ROH for those who either a) don't have access to them or b) want the convenience of streaming rather than buying on TV.  FITE TV will be available on smart TVs as well as most streaming devices. The app is available free on iTunes and Google Play now.

Besides TNA and ROH, the entire WWN Live family of Evolve, Shine and FIP, as well as Future Stars of Wrestling have signed on with FITE. If you remember, Jeff Jarrett used Flipps Media for the iPPV broadcast of Wrestle Kingdom 9 when he had the international rights to the show.

Ross' involvement was due to a connection with Mike Weber, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Flipps Media. Weber had a long history in pro wrestling, serving as a marketing head for WCW, WWE and TNA.

"Getting invovled with FITE is an opportunity I couldn't pass up," said Ross. "It is the future of televised fighting sports. There is no easier way to stream wrestling, MMA and other fighting sports content including special commentaries on those sports by me."

Other organizations involved will include the Las Vegas based Tuff-N-Uff amateur MMA promotion, Legacy Fighting Championships, USA Sumo and the World Arm Wrestling championships.